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Shooting a Blind Man With Eyes Closed

Shooting a Blind Man With Eyes Closed, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. This is the finest picture I feel, he is blind but he tolerated me and enjoyed being photographed , shooting a blind man with eyes closed is an experience too.I went through myriad of emotion , breaching the darkness of my soul..though holding the Nikon 80- 200 AF lens added to the crux of my pain.. of unearning photography.

Randall j Der Pro User says:

he teaches me.

ok now tell me who is this human?

shooting a blind man
with eyes closed
as he stood silently and posed
within the darkness of my soul
the pain and passion of firoze
a tumultuous fervor
an unrelenting path
I chose
to be or not to be
a thought arose
searching for peace
at another mans doors
my destiny a dead fish
kissing the waters of
distant shores
a world of hijras
transgender whores
dark secrets buried
under the floor

Ismail Chacha Bandra Bazar Road

Ismail Chacha Bandra Bazar Road, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Ismail Chacha has been blinded in both the eyes due to doctors negligence , first he lost one and than the next eye, he was an Army man, and later worked for Bombay Port Trust, he once owned a lot of property all usurped by friends and relatives.

His wife is Hafiza Bi wwho sells ladies and childrens garments on a hand cart near the Agha Khani Jamatkhana also at Bandra Bazar Road.

They have a daughter settled in Manhattan New York, a grandson in of the grandsons in Mumbai, Abdulla is a hair stylist for films. I dont know much about his other children as this is a journalist blog but I lack the in depth of a journo for details I have no time nor the inclination..I have no editorial constrains either ..I shoot what my heart tells me to shoot..period.

His wife Hafiza Bi has lived in New York for several months could not bear the winter chill she tells me.

Whatever pension Ismail Chacha gets most …

B/W Copy of Original

B/W Copy of Original, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 85,237 items / 508,568 views

photo blogging
the soul of humanity
a camera lens
embedded like shivas eye
in the caverns of the skull
never a moment dull
b/w copy of original
robbed of the highlights
the flight of a seagull
wings of fancy
as they scull
gift of friendship
to an angel and randall

Pedestrian Poet of Pain

Pedestrian Poet of Pain, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I prefer street guys or my shop help when they shoot pictures , they take you at face value, they dont go about stealing souls, here it was a qualified experienced photographer shooting me disguised as an exorcist and though my flesh was willing my spirit was weak. ]

I dont think..because I dont think life becomes easier as a journey towards the dark side of the moon..

Angels enter
where fools fear to tread
Now dont tell this to fred
man lives by water
not just only bread
fred the coolest dude
sporting Bob Marleys

B/W Copy of Original

Frame Boxed

Frame Boxed, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. This and the following pictures of this series were shot by Mr PK Bhatia , he too taught me photography once upon a time , though I wanted to know more about old veteran photographers like Bhardwaj, Kashinath , Unwalla and Mitter Bedi Syed Saab, .and the early founding fathers of Photographic,Society of India my erstwhile camera club.
PK and I meet mostly during the Idd Namaz at the Bandra Station, and he is an excellent shot.

We met at the Bandra Bazar Road Market where all this was shot.

The hair color was a disaster I told Billoo Barber Salim the 11 year old barber kid to make Henna for applying on my hair, he used Henna color instead, he charged me Rs 40/

Monotony is the mother of all invention, and the camera keeps boredom at bay, if only my work could give me the necessary peace of mind, business is in the dumps all around.
Sometimes I think people dont like wearing clothes and are bent on killing the tailor in me.

My b…

Mangla Bai..My Koli Sister Of Bandra Fish Market

Mangla Bai..My Koli Sister Of Bandra Fish Market, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Mangla calls me bhau, brother and is mad about Marziya , I have a great relationship with the Koli fisherwown of Bandra Bazar Fish Market , but when it comes to business they wont give me a penny discount..but than Mangla will tell the person concerned to make the price less he writes about us ..our difficulties our struggle .
Honestly the fisherwfolks or the kolis have been totally neglected and no State government has ever done much for them in terms of education..and better life.

They slog like their mother did , their mothers mother did , no one can break this karmic chain of misery and neglect.

I did not buy any fish as it was far too expensive ..though a few days back my neighbor Nasirbhai Hamdare made succulent crab curry Malvan style, and sent it for me..because it is taboo for us Makroo only I ate it as my son in law watched me with mouth watering daughter had war…

Mr Nari Gandhi and the Bus Ticket

Mr Nari Gandhi and the Bus Ticket, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. photo courtesy

For a long time I thought I would write a few words about Mr Nari Gandhi the eminent nature friendly architect, but somehow it kept moving away from the horizon of my mind.

I worked at Kishore Bajajs Badasaab, 20 years back, and Mr Nari Gandhi was designing his Karjat farm house, that I had visited several times.

Mr Nari Gandhi was a fun loving man, humble, and his lady assistant was always with him, when they came to Kishore's fashion studio..he would chat with me as I was an avid reader and a pedestrian writer of sorts.

I had not yet ventured to cyberspace...he normally made his designs on the back of a bus ticket, he mostly commuted by bus.

I once remember giving him a thin book on Frank Loyd Wright that I had picked up at Chor Bazar, he gave me a smile thanked me and placed it with great care into his cloth bag that was part o…

The Boxing Bakra of Bandra Bazar Road

The Boxing Bakra of Bandra Bazar Road

The Boxing Bakra of Bandra Bazar Road

The Boxing Bakra of Bandra Bazar Road

The Boxing Bakra of Bandra Bazar Road, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The guy is a trainer , for kick boxing, and the goat bakra loves him, they have friendly duels at Bandra Bazar Road ..I shot a few frames but cars trucks rickshas pass this way so I had to shoot rapidly and watch my water colored ass too...

And the irony of the goat is that he will soon be slaughtered for Bakra Idd..

Another one bites the dust.

On The Wings of a Dragon Fly...

On The Wings of a Dragon Fly..., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Kids love to be photographed - when I photograph them they go crazy with excitement...and lucky for them I am a mere normal man, now imagine the same shot was captured by the American photographer Teresa Burke..the kids would be like a house on fire including their school bus..this is the holistic aspect and peaceful nature of photography only the camera binds people to their surroundings like nothing else does.

One day Teresa Burke aka Dragonfly just might be shooting pictures along with me with Marziya babysitting Roman and Chloe..and Wanda Brown Eyes ..not getting tired of shooting me with a why the hell she thinks my head is like the petals of a flower in gloom or is it doom .ha ha ha

Glenn is talking to Samiya and Assad about the finer aspects of life before they settle down in Berkershire UK....with Lefty as their neighbor.

Fred is our house guest, we made him a cot in the kitchen and t…

The Wounded Wheel of Sorrow

The Wounded Wheel of Sorrow, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. as it moves
round and round
to man and his karma bound
searching for peace
page cannot be displayed
page cannot be found
man suffers while
the puppeteer fast asleep
safe and sound
man the protagonist
the villain the hero
of an unwritten script
rises every time
he is trounced
master slave
satrap knave

The Tiffin Dabbewali of Bandra

The Tiffin Dabbewali of Bandra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Most of you guys out there wont believe this , and I dont know whether you should, she is a very simple Muslim lady, who collects tiffins from homes of school kids and than bundles them up in a ricksha to deliver it on time to the kids at various schools of Bandra.

Than she waits the kids finish their lunch she brings the tiffins to deliver it back to the kids house.

I have shot her twice, both the times her pictures did not make it to my camera,or to my computer.

This happens when some Bawas or Naga Sadhus place a very strong energy round themselves , the pictures come black hazy, washed out and in some cases dont come at all.

This lady is a very friendly person, the ricksha guys dont stop for her , I help her get into the ricksha so she not wanting me shoot her pictures is not the case here.

She is the Dabbewali of Bandra , she has been doing this task for over 30 years, kids salute her , though she grum…

Bandra Bazar Market Beware

Bandra Bazar Market Beware, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. a fountain head
of municipal apathy
political neglect
dont ask me where?
bandra bazar road
market beware
the fetid stench
unhygienic surroundings
divine flu to share
once you enter here
a hornets nest
a sordid affair
roads that are potholed
in need of repair
the sorrow of the residents
the shopkeepers to bare
the city fathers mai baap
do they really care ?
one election gone
another round the corner
people unaware
god is on leave
empty worded our prayer
who cares a shit
once he gets his
ass on the chair
a government
of blind people
for blind people
by the blind people
darkness despair
promises are made
to be forgotten
they swear
building dream castles
khadi clad
millionaire s

Bandra Bazar Market Stinks

Bandra Bazar Market Stinks, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. bandra bazar market
worse than a community
unflushed toilet
shit is what you get
now seeing this picture
your stomach
might get slightly upset
the filthiest stinking
area now sharing space
on the internet
the road littered
with chicken leftovers
fish leftovers
prawn shells
a feathered threat
moments of shopping here
or living in the vicinity
a thought to regret
but beggars cant be choosers
the mucky road all wet
politicians do pass this way
but tinted glasses
save them from this misery
you bet
electronic media
doe not shoot this
it is just rakhi sawant
the hottest show
on your television set

A Hell Hole Called Bandra Bazar Road

A Hell Hole Called Bandra Bazar Road, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. A Congress MP
A Congress MLA
An Independent
Municipal Corporator
a story unfold s
the filthiest
ugliest market
at Bandra Bazar Road
political machinations
life a hell hole
Bandra Bazar Market
where instead of votes given
the residents out in the cold
a gift in the horses mouth
votes that were polled
poisonous fumes
no place to hold
recycled sorrow
that wont turn to gold
Clean Up
says the Garbage Bin
but dont scold
being inhuman
means never having
to say sorry
I am told
tears on the soul
of the queen of the suburbs
pain apathy neglect
all rolled
a paradise of sickness
a viral disease uncontrolled
another election
round the corner
the confused voter
on the threshold
to vote or not to vote
or be undersold