Thursday, January 3, 2019

RIP Coach Alex Vaz ex FIFA Referee ex Holy Name High School

Mr Alex  Vaz was our PT Teacher at my Alma Mater Holy Name High School Fort early 70 s.
He was a strict disciplinarian.. but was fun too jovial and would treat us with love and respect .
He groomed a lot of football players Roland was one of them..
I was not much into sports and did not partake in any one of them..I loved books and stood first in my class ..but sports games was no my cup of tea.

I am giving you excerpts from Midday ,, Mr Alex Vaz passed away yesterday he was ex FIFA Referee and FIFA referee instructor ,,he was 84 ..once connected to Holy Name High School and St Alexander girls school.
He is survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters ..
May his soul RIP..
This photo was shot during the Platinum celebrations at our school..which I attended with my best friend hotelier Mr Ramesh Mulchandani and Dennis Fernandes SA  Ram Parsani..
He will surely be missed .
Our Principal those days was Late Fr FX Fernandes lovingly called BOZO