Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Steal Souls Of The People I Shoot

simple people
unknown faces
silent awestruck
mute ..parched
skins parched
throats  thirsting
for hope  elusive
wanton forbidden
fruit ..people i was
destined to capture
in the cosmic cage
of my camera pay
gracious tribute

i knowingly
steal souls of
the people i
shoot ..

of life drama of
life ..i humbly
head bowed
shoot ..

The Uttar Pradesh Model Of Women Empowerment

she did not opt for
the state gift of a tablet
her world of illiteracy
ignorance an insular
hamlet ..why would
she use the net .
back bent in debt
begging on the
streets of dewa sharif
a tragic tale of survival
that relives retells
 a memory a pilgrim
as and when we met
through the camera
pangs of poetry rise
surge you shoot what
you get .. a picture of
a doomed lifetime
can you really forget

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