Sunday, August 3, 2014

Main Musalman Hoon

behad pareshan hoon
jo danga pasad karte
hain unki wajha se
main badnam hoon
log yeh bhi jante hain
ke unki tarah main
bhi ek hindustani
aur ek  insan hoon
ap sab ki tarah
acche din ke
intezar main
line main khada
main bhi unka
meherban hoon
kadardan hoon

A Poet Beckons A Beggar Poet

a poet
a beggar
on the internet
a poet you have
not yet met
like you caught
in a fisherman's
net  a poet still
with uncleared
debts does not
drink does not
smoke does not
bet .grateful to
the almighty for
all he gets he
forgives but
wont forget
the genocide
at karbala .
parched throats
blood all wet

man kunto maulaa
fa haaza Aliun maulaa

To whom I am the master
Ali is the master.

all set

Man Kunto Maula
laa fatah illaa Ali
laa saif illaa zulfiqaar

King of the brave,
lion of God,
[and] strength of God.
There is no one like Ali [and]
there is no sword like Zulfiqaar*.

what you are
is what you beget

Sufism Brings Every Faith Sect Culture Together At The Holy Saints Doorstep

Sufism in India could be translated as a cauldron of humanity bringing everyone within it as one , no sectarian pull or push..

At Darghas such as Nizamuddin Aulia or even Ajmer Sharif of Khwajah Garib Nawaz , there is no spiritual apartheid no humiliating boards like in some mosques that says Non Muslims not allowed ..this could be more because of the purity factor , but still I remember I was once thrown out of a Mosque as the person a young kid over smart  thought I was a Hindu ,I never forgot him and till date I never step into that Mosque in my area.. never will.. for me personally God does not exist in such commercial establishments .

I prefer the solemnity the sanctity the austerity found in a Dargah , I never enter the Sanctum Sanctorum, at any Dargah , simply because my connection begins with the Holy Saint the moment he enters the sepulchral corner of my soul.

Those who know me at the few Dargahs I visit are aware of my Shia roots background and I have no issue with him being a Sunni it never mattered to me ,, my Malang transmigration my status as a follower of Ali and being called a Maulaiee even by my Malang Gurus has never belittled my love for humanity above caste color creed , the Faith I was bequeathed  in my mothers womb cannot be bartered or exchanged like Alladins lamp.

I hate conversions completely , unless it answers your spiritual needs and comes from deep within , religion is only skin deep..

I have lived with the most cultured well read Naga Sadhus and even my own Guru Teacher emphasized to be strong of Faith from within... if Faith is strong it cannot be blown away by thunderous storms or strong wind.. through my camera I learnt from the text book of life , lessons in humility charity and so many other aspects I  may have never known..

And the best lessons of Life I learnt at my mothers lotus feet , she insisted that our old Marathi house maid should always be addressed as Aiee , Marathi word of Mother another name for compassion , and the highest of human feelings , though I am rusty in the use of Marathi but Aiee only spoke to us in Marathi she taught us things we never knew so Lord Shiva and the Hindu Pantheon stayed in our minds during the days of our childhood .

And has all what I learnt made me a bigot or a racist or narrow minded the only answer is my grandchildren are like me .. all three girls all three photographer enthusiasts and wont hesitate to use the Kama during Moharam.

So coming resting my inner angst at Dargah Nizamuddin Delhi in a very troubled state of mind duress was a catharsis and I knew when to leave ..I shot pictures not only for myself but for your eyes too simply because a few things my eyes see poetically and metaphorically too.

How Human Can Human Be .. To Be Or Not To Be

children dying
in gaza the world
watches haplessly
murder is the name
of the game death
comes effortlessly
earplugs on the
soul of humanity
world powers
stare impotently
for this man eyless
in gaza ..what is
there to see
satanic soliloquy
even god has lost
his godliness
he cries hollers
let my people free
let my people free
the Israelis answer
god dont worry
we are releasing
them completely
erasing cleansing
an entire ethnicity
imperialistic petro
powered american
backed hegemony

Eyeless At Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia

I have shot lot of beggars but this one without eyes or without sockets hit me the most filling my angst with a morbid dread ..I did not talk to him about his eyes but he knew me he said .. as I knew him too he said . his heart spoke his vision read begging on the soul of humanity he earned his bread ,,his pain began to seep on my poetry spread ..burning my entrails eating every cerebral crevice in my head ..

Fear fled standing besides his wife to her cosmic fate he was wed..

The Dome Of Peace .. Instant Release

main ek mareez
bimar badnaseeb
mera sar chumta
mehboobe elahi
ki dahleez ..adab
aur tehzeeb

main ek garib
malang aur fakir
azmane aaya
main apni taqdeer
mehboob elahi
kismet ke badshah
peeron ke peer