Thursday, September 6, 2007

Madarsas of Cybernetic Hate

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Madarsas of cybernetic hate

Hidden behind the holy
Façade of allah ho akbar
Allah is Great
Lies the sinister face of an evil
That sectarian hatredness dissipates
Shia Sunni children of a same god
A thought culminates
But says the Mullah Webmaster
Of this web site Shias are heretics
As he begins his venomously
Poisonous tirade
Muslims love killing Muslims
As Allahs covenant on the face
Of Humanity detonates
Wahabbi Puritanism inculcates
Radicalism the Flag of a New Islam
Women and children as shields
As a dying testimony resuscitates
Bodies of innocent as cheap as ‘
Mangoes in a crate
Yes I consider myself a Heretic
If this Islam that kills
To keeps its soul alive
More hate inseminates
On the sands of a bleeding Karbala
A Gospel of Truth
Ya Hussain Ya Hussain reverberates
He gave his Head but not his hand
The sins of humanity expatiates
Yazidiyat present day Jehadi terrorism
Misguided Martyrdom devilish traits
The House of Allah turned into a Lal Masjid
The Madrsas of cybernetic Hate
Heads decapitate
Just kill
No dialogue no debate
The 19 South Koreans
At the mercy of Christ
Searching for Peace
In an Islamic State
Afghanistan Taliban
Power that more Power
Corrupts political
Pulverizations ingratiates
Madrarsas that denigerate the Heritage of Allah
The Mesage of the Holy Messanger
Peace and Brotherhood decimates
Noahs Ark Stormy Seas
LaIllaha Illalalah in dire straits

Allen James Shithead and More

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Australian Dickhead Tweed Headed
Monster a penis that loves to snore
On the mound of her clitoral shore
Syphilitic semantics pedagogic pederast
Diseased predeceased testicles
That he can not recognize them any more
Allen James Twat head piles in his mouth
Sphinctelrsss fissures anal anomaly hardcore
You who read me don’t need a musical score
libidinouless limericks that over the time outwore
greetings from the city of Bangalore