Monday, April 11, 2016

Tenniswalas of Coach Surendra Pawar

Painted Walls Of Bandra ,,, Beyond The Sounds Of Silence

Art By Ranjit Dahiya ,,, Bollywood Art Project

Blow Hot Blow Cold ...Ajmer Beckons

Every year I go to Ajmer Sharif by train..and every year I remind the guy who does my train ticket much in advance .
He did my train tickets for my two recent trips to Gwalior and Kanpur ,,and when I paid him for both the trips I again asked him to make sure he did my Ajmer tickets ,,
He simply smiled and my wife too had told him the same 3 months in advance ,,every time I passed his travel agency I again reminded his people orally and by making a note to give to this person who solely handles train tickets .
I called him several times and finally he told me he would see that I got my ticket to leave for Ajmer on Monday,, today.
I was busy getting my stuff packed and I got no intimidation I called him and he says it was not possible .. I was shocked by this lazy attitude of his all I told him if he could not do my ticket he should have called me i could have arranged it from a friend in Jaipur ,,all I wanted was Mumbai Ajmer ,, as I was going to spend a day at Ajitgadh with my friend he would be doing my return ticket ..
I called up his boss Nizar Bhai of Kalpana Travels Bandra Bazar .. the same guy whose Chemist shop was looted and I had shot the video.. He too was helpless and apologized as I am very close to his family and his brother who was handling the Agha Khan Jamatkhana at Bandra Bazar Road ,, his brother inlaw and his sister are close friends .
So now I will be going with the some guys from my area they promised to take me along the 12.30 noon train.. even they dont have reservations ..
And I am not naming the guy .. but his father had died a few months back and he is not willing to come out of his mourning as he calls it ,,many a times I told him that we grieve for our departed parents but we cannot give up our work or our responsibilities ,, I mean the dead dont go away so we die too to our family our workers and friends ,,,
This is one situation that did not really make me angry I took it with absolute calm..
But I have to go to Ajmer ,, I have been beckoned ..I shall go.. come what may.