Monday, September 10, 2012

girl child .. drive safely speed breakers ahead ..

some killed
before they
are born
the dawn
the girl
in india
a male
is what

This Poet Committed Suicide Drowning In a Commode

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it was the
end of
the road
his poetry
his passion
his pathos
he could
not offload
he decided
too cut short
his visit
on this hateful
planet a devils
abode matrix
of evil a
perilous node
flushed forever
in the gurgling
of a commode
a red
gone his
his fleshy
kamar tod
aye kismet
ke kharidar
ab toh
peecha chod

Our Tolerance Our Sense of Humor Our Sanctimonious Morality Has Fallen Accidentally Into The Commode

i wonder
what i shoot
will it be held
against me
as sedition
a Damocles
to upload
or not to
on my conscience
as an artist a very
heavy load
life in mumbai
a thought i
wont decode
we are becoming
kolkatta ,..following
the same path
leading to a writers
block down the road

said my inner conscience
gup bus chutiya madarchod

Shooting The Soul of Misery And Pain

Nerjis Asif Shakir Youngest Canon User ...

If you visit my house and if Nerjis Asif Shakir is in a good mood she will take your picture .. but more than the picture it is the camera she loves passionately and I am scared to give it to her I hold the camera while she straps it rounder neck she shoots , the shutter button is the life of the camera for her ,, she knows it without hesitation.

Canon EOS 60 D being light weight she can hold it by herself but I am scared .. because that would be the end of our photography sessions.

And I think more than me it was Marziya Shakir 4 years old who shoots on the Canon EOS 7D implanted the camera firmly into her consciousness than me and yes she observes me shooting at home on the streets ..

And after I quit my job I have more time for my grand kids, I complete all my work take them out .. and make the most of time ..

Because of the rains much of the time we are cooped up at home ..

Nerjis Asif Shakir ..Born With a Camera Eye

This entire lot of Nerjis over 40 pictures were shot by Assad , and though he is a master of 3 D and digital manipulation , he loves to shoot Nerjis with my camera ,, and she loves him too ..she calls him Phupha.

But Nerjis world centers around me completely , earlier I would call her a Malang as even till date she goes non stop in circles that is called Kaif ..but I think her poetic ethos is beyond the scope of malang.. and she is a total Shia kid, the moment she hears sound be it music or song her hand goes to her chest and she begins doing Matam.

At Bandra my wife told me her dad has a tough time because when he takes her out everyone knows her shopkeepers kids , beggars ..and a stray dog who likes her will start following them around.. my son goes hyper.. with this undue adulation .

Mornings she searches me out and our work begins cleaning the bird cage , feeding the birds , the camera laptop lessons all seamlessly absorbed by her .

Coloring doodling .. she tries her hand at almost everything.. riding the big bike.. and following me all around.

If I go down she wants to come down too, and I take her for short periods I kill my boredom too.

So being a grand father is a huge gift of God and than being a grand father to three girls all prodigiously talented and creative too.

And the camera documents those moments as inspiration to others to record the joy the bliss of your child..moments that will be gone forever ..I have kept some of those moments alive.

I dont shoot her all the time but I do shoot her having fun.. and all this was shot by Assad on a 50 mm lens at a higher ISO.

my grand daughter najjo rani

Nerjis Says She Cant Believe She Is A Street Photographer

Nerjis Says She Cant Believe She Is A Street Photographer

Two Street Photographers ...

Second Attempt Nerjis Asif Shakir Shoots Munawar Kashmiri on Canon 60 D

I switched on the flash she still had the camera strap around her neck I still held the camera and sheboldly hit the shutter button to get this shot of Mannu Bhaiyya ...