Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Only Color I Have Lies Beneath My Thick Skin

i fought
bad times
sold my silver
jewelry surviving
time's blows on my
chin some you lose
some you the
dice not loaded in your
favor spins as the path
you traverse becomes
narrowly thin.. and fate
frivolously grins mocking
me telling me i was born
to sin..fallen from the frying
pan back into the recycling bin

halfway out .. halfway in ..

The Bathtub Wanted To Be A Boat

fed up being enslaved
to his master mistress
who got on his goat
over the seas he wanted
to float he prayed to god
to make him a boat sails
mast anchor also a new
coat .he wanted to be a
fishing boat catch fish off
the bombay coast to his
friends the toilet bowl
pisspot he wanted to
boast cheers and a toast

freedom he loved the most
this poem dedicated to
alex wasserman to whom
i shall soon be paying host
for company hamlets fathers
ghost ,chicken biryani dal gosht

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