Wednesday, June 3, 2015

About The Beef Ban From Imran Qureishi ,, Modern Butcher Bazar Road

I Completed a Walk of 8km At MET Grounds Bandra And Why I Will Never Buy An Item From Flipkart

Taken with Lumia Selfie

For last two days I had been completing 7 km , but this morning I had good company Subhash Singh and Santosh Singh , Santosh walks very brisk and I try to match pace with him , however I started my walk at 7 am in 1 hour 42 minutes  I completed 8 km.. I walk with my keds  for about an hour and than walk barefeet for the rest of my walking stint.. I feel more free walking barefeet ... My keds in just 3 months have given up on me ,, as I have really slave driven them .

I only use my unbranded keds during walking.. I hope to buy a new pair soon..
After my walk I took a video of Imran Qureishi a convent educated beef butcher and eldest son of Intezar Qureishi who has a buffalo meat shop at Bandra Bazar Road Market .

I need to shoot a video a day.. of the common man and the uncommon  problems we face everyday ,, and I shot garbage , it pulls me like a magnet and I wonder why does not the Bandra Municipality have a beat Marshal at these garbage sites catch the serial offenders who litter , they throw garbage on the ground instead of the garbage bin .. why does not the Bandra Municipality place a CC Tv at such filthy sites , than I think the gardalus of Bandra , the drugaddicts will steal that too.

This garbage dump at the Bazar Road is a Adda , meeting place of drunks drugaddicts because of the hooch shop outside this dump.. Our esteemed MLA Advocate Ashish Shelar stays two buildings away from this dump but that does not matter to Bandra Municipality they have taken a solemn vow to destroy the Swach Bharat movement of Modiji.

Their supervisors come every morning including their officials but can do nothing , they are totally clueless , 20 years BMC under the erstwhile Shiv Sena has failed to make Mumbai Clean or Green.. and the public hardly cares .. they make it more difficult , throwing garbage on every street corner .

What beats me why dont our Ministers find a solution to garbage disposal and better garbage management ,, we had a Bhumi Pujan here at this dump for ladies toilet , the place was so clean you wont believe it and the next day it was  back to normal.. and do people read our blogs ,, they only read newspapers that wont write about all this .. they write glorify the four youth from Kalyan .. who went to join the ISIS  to kill Shias Yezdis Armenians rape murder sodomize ,, I am sure they did not go to play marbles ,.

I read only Hindustan Times .. we dont watch TV ,, at all NO NEWS ,, NO BREAKING NEWS ,,

And I carry a bottle of water with me I pour it on my head after the walk to cool my head .. and focus on the road ahead ,, I have no car no scooter or bike I use public transport I shoot life on a fucked Lumia 640 that my son Asif Shakir bought from Flipkart , the worst online portal that had twice dumped defective phones on us .. they give me a defective phone and after one month ask me to take it to a service center I refused I asked them to send a Techie to my house I am a senior citizen 62 years old I am not going to Saki Naka .

I have told my son not t buy me a single item from Flipkart and I hope for once their bosses Mr Sachin Bansal and Mr Binny Bansal read this ,, they have the most demeaning customer care , insensitive , repetitive who dont know how to respond to a customers problem on Twitter and I am sure their only agenda is to make money more money and both the Xiaomi Notes my son bought from them were defective and replaced ,, can you beat that ..

A Day In The Life Of A Sprout Seller Bandra Bazar Road

101 Rods In The Body ,, Marriammen Feast Madras Wadi

A Blog Speaks Out ,, Of Turn

I must tell you all that Benn Bell is my oldest friend on cyberspace we met at Buzznet , we had some great times and he always supported me from racists and cyber bullies .I was new to the Internet , I was naive , hot headed and would hit back at my detractors with a fist full of words ,,And this was in 2005 ,, I think after such a long time I have toned down , I think I have finally understood the online world and all this thanks to Benn Bell and later my other friend Anthony Posey two pillars of my Friendship ,, We have never met Benn in Kentucky and Posey in New Orleans ..we continue to be friends..and both have contributed to this beggar poet from Mumbai. There are other friends to on Flickr , Twitter Facebook ,, but who deserve honorary mention,,I am still connected to them Yorrik Friar Tuck, Tom Andrews Marjie Roland Luthi Bernie My Brother , Ayu Sri Mahayanithere are those who passed away like Fred M. Miller and Jeff Lamb..but I am still connected to them through the people they loved and they touched us all ..Thanks Benn for being there ,, hope to see you guys once when you visit India ,,
There are some new friends that encourage me comment on my pictures at Flickr .. advise me guide me ,, Alex Wasserman and Mind Meld ,, And here I must mention I was walking at MET Gardens .. I got a call it was from Alex ,he said Firoze dont worry about your diabetes , go to the best doctor , I will take care of everything and I had tears in my eyes ,, I have never met what is this bond , that brings us together and makes us more human ..I am still wondering.. and Alex and Meld are not on Facebook,, and I will not blog this at Flickr and embarrass him.. but yes Alex is a crazy Grandfather like me..both are Americans.
Last but not the least is another American an icon, a great lover of his country that he passionately shoots like no other , this great man has supported me when my pictures on Shiasm bleeding faces got me in trouble at Flickr , he went out of his way to get back my Safe account and he favorites my pictures, I follow him on Ello and Twitter ,, the great artist humanbeing ,, Mr Thomas Hawk..I am indebted to him,,, for showing me America ,,poetically romantically and truthfully.
Ps My oldest cyber presence I dont post there is Fotothing ,, I joined here in 2004 , and it was here I met an Indian Deepak Amembal Magic Eye .. he is my oldest Indian contact , we met many years later at an Indiblogger meet at Sea Princess , he was the one who introduced me to Flickr ..but I did not like Flickr those early days I gave up and than again joined Flickr in 2007..And Deepak is a hardcore romantic adventurer unlike me but we get along very well ..he never calls me but I do call him when I am depressed and need a shoulder to cry on..and he advises me like an elder brother ,, though he is much younger than me and full of the bubbly of life ,,So I had to add this as my blog corollary ,, I use Facebook as a Blog platform.. and this is one exceptional blog without a picture ,,,

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli Procession

The Bhaiyya Migrants Of Bandra Bazar Market

I usually pass him when I return from my walk, but this morning I decided to take a short cut to the MET Cricket grounds where I walk, and passed him fast asleep opp the Beef Buffalo market , he works very hard cleaning washing the vegetables mostly gourds that he sells ..I tried to shoot him earlier but it is pretty dark here and this Bandra Bazar Market is a place even God does not come to shop .. 15 years of Congress rule they did nothing .. zilch .In the monsoons it is flooded , it stinks so customers even those who live in Bandra go and shop for vegetables at the roadside market near JJ Colony Bandra .

The fish market is pathetic beams all over might come crashing down one day , the mutton market looks like a dungeon.. mutton held as captive ,,

The beef market , now it is the buffalo meat market , is in bad shape no sales , people have not taken kindly to this new meat ..after the beef ban.

If the earlier satraps wanted it this could have been a nice role model market , I really dont know whether politicians past present have love for this dying town market of Bandra ,, even the newly tarred roads are bad as the chicken trucks that come in drive badly and they park at the garbage dump, the most iconic filthy dump.., English , Danish Australian French American German Italian  photographers including my grandkids Marziya 7 now Nerjis 4 have shot this since the age of 2 .

The Bhaiyyas and the Marathi vegetable sellers share a unique amity ,, and this is extended to both the Muslim mutton beef butchers ,, The Koli ladies too all these 15 years did not  have a ladies toilet and unless the Bandra Municipality is privatized gets a CEO accountability , responsibility this part of Bandra will soon be dead and gone..

I shoot garbage every morning .. my way of remembering the Lord of the Flies ..I only hope there wont be garbage in Paradise , no Bandra Municipality trucks ,, or I will ask to be transferred to Hell otherwise ,,letting my soul be burnt stoically I hope I wont cry ,,,I only hope I dont have to shoot Garbage after I die ...Swach Bharat ,,a  rhetorical chant on a pigsty ,, Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas a Kick on the Ass .. of the poor the homeless .. the blind beggar guy .. as the lips go dry..