Monday, March 30, 2009

Turner Road Traffic Signal Kid

The child in her arms is drugged , and he too works the signal from morning to evening..lunch is left overs from a nearby restaurant..
I have seen this girl grow , once she too was slung on another child's waist, this is her karma..her fate she can never escape..

Clothes that she wears are given by some kind lady..

Soon she will reach puberty its than her walk on the tight rope of life begins, the boys from her tribe will than start hounding her for their cheap thrills ...she cant escape that part of her growing up..

She was born a liability as a girl child , unprotected but for her parents she is an asset , the day she gives birth to a child, even if it is out of wedlock..

The new born child rakes in the money, is given on hire, drugged , drenched in the rains, scorched in summer..such is life on a traffic signal slow track.

Slum Dog Millionaire is an unfulfilled celluloid for the dreamless..a script of sorrow and misery and despair..

I miss the Turner Road Signal as I passed it twice as my old shop was off Waterfield Road..

Now I am away from this signal - its only the Red Light that halts cars and vehicles it is the red light that gets them their daily wages ..

And the day the signal does not work.. they curse their fate , most of the kids from her group are now at the Pamposh Signal and at the Linking Road Signal off National College.

I remember at the Khar Linking Road signal a little girl begged with a kitten clung to her waist.. she and the kitten both have disappeared..

Necessity is the mother of invention..

Two Bald Heads

two bald hard boiled heads
a single knot genetically
two different color threads
on the soul of a family tree
its origin embeds
shot by
my wife
a picture of hope
harmony and peace
cybernetically spreads
an untiring thought
as it retreads

Hijra Beauty Rare

nubile sexy sensual
hijra beauty rare
a knot holding her pair
seemingly strikingly bare
a defiance in her stare
seeking love and care
pelvic gyrations
to spare
once humbled
in her snare
by her love
you will froth and swear

Hijras - The Third Sex

hijras the third sex

life as a hijra

painful and complex



treated as society’s rejects

a cause sorrow despair

as after effects

article 377 the draconian

sodomy law ..anti human

life wrecks

hijras treated as criminals

always the main suspects

the hijra a better deal

from our society expects

like in tamil nadu

free sex change

free education

right to vote

a system without any defects

Thank You

Mr Karunanidhi

People of Tamil Nadu

for all the Hijda projects

the only state in the whole of India

where the Hijra as a human being

gets his due respect