Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mehtab Qalandari Chadiyan 2018

God Please Take Me Away From This World

I have had enough
life was terrible
as my sufferings
got rough
dry cough
but I needed
drinks drugs
a hardened bed
insects and bugs
no rugs my few
stolen by thugs

people hated my
mug..I was nothing
a few drops of water
in a broken jug..

just be kind oh God
please pull the plug

a grave much before
I die I have dug...

to my friends
love and hugs

Farmers Protest Farmers March Azad Maidan

Shooting the Farmers Pain

#FarmersProtest #FarmersMarch Azad Maidan 

Do we as photographers shoot picture or do we search for stories or do stories search for us .

Ok my first regret not only as a photographer but as a person who respects humanity farmers teachers soldiers others I wish I could have walked with farmers from Nasikh to feel their pain their strength of spirit and their resilience after some having lost their loved ones relatives to farmer suicides .

Photography for me is a holistic healing instrument .. it heals as it touches you and the Third Eye of Shiva embalms moments for posterity .

Yesterday I called up my two best photographer friends to come and shoot the farmers at Somaiya Grounds Chunnabatti both had prior commitments ,

So I left home at about 1 pm on an empty stomach food was not ready at home I reached the Somaiya Grounds very early and my hunger pangs accelerated by my diabetic condition made me go outside the grounds there were a few stalls close to the gate I had chips later a cucumber and finally after consecutive gaps I thought I would pick up a slice of watermelon instead I picked up a musk melon I had 2 slices and kept the remaining slices in a plastic bag .

I sat chatted with some very poor farmers in my pidgin Hindi Marathi than I pulled the musk melon and gave it to one of them he was very hungry he broke it in several pieces gave it to his comrades ..and they ate it ravenously .
They thanked me I asked them should I bring some more they politely refused .

After few hours of my wait for the marching farmers I thought I would shoot those in the grounds doing domestic chores ,..this I shot passionately and I reached a group who were eating they greeted me as I was dressed in saffron ..they asked about me I filled the gaps when I told them I had skipped lunch at home to shoot their event they offered me nachni and vegetables and I wish I can express you the feeling that were born within me , these were farmers who fed me my family all my life and were now feeding me in my state of hunger .

I had one serving only I was feeling guilty they were honored humble guests of my city Amchi Mumbai and the mantra of our hospitality Atithi Devo Bhava.

Later I got some biscuits snacks water and gave it to a few of them.

I have shot a lot of events in my life Bomblasts Shree Balasaheb Thackerays funeral cortege IAC of Shree Anna Hazare Maratha Morcha Dalit Morcha I shot all this as a Mumbaikar and as resident of Maharashtra .

Had I not shot the #FarmersProtest #FarmersMarch it would have been ingratitude having eaten the salt of Maharashtra ,.

Last night I was not in good shape I thought I would come in the morning walk with the farmers from Somaiya Grounds till Azad Maidan.. but they left at 1 am..

This morning before setting out to shoot the farmers I called both my photographer friends but again I went all by myself.

As a few Kisan Morcha Sangh leaders knew me I shot from the main stage and here Muslims who were serving everyone water snacks offered me a lot of stuff ..the Shiv Sena cadres know me too and the Samajwadi boys I kept all that they gave me and when I came down the stage I gave it all to the wives of the farmers and I had tears in my eyes ,,this is the power of humility and the power of love devotion dedication in all of us children of Mother India .

I dont think I will ever forget this shoot and as YouTube has banned me for 2 weeks because of 2 penalty strikes against my channel I cannot post my videos and I dont post my videos on Facebook or Vimeo..

I had to share these feelings with all of you ...