Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Message Sent To Facebook Help ..

I am on Facebook since a long time I post all my updates to friends none of my posts are marked Public,, I am a photo journalist blogger I shoot events rituals cultures and as diverse in India the country of my Birth.. I am a educated sane Muslim not a radical ,, I respect humanity I dont post Porn nor do I argue with people  when I was racially profiled deactivated my account several times here at Facebook.. I dont promote any product nor my Shia faith but I do shoot it .. and post pictures now if someone who had added me finds problem with them he should Unfriend me instead of reporting my pictures I deleted those pictures out of respect to all of you and I follow Facebook rules regulations but I am hurt terribly hurt ,, I mean who are these persons to censor what I shoot I dont shoot porn , or hurt communities all my timeline is at your disposable so if you find it inappropriate I am ready to abide by it ,, I mean if this persists I will delete my Facebook account .. this is mental torture and you should other wise also include the name of the person who reported it so I can remove him from my Friends circle ,, I mean why does he not read my profile before adding me ,,my profile is same be it Google Twitter Blogspot or Flickr where I post everything publicly ,,
Please review my account and guide me ,, I think one sided harassment is not fair at all.. if a person is a Wahabi Salafi radical Muslim he will definitely not like my Shia rituals or images so what am I to do..

Please read me seriously ,, as my problem could touch others ,, who may not be able to explain to you as vocally as I am doing it ,, I am 63 year old a grand father and a man of peace who shoots respects all religion Hinduism Judaism Shiasm Sufism and others..

Firoze Shakir .

I Found Poetic Solace Solitude At The British Residency Lucknow

I live in the most chaotic crazy part of old Lucknow on the main road of Bajaza Nakhas Victoria Street Lucknow ,, the house of my inlaws the Qazilbash .
My mothers house that belonged to my maternal grandmother Nazmi Begum widow of late Daroga Nabban sab decendant of poet Mir Anis at Pata Nala Thwai Tola was sold out by my uncle ,, so there is now nothing of my ancestry in Lucknow ,, my grandfather buried at Gufra Map and my grandma at the cemetry of Rani Malka Jahan I think.
My paternal grandmother Khurshed baji stayed at Wazir Ganj.. there is nothing there she is buried at Talkatora .

So I wander through the narrow lanes of old Lucknow shooting crumbling brick houses , old memories and shooting the streets of Nakhas Chowk.. and when I get sick and tired of all this I head to the British Residency among the ruins and the dead soldiers ,,I get lost in a world away from noise and nostalgia ,,

I can spend hours alone at the Residency reading the epitaphs ,, wondering about how thy lived and silently musing all this as pictures ,,,

I get mystical at 3 places at the Residency ,, the Imambargah , the Tomb of the Holy Sufi Saint Syed Kasim Shah baba and the Graves at the St Mary Cemetery..

And I have never come here with my wife ,, I will one day ,,

Man And Woman Locked Up In A Zoo

driven out from the garden of eden
because they were lovers  he was
a muslim she was a hindu.. now they
spend their entire life in isolation sad
silent segregated  for no fault of theirs
they have no clue awaiting ghar wapsi
back to their shanty to start life anew
a bond of togetherness they wish to
renew but the bhakts the mullahs trolls
wont let them get back to their life ,,
pain like bleeding flowers bestrewn
the poetry of life buried under a dune

Shut The Fuck Up Bhakts And Twitter Trolls

Posted at Facebook

I have had assholes on Manjultoons timeline trolling me viciously thinking maybe I am a dumb stupid Muslim and Anti Hindu because I had the guts to say Modijis juggernaut in Bihar stopped because of Dal Dadri and Delusions .The Bihari voter preferred jungle raj to anti tolerance and divisive hate politics. Did not get follishly carried away by the Gujrat model or Modijis Apocalypse Now oratory .And I am on Twitter since 2008 when it was less noisy not politically polluted as it is now .Just stupid Bhakts BJP trolls who want to choke your voice I am shocked at my moderations but calling me anti Hindu made me throw up all over my shirt front but the fuck up here or even on Twitter who reads a person's profile before attacking him I am a veteran on social media but I never used a platform to abuse another man's religion or faith or gender .
Happy Diwali I now go to shoot garbage because Swach Bharat of Modiji must first remove garbage in the minds of his Bhakts and the venomous poisonous teeth of his motormouths after that a round of Tennis and will miss my dear friend Fabian Namory.
Happy Morning to my Facebook friends for your love support guidance and constructive criticism .

Optional Title Empty Fucked Dabbas Make The Most Noise