Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dam Madar Beda Par ,, Syed Masoom Ali Bawa Madari Ajmer Sharif Urus 2015

I Leave for Ajmer On 24 April By Garib Rath

This is my new set of the 803 Urus of Khwajah Garib Nawaz .. Moinuddin Chishty greatest Sufi Saint of India ,,

I have been documenting this pilgrimage of peace since 2005  and participating in the Chatti festivities ,,.of the Holy Saint.

This begins with my train journey ,and at Ajmer I document the streets , the Rafaees Malangs and beggars .. The hijras I shoot I have disabled fro public view completely ,

My host mentor Peersab Fakhru Miya of Hujra No 6 his sons Farid Bhai, Qambar Bhai and his grandson Ali Ahmed ..are my host and I also document the eve of Chatti Jashn at their house and the function at their Hujra on Chatti in the daytime ,

Most of the time I spent with the Dam Madar Malangs at Sola Khamba ,,I shot the Rafaees and the Beggars .

I arrived on 25 April at Ajmer ar 5 am but after resting left for Pushkar to place my offerings at Brahma Temple and to meet my friend Raj Tilak , it was here we felt the tremors of the Earthquake ,,I also returned my dagger that I use for cutting my head during Moharam .. Ashura Chehlum and took a replacement after paying a difference to Raj Tilak..This is one of the most formidable daggers I have ever bought in my life .

From Pushkar I returned to Ajmer I shot a lot of videos on my mobile this trip, beggars , malangs , hijras .. and Chatti event at my hosts house .

I also shot my beggar friend at Dhai Djinn Ka Jhopda , I beg with him and whatever I get I give it to him , I gave him my lucky beggars bowl too.

I gave my silver bracelet embedded with turquoise to Rafaee Masoom Ali Bawa , he liked it wanted it .. so I let him keep it .

The return journey was bad with the Bandra Aravalli stopping everywhere like a slow train ,no water in the toilets and I feel sorry for the Rail Minister ,,, Indian Railways even God will not be able to improve it ,,

I reached Bandra Terminus instead of taking a rick from there I climbed the Naupada overbridge , took a short cut and a ricksha home to Bandra Reclamation..

All the time I was in Ajmer I was cut off from the Internet , TV and Newspapers ..

Dam Madar Beda Par ,, Syed Masoom Ali Bawa Madari Ajmer Sharif Urus 2015

The Gujrati Lady Begging In The Train , Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas

I Asked Her Politely Why Do You Beg..Sister ,,

These are pictures shot before I left for Ajmer and Pushkar ,,I have known this Muslim beggar lady who begs in my lane for several years .. I have shot her and my grandchildren have shot her too.. She used to beg with her small son..

I gave her some money and first time spoke to her , she told me she has 3 kids both they go to a Municipal school.. her husband is a heart patient and is laid up in bed ,, so she she runs the house begging on the streets , she has been begging for 5 years now and has no family support ,, she stays in the distant suburb and comes to Bandra to beg, as she gets alms and people know her and is a regular hijab covered face .. she hides her shame of begging too , I asked her why she did not contact some folks at the local Mosque , she says it has not been fruitful at all.. and than I cut short my talk with her but will shoot her on video one day.. so that you guys out there can understand a Beggar Mothers pain...and Mothers Day in her case is Misplaced Motherhood ,,,women empowerment .. has not done her good ,, hidden in black cloth of despair her dying Womanhood,

I arrived from Ajmer this morning by Bandra Aravalli , as usual the train was one hour late , but this time instead of  catching a ricksha from Bandra Terminus I took the overbridge to Naupada , and dragging my suitcase took a ricksha from Naupada West to Bandra Reclamation.

I was there from Saturday morning I celebrated Chatti , and before that I went to Pushkar and bough a new dagger to cut my head for Ashura Moharam.. all my daggers are from Pushkar ,I buy them from my friend Raj Tilak ,, I returned him my old dagger that was in bad shape and got the new one in exchange after paying a nominal difference ,,

I shot over 25 videos in  Ajmer ..