Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aviary Is Working Now .. Thanks

Lathi Ka Sahara Jab Ata Hai Budapa Hamara

apne paraye
sab kar lete
hain kinara
bhul jatey
hain woh
ab apna
ek bhoj
nahi hain
unko gawara
maut bhi
daga de
jati hai

once upon a time
nahi ata hai dobara

Snorting Brown Sugar On The Bandra Skywalk

I entered the skywalk from the Bandra Bus depot end , though more interesting specimens are found from the Bandra Compund end near the Juma Masjid.. I could not take a shot from the front below there is an Adda where most of the drug addicts gardalus sit and smoke .. no fear of the cops at all.. And this is the crux to rape murder acid throwing and other crimes the common criminal knows the law takes it own sweet time so he is defiant and does not fear the police .. I do not wish to bad mouth or demoralize the cops working long hours under political social pressure , but I think they should appoint guardians volunteers in each area , responsible tough people ex army officers and this might bring down crime ,, is all I can think of .. but this area of Bandra is a hub of criminal activities waiting to happen with drug addicts roaming freely they are not scared of the public too .. most carry a blade if you mess with them , they cut themselves up.. so you end up in the wrong side of the law ..

So this was what I shot after a very long time ,,, within the ambit of street photography.. and this was noon time,,

The Quintessential Indian Door To Door Salesman

the rupee
fell fell
got beaten
but the poor
door to door
wont give up
no credit
only cash
he has wily
brains intuitive
mind even
the chinese
cant outmatch
starting life
from scratch
from politics '
from bhashanbazi
totally detached
he is the common
man lives in the
slum under a
thatch ..do waqt
ki roti aur bura
waqt attached

The Memory Of Times Gone By.. Shastri Nagar Slums Bandra

The Locked Kismet Of The Muslim Beggar

After A Long Time I Used My Rusty Camera Today ,,,Thanks To Aviary

I have been churning new thoughts new monochrome images at Flickr via Aviary editing tool ,  without using my camera since a few weeks ..

I never tweaked my pictures  I posted what I shot exactly the way I saw it ..I never delete or correct my pictures .. bad pathetic ugly as is where is .. I shoot ugliness beggars homeless urchins even drug addicts ..I have cut down on shooting hijras because I get tired seeing them by myself.. this segment of transgender documentary is  off limit to public and friends even family.

So all these weeks I saw a lot of stuff on the road but could not shoot it as I had stopped carrying my other prosthetic limb called the camera.

But today  I took the camera along  with me and this beggar lady sits adjacent to the Juma Masjid Bandra SV Road .. opposite the road that takes me to a workshop in the slums in the Bandra compound ..she sits there and people from JJ colony kids from the slum pass this way to school.

Here is one of the exit entry to the skywalk I did not use it I cross the road like others ..people dont bother about the  traffic cop it is a path walking across halted cars to get to the other end the slums that I mentioned .. this slums was part of the old Abattoir and is even known as Patel Nagri by some ..the brokers or dalals of cattle goats live here some of them are wealthy ,, and live comfortably ,, they help those in their community..

After the fire in Behrampada , Garib Nagar and the demolition of the Daulat Nagar slums Santa Cruz , demolition of Bharat Nagar , Bandra East bought by rich builders , the work force tailors , embroidery workshops shifted here in the Compound and further at Shastri Nagar Bandra near the Station close to the tracks and very close to the Station Road Sunni mosque where I shoot the Eid Namaz.

This is a predominantly Muslim area , tiny dark dinghy lanes unlit leading into the slums , video dens and what not ..Salman clones , burkha clad ladies .. and a different Bandra than Bandra itself.

This is the most powerful vote bank all Muslim..I thought this introduction was necessary ,the person I was trying to meet was not there the area was being dug so he asked me to meet at Shastri Nagar , so from the Compound I walked through another dark lane , met a Shiv Sena volunteer a Muslim who is a dargah hopper I had tea with him , he had celebrated Eid at Dargah of Syed Mira Datar , after I met my guy I climbed the skywalk from the Mosque end , here beneath the skywalk people were taking drugs , on the steps of the skywalk two gardulas local word for drug addicts were snorting brown sugar openly I shot them from the back , walked up the skywalk till the Bandra Talao shooting drug addicts sprawled on the skywalk.. so what policing are we talking about it is perhaps near Shakti Mills the lost bastion of Baba Kasam Bangali rapist in lock up.

I walked down the skywalk and ended at Sweet Home Aquarium , my friend Naeem Shaikhs aquarium shop , bough bloodworms for my grand daughter Marziya Shakirs fish tank...  than walked home climbing 5 floors our lift broke down.. work is going on now showered , fed the fishes and sat to blog  all this .. my first shot picture after a very long time...of a Muslim beggar lady there by hangs a tale ..Who is she , I dont know I dont talk to beggars I only shoot them , those I know I sit with them on the road offer them tea and chat about the weather and other such small talk , no Asram Bapu, No Food Bill No Blockbusters and no Twitter Talk No Talk of Mumbai Gang Rape Case ..their world is very limited and they have blinkers they dont even know about the failed Yatra at Ayodhya.. Do Gaz Zameen Ke Upar .. Bad Main Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche ..Na Koie Farishta Na Koie Police Unke Peeche ,,,Na Koie Kaffan Na Koie Kafan Ko Kheeche ..Tute Hue Khwab Pathar Ke Galeeche ..

Aviary Is Very Unsavory Today

There was a problem connecting to Aviary. We should try this again a little later.

i do my photography
tweaking the soul
of my old images
on aviary ,,but it
does not respond
as i have over used
it overwhelmingly
giving a new look
a new hope to
old thought but
i have not gone
overboard used
it cleverly ,,,adding
a poem as corollary

but if they have
closed shop gone
for a picnic than
i am left miserably

flickr customer
care please
help me
as pictures of
my cheek
piercing wait
to bee or
not to bee
oh aviary

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen

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I Shoot ..The Mystic Moment Barefeet ...

The Rod Piercers Of Goddess Marriammen

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