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Under the Shadow of His Wings

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou find refuge: his truth is a shield and buckler.
psalm  91:4

I once had my workspace at St Peter Road close to St Peter Church Bandra and this is a road that is narrow , traffic from Bandra Bazar Road spills out at Bandra Hill Road near Balaji Restaurant , and traffic from Hill road takes this path as a short cut to Bandra Reclamation or Mount Mary.

This road borders the St Stanislaus grounds and the St Peter Church and against this wall you will find all the garbage of Bandra , it is garbage hotspot , those who drive by the ricksha throw out their garbage here , there is a spineless notice that says a Rs 10000 fine will be levied if you are caught throwing garbage has not stopped this menace..

By and large this is one of the filthiest lanes of Bandra perhaps even our MP and MLA s pass through this short cut off Baba Nagar....Brian of Bandra Speaker fame lives here , he is King of Speakers locally made and handcraft…

My Daughter Remembers Me On Fucked Fathers Day

an alcoholic stupor
blocked my way
now with shadows
broken dolls
as dreams
she loves
to play
if i could
turn the clock
a thought
that plays
3 grand daughters
as my penance
as they sit
on my chest
my daughter
from far away
a tear drops
rolls down my
from my dark
i cant
get away
a fucked
on fucked
fathers day

"Father, into your hands I commit my spirit."

Happy Fathers Day To All..

My Diabetes And My Tryst With Dr Shashank R Joshi

There is a friend who walks with me his name is Milind Pitle a retired Medicine Scientist , I had told him about my diabetes , while we were walking and he suggested a doctor , I heard that as Dr Chirag Joshi and he gave me the direction , and so foolishly I searched for this imaginary doctor at SV Road Bandra near VN Jewellers , I did not have Milinds number .. anyway while I was coming back , I met another friend Anil Kamath who is a diabetic too and owns a sweet shop Brijwasi at Bandra SV Road , he suggested a diabetes doctor , Dr SD Jain so I landed at Mahim in Feb met the doctor , he changed my medication put me on Glyceree  a tablet before breakfast and after breakfast , Janumet 500 a tablet before dinner after dinner .. I followed this from March to June and my sugar still remained high despite rigorously walking for 6 km a day.

And in between I happened to meet Milind Pitale , I told him about my bum trip to a Dr Chirag Joshi , he corrected me and said the Doctors name was Sh…