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Supinely Subtle Rose

Supinely Subtle Rose
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 The Lion and the Crow

often come to blows

when the shit of the crow

on the mane of the lion shows

an inbox of her silence

unread messages

Pirouetting on the tips of her

honied toes

the heart says

Photographerno 1

try not to be firoze

click and compose

in her perfumed garden

a bit of me that glows

an Indian thorn..

lying by the side of a

Supinely Subtle Rose.


I took a break from Poem hunter after deleting 1002 poems here quite recently, , so as not to write and stay away from a sign that says Private Property Usurped by Racist Poets ..Beware of Dogs, Indians not allowed, Car tyres will be flattened, Trespassers will be Prostituted...Electrocuted...

These are poems ..older lot

Posted on 08/11/2006 8:25 Am

Dog Asleep ...Under a Humper of a Dumper

Dog Asleep ...Under a Humper of a Dumper
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 “Sleep... Oh! how I loathe those little slices of death....”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Wheels of Death are asleep

lts a Dogs Life that is cheap..

once the driver starts the Engine

Death will take him away in a sweep

what he has grabbed

he wont be able to keep

leave behind everything and into an

everlasting sleep

your tears no more yours

others who just might

remember you and not weep

you have taken a long leap

the living dead ..

a garbage heap

also defyingly asleep.

Posted on 08/12/2006 5:12 AM

Bollywoods Most Wanted Blogger No1

Bollywoods Most Wanted Blogger No1
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls.”
Mother Teresa

We are saffron colored Indians

We hate green Indians

a thought on Sulekha Blogs spun

my language an excuse to block me

without giving me a reason

make and poke fun..

cultural policing , creativity undone ,

clits, tits elephant dicks

jahangir art gallery

an exhibition

they shun

600 blogs in three days

gave an Indian blog bank run

I d rather shoot from my dick

still be Bollywoods Most Wanted Blogger no1

at Flickr Bloggerspot Wordpress Buzznet Ipernity

than a Confused Muslim

on Sulekhs Blogs

on the run..

my words poetic

wisdom .. unmuzzled

to a Racist submachine gun.


Thank You

a message

of Racial Indianess

Well Done

in sil…

Moghul Masjid God Lives Here

Moghul Masjid God Lives Here
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This is where God lives, I have written so much about God and his favorite haunt the Moghul Masjid built by Mohomed Hassan Shirazi an Iranian philanthropist and his Lucknowi wife from the family of the royal Nawabs.

I cant stop shooting pictures of the Mogul Masjid, with all the money in the world the Khojas can built any grandeur like Mosque , but can never recreate the ambience of Moghul Masjid , where I feel the human presence of God. Other Mosques may have a heavenly God but the vision I see here is of a kind , human loving God, every little speck at Mogul Masjid praises the bounty of this God.

I don’t enter any other Mosque, yes I am a heretic, architectural Mosques that encage Godliness never inspired me, and I come here every Friday if I drop in at the Chor Bazzar flea market, I make it a point to have a black Kava at Khushali the Iranian samovar shop, and let my spirit roam at the Mogul Masjid..I am not m…

veiled silence of her smile

veiled silence of her smile
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 veiled silence of her smile
my acqua marine thoughts
sleepy waters of the Nile ..
a cat Goddess
perforated pause
to my words hostile
she may come around
it may take a while
fathomless fashion
to old time style
bejeweled guilt
worthless weight
yet worthwhile.
a Indian born desi
shia thug
she does revile
solemnised silence
speech sterile

Clits , Tits and Elephant Dicks

Clits , Tits and Elephant Dicks
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 By IE
Thursday July 27, 04:04 AM

YOU could be a 40-year-old man posing as a 16-year-old girl, a 60-year-old woman playing a 20-year-old stud-boy, a wallflower geek who becomes an adventure sports jock or a neurotic pimple-ridden teenager who turns into a super-model. Online, anything is possible.

Entering the virtual world, one can play violent games. ''The site Sociolotron allows raping and murdering in its virtual underworld and the site clarifies that all this occurs with the consent of the browser, so it is a valid fantasy,'' says artist Sanveej Khandekar, whose collaborative exhibition with artist Vaishali Narkar, Clits, Tits and Elephant Dicks, opens at Jehangir Art Gallery on August 1.

Taking off from this virtual world where one can buy anything from dildos to life-like sex dollies, Khandekar will convert the staid gallery into a rocking underworld, filled with 12 pa…

Axis of Evil My Ass As well

Axis of Evil My Ass As well
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy glenn losack md

Writing poems
Is a job
That does not pay well
A promissory note
From 1 to 10
Rephrased that
You have to return as well
Or you get hate comments
From white dickhead
Racist poets a blow job
That they do well
Now I am in a conundrum
Whether to be a poet write haiku
Like Leonardo Daranjo
Or write limericks like
Allen James Saywell
Or whether to be Ted Sheridan
Or whether to be Yoonus Peerbocus
Or whether to be Indira Babbelapatti
And stop being Firoze Shakir as well.
Edward Hawk is grinning with a thought
He knows as well
Or should I become a Trader
Selling second hand clothes
Trinkets a job I could do well
Or lend my ass a commodity
On a Poem hunter stock exchange
Bulls and bears humping my ass , ass well .
axis of evil my ass imprinted on a womans behind
in an anti bush protest rally as well


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy glenn losack

you know you are right
all apologies
for the oversight
smells like teen spirit
this racist fight
malice in chains
to hit and spite
a discolored war
between black and white
rape me tomorrow
not tonight
racism in poetry
at its height
when the lights out
they beat you
to pulp for what you write

Holy Cow Unholy Women

Holy Cow Unholy Women
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy
glenn losack

the young live on their milk
their warmth love
satin silk
they are both slaughtered
for their flesh
by men society
of such ilk
services rendered
body soul surrendered
and they bilk.

a poem called allen james Farewell

a poem called allen james Farewell
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

I would agree with the context of this fine poem....but we need to keep in mind how hard it is to be considered acceptable in today’s racist world. It must be even harder for someone like him who still even at his advanced age struggles with both penis envy issues and cross dresses in plaids.
Revolutionary American poet Ted Sheridan .

What I have noticed in all your work is that that you respect and have a great knowledge of all religions. Thanks Firoz. I really appreciate this.
Leonard Daranjo

You seem to come across a lot of racism, except my sympathy? You express yourself greatly, though, and we seem to share an opinion that people should get what they deserve, haha. Enjoyed.
-Kylie M. Lynch
Finest poet. on cyberspace

we all suffer in unimaginable ways
yoonus peerbocus
tagore of Mauritius

You have a new comment about your poem: Australian Racist…

Pederast Poet Falls in Manhole

Pederast Poet Falls in Manhole
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

Date & Time: 8/30/2007 9:31:00 PM Remove this comment

Poem: 8088711 - Poem Hunter Heaven Hell and Purgatory
Member: allan james Saywell



The term pederasty or paederasty can refer to a wide range of erotic practices, generally between adult and adolescent males. Pederastic relations have been variously described - as spiritual or materialistic, lawful or criminal, loving or commercial, compassionate or abusive, sexual or chaste – and have been documented from prehistory to modern times.

Rendered as 'age-structured homosexuality', it is, along with gender-structured relations and egalitarian relations, regarded as one of the three main subdivisions of homo…

Poem Hunter Heaven Hell and Purgatory

Poem Hunter Heaven Hell and Purgatory
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo google images

God was tired and heaven was packed with good white men
And people from Iraq who had died for a good cause you can tell
So the evil few from Poem hunter he decided to pack them off to Hell
First Ivan of 1000 poems sunny side up Carsewell
But in order to give this racist poet company he handcuffed him to
Allen James Saywell in yellow jumpsuits bare feet in a Guantanamo type cell in a devils hell.
Reading the Devils backward written Gospel..
For company to these two inmates he called in a Poet Trader
Defrosted Blane and another James as well ..
Burrning in the fires of Hate you can hear how they scream and yell
Cursing Bim Bombay Little Indian Boy burning flesh and smell
Not realizing that more important than a mans colored skin
Is the betrayal of human vaues by a single rebel of a sperm cell
Now this poet he opted for Purgatory instead of heaven and in Peace with his Blog Goddess …

the alpha indian male

the alpha indian male
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 the alpha indian male
an open air funeral casket
no nail
into nothingness sail
even truth does a mujra dance
tahzeeb adab an old forgotten
nawabi fairy tale
toaday they make you a politician
while you are in jail
kids no cholesterol no heath problems
just unloving kills them
in my country an arrested moment
called heart fail
noxious hate filled fumes of
disharmony as hindu muslim
shia sunni that in the lords house
we inhale yes we are pathetic
natural born Indians
unborn hopes
killed before they give birth
the heartless screamless wail
on a large scale
our values our traditions of
living peacefully home food
overcooked gone stale
click fraud of emotions
the death of an unborn female
if they live they die burnt
on a dowry trail

inspired by mahfooz ali

Hate Filled Poem Hunter Animal Farm

Hate Filled Poem Hunter Animal Farm
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I
surrender to your charms
your steamy soulless thought s
my spiritual being embalms
om padme hum
jai shree rams
ya ali adrikni
mary magdalene
madonna and child
death wish
my rebirth
in your arms
poetic philandering
beneath Indian palms
living as a poet
among other poets
in hate filled segregated
poemhunter animal farm

Cunninglingus C words and Sleep

Cunninglingus C words and Sleep
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Contorted sleep
Cadavered cry less sleep
Capitulated careless sleep
Catatonic callisthenic sleep
Catnapped cartwheeling sleep
Characteristic, charismatic sleep
Chronometered calculative sleep
Circuitous circular sleep
Claustrophobic climactic clitoral sleep
Cockeyed,cockpitted, cock roached,
Cokscombed,cock sure,cocky
Cock tailed conceited sleep
Collapsible, commodious,
Companion less, compulsive sleep
Conclusive conjectured, convulsive
Counter clockwise cosmic cybernetic sleep
Creative, criss crossed, cross hatched cross eyed sleep
Culpabaly cumbersome, cuckolded ,credulously
Cunninglingus ,cow licked, crevice cruising cubby holed sleep.

Flickr Think Flickr Think

Flickr Think Flickr Think
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

flickr think flickr think
for god sake wake up
from your rip van winkle like sleep
into a morass of just
making money
cybernetic power don’t sink
between a creative artist
and your administration
create a two hand clapping link
don’t cause a ruckus of a stink
now don’t look the other way
nelsons eye at you tube
orkut facebook like don’t wink
me and others like me think
more than money
it is the soul and the heart
the heartbeat of a photographer
here the soundless pain
in a clink

What I am today as a photographer and photo blogger I owe to El Gekko ,
A white man who never ever made me feel brown or black , a great difference there is among photographers and poets who carry hate ..Wordsmiths of hate .

This poem is my solidarity with a human being with a heart of gold.

Message from the finest photographer at Flickr El Gekko
Lost in a hudge playgroun…

Narcissistic Neurosis

Narcissistic Neurosis
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Assfucked
fault finding firozes
Narcissistic Neurosis
A window opens
And a trembling
door closes
Life was never a
marital bed of roses
thorn like
pictorial punctuated poses
a rod water parting
a thought imposes
a paper thin membrane
hands raised to the heavens like Moses
toast proposes and aaron opposes
life and fucked after life
unheavenly symbiosis