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My best friend Benn Bell

In life besides our family we need good friends to add to the poetry of life and prolong our journey with good times . We have so many friends I too have many friends but not really I am a loner and the camera gives me company ...earlier it was both Nerjis Marziya and my camera . There are friends we have never met physically ..may not even meet in this lifetime but they add fodder to our minds ..and make our life complete such is my friendship with Benn Bell ..we met in 2005 at Buzznet I was new to the net but I had a repository of shock and awe pictures Shia rituals Sufi body piercing rituals I was a curiosity and I met Benn when he posted an article on Om Mani Padme Hoon ..we became good friends and everytime my urban brown over inflated ass got kicked around by bigots and racists or white supremacists it was Benn who charged in like a bull to defend me ..and I was hot tempered volatile impulsive abusive temperamental he helped me regain my sanity and my sobriety I was not go…

My World of Stolen Dreams Bandra And Beyond