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The Ultimate High of Faith

Nitin Sonawane and Me

Nitin Sonawane and Me, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Nitin Sonawane works for the Times Group...a great photo journo with sensitivity of what he shoots..
Nitin and I are members of PSI Mumbai and our friendshiup goes a long way back, it was Nitins pictures displayed at PSI Mumbai of Nag Panchami at Battis Shirala that made me follow his footsteps to Ichalkaranji and than to Battis Shirala the snake town of India.

It was because of Nitin I was allowed permission to shoot the All India Hijda Sammelan at Park Site Vikhroli..and this is the first picture of us together ..we had a common printer Mr Bawaji a Bohra gentleman who made our exhibition prints..

Nitin and I were meeting after a very long time..he gets embarrassed each time I thank him for his contribution to my photography..

This is my tribute to him and to our long standing friendship.

Barefeet Street Photographer of Mumbai

Barefeet Street Photographer of Mumbai, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 87,550 items / 530,677 views

Shooting the streets
the essence of pain
street art
accelerating the heart
storming the brain
the crown of the head
kissed by droplets of rain
barefaced barefeet
a heady concoction
mind blowing cocaine
street photography
with no editorial constrain
shooting the soul of a
concrete jungle urbane
lost moments
digitally diabolically
on the cosmic
consciousness regain

The Ultimate High of the Dahi Handi

Swapnil DNA Photographer in Action

Swapnil DNA Photographer in Action, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Most of the photographers were hunting for the swine flu mask, on the dahi handi contenders and I chose Swapnil DNA photographer well armored against any influenza germs..I shot more pictures of him later , we had some bata wada too given to us by a kindly lady from Khandke Building where this series was shot, it is a very long series.

I came back to Bandra dog tired and my daughter saw that I showered immediately , so I dont bring home the swne flu germ, after this I shot Advocate Ashish Shelars Dahi Handi celebrations at Bandra Hill Road.

And this morning 15 August 2009 I shot the Independence Day flag hoisting in my Bandra Bazar area , organized by blind Ismail Chacha and Rahebar Khan our dynamic local corporator was felicitated..

My internet connection is very slow and I have problems with my computer I shall be socially less active, on the internet, my computer hangs and goes dead on…

Master of the Rings

Mumbai Police No1

Mumbai Police No1, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 87,430 items / 529,950 views

Mumbai cops wonder why I take their pictures , some are polite a few aggressive ,who have threatened to haul my ass to the police station,I have a Press Card but it is my attire that does me in I dont look like a normal photo journo..I would rather take poison than look like a typical hot shot photo journo with attitude and his big shining Canon lens.

The Bandra Police know me very well, and I shoot cops , because without them there would be riots at religious processions that I shoot, and it is serious , there are a lot of criminal mind set people who would love to create communal mischief..and disharmony.

I pay respect to the Mumbai Police by showing you their human side, their long hours , standing in the blazing sun like during the election times, I always have cops as the heroes of my procession pictures .

The Khaki element is necessary and validates Peace and Brotherhood..

Last nigh…

Thank you Jatkar Sir

Thank you Jatkar Sir, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. this series
is humbly dedicated
to prof bw jatkar
he taught me photography
so my thought
my poems
my emotion
on pictures
i could transfer
finding peace
with which
my soul concurs
searching for godliness
not just sharpness
also a blur
thank you jatkar sir
for this pictorial makeover
mee mumbaikar
away from the chaos
politics of camera clubs
away from salon participation
to be a photo blogger
i prefer
you me kg maheshwari
three friends that we were

My Profile as Pedestrian Poet of Pain

My Profile as Pedestrian Poet of Pain, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 87,401 items / 529,822 views

shot by Jaganathan

The Shia Pandit of Mumbai

Dahi Handi Dadar 2009

Black and White Jatkar - Revisited

Black and White Jatkar - Revisited, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I have erased all detail from this picture ,I wanted a starkness , I wanted to show you the calisthenics of spiritual freedom..

when a man dies
leaves this mortal world
of pain and despair
where he lived in transition
building a castle in the air
not knowing that one day
he will be bound to yama's snare
to another world his life prepare
calisthenics of spiritual freedom
beyond the words of a prayer
life endured though unfair
wear and tear
travails and tribulations
with his loved ones
he did share
in the next world
one way ticket
without any fare
his karmic soul
he will repair
peace hope harmony
love brotherhood
away from this
vanity fair

Shooting Dahi Handi 2009

Shooting Dahi Handi 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I normally shot Govinda or Dahi Handi at Ranade Road, but this year I gave it a skip, as Ranade Road , one gets pictures but one cant avoid the commercial banners sticking like a sore thumb..

I shot all my pictures from Khandke building,and met some old friends too, I walked to Ranade Road later but the show was over out there so I came back to Khandke building , from there I took a bus and got off at Lal Mitti.

Later in the evening I shot Advocate Ashish Shelars Dahi Handi, I was here for several hours till the end..

At Dadar I shot the Dahi Handi barefeet.