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Destinys Child Bewildered Beguiled

Destinys Child Bewildered Beguiled
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 My Alaskan Honeymoon is over..

I am back in the arms of Mumbai

Unfrosty mosquitoe bitterness belie.

Summer breezed penile shadows.

In unworn Speedos a sigh ...

Sibling rivalry that cant see eye to eye.

So short lived a romance doomed as it was

If not today tomorrow it would die.

And every day it was a new surprise..

And a family to protect and truthful lies..

A lip a childhood an eye.. her being characterized..

And I hid nothing, willing to lose 28 years of a married life

To emotionally see my shit snow balled

And my pee ...frozen cube -iced.

Photographer no 1 Made in India..

Export Quality Dick Head resized.

Love has eloped with Reality disguised.

And Destiny’s child..

Bewildered beguiled..

Death Wish Of A Tooth Paste

Death Wish Of A Tooth Paste
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I have turned celibate…

No more love for me

A love that turns to waste.

Cut copy fuck don’t paste

A made in India Designer Ass

That got bummed buggered in haste

In a net language unlaundered unchaste.

A Tooth the Death Wish of a Toothpaste

bitter memories and a bad after taste ..

divorce proceedings polygamous philandering

in my religion cat o seven tails

not at all misplaced ..

even people to simply get

married again two or more wives

have islam embraced..

though in america

bigamy stands disgraced

Birthday Boy Photographerno1

Birthday Boy Photographerno1
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 As I am restarting my new life,

I have shaved off my burns and my pate.

A new look to reinstate...

Bald headed Photographerno1

Recently turned undreadfully celibate...

Re-entering the gates of my old kingdom

Through a newly overhauled Gate..

And my bithday suit has an armoured plate.

And will keep away from net-tempting baits..

And cut down on my upgrades..

Skullduggery and Toms Dick s Hairy

Skullduggery and Toms Dick s Hairy
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Skullduggery and Toms Dick s Hairy
skull•dug•ger•y or skul•dug•ger•y (skl-dg-r)
n. pl. skull•dug•ger•ies
Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it.

[Probably alteration of Scots sculduddery, obscenity, fornication.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

And this is for my friend Yorrik, and specialist of all things that are Skulls, and Skulls a more Skulls..
I am not sure about fornication , I am against it unless some woman holds a gun you know where , critic from poem hunter Tai Chi Italy wants me to desist from talking about cocks..PLease excuse me this one time.. my friend is school was Tom and we teased him Tom Dicks Hairy..and
I have shoplifted a lot of things for you guys from the ocean of a dicknet. my poem Un Talking Cock.. you guys must have read it sometime back..

It’s called sarcasm, dick

Contributed by Natalie Shapiro/For the Kaimin
Wednesday, 22 February 2…

Buzznet Community v/s Buzznet Refugees

Buzznet Communityv/s Buzznet Refugees
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy filched from buzznet

All the fantasy you want just hit a key on Buzznet Community..
A world within a world within a world you will see..

Try hitting lesbians, cockeyed, erotic, gays,,

A Photographerno1 alias Shia Thug No1

from Mumbai..

With my view you will some degree..

Branches of Yorriks incestuous tree

Being self fucked for free..

Fulsome Street parade.. Futuristic cocks you will see..

Tom Do You Like It deleted let him be

Cocks Large sized almost hitting the knee..

And Naga Sadhu lings on a spiritualistic spree

And groaning tits,, bouldered..and unfree..

Yes come one and all to Buzznet Community..

But of late this circus has moved with its tents

To an open cyberspace Flickr and more free

To save them from paparazzi these celebrities

Call themselves

Staying Afloat

Buzznet refugees

a few of them clinging before they drown

on an Isle called Ipernity.

Reality Bites

Reality Bites
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 She saw me online.

And I never saw her at all.;

Honey trapped by flirtatious fate,

And fell face first on a snow layered wall..

Enshrouded, sepulchral insensate

Soulless entity….she blew life.

Knowing well I was married and had a wife.

Indigenously enjoined accepted to live and let live

Dichotomy of love

And be Alive.

It did not work and love came to a halt;.

Flirtatious fate, finding new fault..

Alaskan fury and northern lights;

Love strangely dwarfed by heights..

Virtual reality

And Reality bites…

Woe be gone Love

To Sleepless nights..

Games Women Play ..War and Peace

Games Women Play ..War and Peace
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This poem is on Love in particular and Women in general.. this is not my personal view , I have decided to say and be a different character with my uncharacterless poems.I am offline .. online is a desultory disillusion,

I am alliteratively taking hormonal shots.. so as not to think like a woman..

I only hope I dont end up with boobs hanging without a hammock on the precipice of my testerides.. my word for balls..engenderedly endangered species.

This is also not because my frozen tears have started to melt.

This is not because of senti-Mental machinations..

This is not about being hemlocked between a Muse and a sodomic shitting Sado -masochistic Crow..

This is dedicated to all women, who love me , use me ..abuse me, accuse me, those who also unuse me.. even those wont go the full way refuse me.. finger fucked to defuse me.. those when I am coming rush to powder say excuse me... box and under the belt bruise me...…

My A Muse

My A Muse
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Tear jerked, Teased, Terrorized,

Tongue lashed, Tongue tied,

A Love so sublime,

It cannot be mine…

.No not even online..

Which she condescends..

Commentably confined.

One lined.





Dialectically defy.

Diagnose and



Do or die.

never never fall in love with a female poet on the net.

never never fall in love with a female poet on the net.
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Happy New Year

When the going is good, good things you will get,

When things turn sour, sauarkrauted, badmouthed , you bet.

Drive safely , never, never fall in love with female poets on the net.

She is venemously vindictive, unpredictive , preset.

Take a deep breath, center, never , never fall in love on the net.

She will wrench out your balls,mince ,marinate,pickled in sauce... no remorse in effect

She has a family to protect ,you proletariat dumb head

Swirl change lanes, never , never fall in love with a female poet on the net.

She will take your cockeyed manhood,arc lit to industrial propelane gas.. sweet kiss your ass.

Reverse ,you Gods gift to woman, you innocent insect

Never , never fall in love on the net.

She has an evil eye on you and evil, does more evil beget..

Book mark my ominious words ,manly minnion..vaginal worse than death... dont forget...

Finger fuck your own ass…

The King of Kings Lal Bagh Chya Raja

The King of Kings Lal Bagh Chya Raja
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Mumbai has several Gods Godesses dieties in the Hindu pantheon..but Lord Ganesha of Lal Bagh is the Ultimate.He holds sway over human hearts.
All roads during the Ganesh Feast lead to his pandal , people all walks of life come to touch him and be touched.
For me a Muslim , my tryst with al Bagh Chya Raja goes many years back, I had just begun dabbling in photography , I shot with the students of Girish Mistrys Shari Academy , most daring photographers , I must say they taught me a lot, I saw how they would try to shoot Ganesha in different ways..
I had finished my shoot and was going back to Bandra, when these young photographers held me back and said wont you shoot Lal Bagh Chya Raja he comes on the beach at 4 am.I am a diabetic, I walk barefeet , I was tired and I decided to sleep at my parents house at Colaba and came back to shoot Lal Bagh Chya Raja.. I shot the Arti.. on negs, but more than the pictur…