Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The All Racists Poetry Club -Poem Hunter Forum

The All Racists Poetry Club -Poem Hunter Forum
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It is mandatory
That the poem hunter
Forum apologize to him
This helpless Indian cub
Who has decided he wont
White pickled posteriors ever scrub

As he has been a victim
Of a continuous racial attack
At poem hunter forum
The all whites premier club
Where Indian voices
That rise in revolt
Like cigarette butts they stub
This racially governed
Held to ransom
By a few racists
Who with violence
Abuse their white washed voices dub
Yes in our wounds salt chilies and pepper rub
If we talk out of turn
The hooligans from Scotland England
Australia land of Racism
Led by an American Lady
They will club and drub
Less poetry only
Boozards and alcoholics
Drunken white brutes
Living on the dole
Social services
In this safe have called
Poem Hunter Forum Pub