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He Is A Poet He Dies Everyday

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he reminds me
of a love story gone sour
he loved her immensely
in his life his poetry
she was his ivory tower
she was his soul his strength
his manly godly power
till she got enraptured with another
beautiful fan tail dove in her bower
she forgot her moment of nostalgia
memories petals leaves and flowers
timeless pain the heart of a poet
devours the pining seconds minutes
the stop gap hours ...all washed
away in a gush of monsoonal shower
even the bodies we own is not ours

Jesus Is Fed Up Of This World

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this world
has gone from
bad to worse
a real curse
man born
in a cradle
doomed to
a hearse
his cosmic fate
his life
his love
his spirituality
e commerce
on the soul
of his unborn child
a punishment
a thought
a balloon burst
a parched throat
unquenchable thirst

Benn Bell May 14 at 6:29pm Report
Your work continues to inspire, Firoze.

two friends from Buzznet to Flickr Facebook a path traversed

This Is My 185000 Blog At

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of the streets
asking alms
ma tujhko
lakho salam
in the depth
of my heart soul
my mind you
put the best of Islam
you gave me hope
you gave me life
Hussain is My Imam
My Karbala in
The land of Brahma
Vishnu Shiva and Ram
values traditions
peace humanity
within my soul
you embalmed
my restless soul
with poetry
you calmed

Maa Mati Manush

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image courtesy Kaushik Dutta

"Its an unprecedented historic victory .
This is a victory for Maa Mati Manush.
This is a verdict against agony and oppression.." Mamta Banerjee Trinamool Congress

maa mati manush
bangal ki janta khush
single handedly
in his lair
she ambushed
bought down
to the ground
with the power
of the people
her indradhanush
green the color of envy
red blasted out forever
with a shove and a push

Lalbagh Chya Raja ..Wants Poriborton In Maharashtra Too

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a new challenge
a new change
a new hope
dynamic and new
for the common man
me and you
out of the blue
ring out the old
ring in the new
no more scams
a simple life
of peace happiness
will do keep
your lavassa
your shanghai
let mumbai
be mumbai
thank you

the need
of the hour
for once
the people
their due

Lalbagh Chya Raja ..I Have Never Asked Him For Anything As Yet

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i shoot him
in all seasons
in sweat
in heat
in the rains
share him
with all of you
on the internet
my trials
my tribulations
my sufferings
my sorrows
he knows
them all
he knows
i am forever
in debt
he knows
i will never
ask him
a pledge
i took
we met
i need
if he gives
to someone
more deserving
than me would
give me
i did ask
for a simple

Lalbagh Chya Raja ..Jai Ho

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jai ho
chappar phad
ke dega
yeh bat man lo
take it easy
go slow
share with others
what he gives
to you
so his bounty
there is no
or end
once you
enter his doors
he scores
you ask
for less
he gives
you more
when it
it pours
the essence
oh hope humanity
his inner core
as you kiss
the ground
touch the floor
hee shan konachi
lalbagh chya raja chi

to a brother poet aaditya thackeray in humility and gratitude

Lalbagh Chya Raja ..I Give To You What He Gifts To Me

Forget Your Pain Your Sorrows Come One And All

the raja beckons
the raja calls
in garlands
golden shawls
always there
for one and all

Lalbagh Cha Raja King of Kings

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I am 20 pictures away from completing 185000 photo blogs at I could post 20 pictures and complete it instantly but I savoring the moment in humility of being a blogger in my mind the blogger only gives it prose pictures or poetry.

Luckily bloggers have self moderation as their only tool , no editorial constrains.. we can post what we want , provided here at Flickr you need a Pro Account I have been lucky my 2 year Pro Membership was gifted to me by my patron now a family friend Dr Glenn Losack MD who loves India he calls Mother India as much as he loves his own country for him New York Manhattan and Mumbai Bhendi Bazar back lanes are synonymous with world peace.

And I hope and pray he makes it to Mumbai this year in the rains...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lalbaug is a prominent locality in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Lalbaug lies in the approximate centre of Mumbai, near Dadar and Parel, and has been a famous centre for get-together of Hindus during their festivals, especially Ganesh festival. there are prominent Ganeshotsav (Ganesh festival) organizations in and around Lalbaug, as well as many sculpture workshops. Before the Ganesh festivals, these workshops are flooded with various-sized statues of Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, which the people worship. Lalbaug also marks the centre of different mills in Mumbai that flourished during the British rule; The Kohinoor mill, the Finlay mill or the Morarjee mill, to name a few. At that time, most of the community worked in these mills, it was a major source of livelihood for a majority of them.

The following article is only about Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav mandal. There is lot more in Lalbaug.

The Mandal, formerly known as 'Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, Lalbaug' was founded in the year 1928,[1] because of a vow (Navas) for construction of the present Lalbaug Market at its existing place. The market place at Peru Chawl was shut down in 1932. Hence, the fishermen and vendors who used to sit in the open place vowed to Ganesha for permanent place for their market. With the consistent efforts and support of the then local Councillor-Late Shri. Kuwarji Jethabhai Shah, Dr. V. B. Korgaonkar, Shri. Nakhawa Kokam Mama, Bhausaheb Shinde, Dr. U. A. Rao and the local residents, the landlord Rajabai Tayyabali agreed to give a plot for construction of a market. As fulfillment of their wish, the fisherman and the traders established the Ganesh Idol on 12 September 1934. The idol was dressed in the customary fashion of fisherman. Since that day onwards, this Lord Ganesh has become popular as it fulfills the wishes of devotees. The Mandal was formed in the era when the freedom struggle was at its peak.

Due to the communal riots in 1946, orders were issued to change the route of this Ganesh Immersion Procession. But, the then office-bearers of the Mandal refused to change the route and, after 21 days, the procession was taken by the same route under the supervision of then Volunteers Pandurang alias Babu Sayle, M. S. Pawar and Dattaram Joshi. After independence, the agenda of the Mandal was modified and accordingly the Mandal decided to contribute in uplift of the Country. The Mandal donated its balance amount to the Kasturba Fund, the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Fund in 1947 and to Bihar Flood Relief Fund in 1959. The social issues were also highlighted in the plots during Ganesh Festival.

During Silver Jubilee Year 1958, two different plots viz. 'Geeta Upadesh' and 'Kaliya Mardan' were set for 5 days each. In this Silver Jubilee year, eminent speakers such as M. L. Patil, Honorable Minister of Bombay State, Honorable Ganapatrao Tapase, Honorable Govindrao Adik, Honorable Maloji Nimbalkar, Municipal Corporator Dr. Narvane, Govinrao Mahashbde, Dy. Editor Navakaal, Vasantrao Kate, Govardhandas Mapara of Kamgar Seva Sadan, Kakasaheb Tambe, delivered speeches.

After 1958, the number of devotees of Lalbaugcha Raja increased substantially. Hence, in 1960, the entertainment programmes and speeches were discontinued. In the same year, 'Navaratri Utsav' was started and the programmes were organized during Navaratri Festival. These transitions were carefully and neatly carried out by Chandrakant Khadye, Chunilal Rathod, Pranjivan Mehta and Shankar More. During this period, Late Shri. Shamraom V. Bodhe handed over the Hanuman Temple to the Mandal.

During 1948 to 1968, the Mandal started some new traditions like 'Shri Satyanarayan Mahapooja', 'Pan-supari Samarambha (Get Together Function)'. The Get Together Function is the ceremony of felicitation by offering roll of betel leaf with betel nuts, known as Pan-Supari in Marathi. During this get together, eminent personalities of different fields, office bearers of various mandals and well-wishers are invited. This creates a friendly atmosphere for co-ordination and exchange of views for better performance of the festival and helps in improving relation among various mandals. In this manner, the mandal established a warm relationship with some mandals of Kumbharwada, Durgadevi Duncan Road, Kamathipura, Khetwadi, Navi Amrutwadi, etc. The participation of local mandals at night, was started to control heavy number of devotees.

During 1934 to 1968, Kunwarji J. Shah, Dr. V. B. Korgaonkar, H. B. Korgaonkar, Dr. U. A. Rao, Dr. Manju Madar, Ramchandra Tawate, B. D. Bandekar, Raghunath Khamkar, Pranjeevan Mehta, Rambali Halwai, Ram Jadhav were mainly responsible for development of the Mandal. The amount accumulated from the Mandal activities was mainly used for development of the nation. Mandal did its bit by contributing to the National Fund during floods at Bihar in 1959 and during the wars in 1962 and 1965.

In 1969, new generation came up with wide view under the leadership of Late Shri Vasantrao Bhosale. Space requirement arose due to great extent of workload of the Mandal. In 1970, renovation of the Hanuman Temple was proposed. Accordingly, the renovation work was commenced in 1971 and completed in 1973, along with a new office for the Mandal. In 1975, Idol of Amba Mata (Goddess Amba) was established in the temple and the religious duties of Navratri festival were carried out in the temple, thereafter.

Since 1976, a part of the balance amount of the Mandal was deposited as 'Shikshan Imarat Nidhi'.

It is the first mandal who contributed Rs.1 Lakh to the 'Army Central Welfare Fund', in 1999 for the families of the soldiers who scarified their lives to uphold the dignity of the Nation at Kargil and the same was handed over to then Governor of Maharashtra State, Dr. P.C. Alexander.

Visarjan Tarafa: Traditionally the Ganesh idols are immersed in water during its Visarjan. Hence in order to immerse the idol of Lalbaugcha Raja, Mandal always takes proper precautions so that the visarjan takes place in a manner the Raja deserves. Accordingly, after consulting some experts and experienced persons, Mandal has purchased a Tarafa (Iron Raft), which makes it possible to dissolve the idol of Lalbaugcha Raja in deep sea water, conveniently. The Tarafa is prepared by M/s. A.V. Engineering.
[edit] Present day

Shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja Is a Spiritual High

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This year I shot the last segment of the Lalbagh Chya Raja thanks to Vikram Rajendra Dharankar a Facebook friend , he saved me from being trampled by the crowds I had an injury on my leg but he placed me close to the Gates of Lalbagh Chya Raja and saw I got the best pictures .. this is my tribute to a very dear friend.. I am indebted to his friendship..

And it is friends like him , karyakartas volunteers devotees that help me on my long walk with the Raja barefeet from Lalbagh to Girgaum Chowpatty the following day.. in the wee hours of the morning.

every year
he calls me
to his court
his kingdom
love devotion
no visa
no passport
lalbagh chya
raja mumbais
only heavenly resort
every year
i follow him
with his
their blessings
their support
during ramzan
they give me
to break my fast
his mahima
through pictures
i report
being a hindu
or a muslim
is not as
as having
a good rapport
gulal merriment
joy happiness
to the beats
of the drums
a moments rolls

Mysticism And The Hijras Are Two Sides of The Same Coin

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When I first set out as a photographer I showed my contact sheets to a so called eminent photographer at my camera club he looked at the shit I had shot monkeys hijras beggars and he said I was directionless and my pictures made no sense , they were an eye sore I hated him but than today .. his words have helped me I shoot what others may not like to shoot and so in a way for me as a photographer it has been a very long journey I moved away from the analogue world from salons from camera clubs and sat under the Bodhi Tree of the Blog... sharing the light with all of you.

I branched out became a blogger at Buzznet Blogspot Wordpress and finally rested at than came Twitter and Facebook..this is my final journey..and my Pro membership at Flickr is a gift from a brilliant photographer Dr Glenn Losack MD now family and teacher of Marziya Shakir 3 year old worlds youngest street photographer.

Marziya Shakir shoots with Glenns D 80..that he presented her.. as her Hanuukkah offering.

Ok back to my journey I began shooting Shiasm Hinduism Nagas Sadhus and through Fahad Pathan Sakib hitched myself on the Rafaee bandwagon , through the Chancawalli Rafaees went up to Haji Malang met Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my hijra friend of many years and began shooting the hijras in earnest with her guidance and blessings later to save my ass getting beaten for shooting hijras she made me her chela.. she became my Guru two a few years back..

Because of her I shot the All India Hijra Samelan Park Site Vikroli.. never looked back and took a domain name Hijdaeuncublog and began mu blogs at Wordpress 2008.. I have hidden the blogs from public view at Wordpress and surrendered my domain name too yesterday.

Ajmer bought me closer to Sufism and the Hijra mystique I discovered the connection after a dream at Ajmer I was beckoned barefeet to the grave of the Hijra Saint and his biological son close to Taragadh..

And than I was invited to the Chautha of late Hijra Naik Raginijis memorial service and the thirst increased I met so many hijras and one thing led to the other.

My benefactors my patrons besides Laxmi were Ma Madhurima hijda head of Park Site Vikhroli and her chela Baby in the picture with Zanjirwale Bawa , without these two I would have never reached this far in Hijra documentation...

Both love me feed me at Haji Malang or Ajmer they treat me like their child I gained their trust and later the trust of the Delhi hijras thanks to Gopal Haji of Najafgarh.

I got close to the Hijra Bawas the Sada Suhagins.. and the Ardh Nari Nareshwars..

The hijras and mysticism go hand in hand ..hijras have powerful energy cosmic force they heal they ease out the pain in man..I know hijras I did not take pictures who with their spiritual endurance can touch a piece of wood and make it bleed like a human being..

Yes I have come a very long way.. despite my moderation my own trials tribulations..and I am at home with the hijras I think they are loners like me though they appear gregarious extrovert and what not..

I meet hijras I have to meet hijras I will meet hijras the hijras and I too are connected in our respective mysticism..this is known as Hijra Vardan.. the power to connect with hijras as and when be it the Devadasis the Yellama and other spirtual hijras..

I met a Wahabbi Hijra too he follows the Whabbi ideolgy but is a eunuch by choice he has done the Haj Umrah..this is his aberration and he tells me God will forgive him.. I have no issue I dont play God.

I met the Shia hijras too all caught in the throes of their androgynous sexuality what has their sexuality got to do with me ..I like shooting hijras and they like me shooting them ... being a poet makes it more easier shooting their pain.

I have shot hijra eunuch children..and my hijra documentary is my personal take I dont sell my pictures or text..I have shot hijras in brothels in the hijra cages with respect and the dignity of their profession.

And honestly when I set out or do meet a hijra I know it is a auspicious day for me..I have not yet shot the Eunuch festival at Koovagam but I dont regret I shoot the hijras almost every day week.. so I am missing nothing.

This too was a blank post...I filled in the blanks

Ajmer Sharif Where Besides God Also Peace Lives

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a sublime moment
everlastingly lives
because he is
more human than
we are he
forgives but
he is godly
through his
he gives
a blessing
no just as
but as
we co exist
god is great
peace is bliss

Kyon Ki Par Hamare Tute Hue Hain.. Sirf Arman Rakhte Hain

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ke sahare
rat din unki
galiyon main
bhatakte hain
jab woh hame
bulate hain
sar ke bal
unke dar pe
girte hain
ham hussain
ki chaukat
pe sajda
karte hain
kahan hai
hame pata nahi
lekin ham ajmer
ko bhi karbala
samjhte hain

I Have Blocked 602 People At Flickr

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Simply because they dont read my Flickr profile before adding me .. I cant ignore their request to get rid of them from my life I have to block them this one sided adding of friends or contact is the greatest curse as Flickr pro member ..
I have no problem with you sexual orientation your pictures but I want to be no part of you nothing personal..

I prefer Facebook contact request you add you Ignore or you remove them altogether with a click on you dont know the person.

But this is my constant never ending cry at

XXXX has added you as a contact.
Make them a contact too?


I have stopped adding transgender cross dressrs gays homosexuals with lewd photo streams and favorites as contacts completely I will block you with immediate effect.

Unauthorized use or reproduction of my pictures or text for any reason is prohibited ...


DO NOT ADD ME AS A CONTACT if you have tasteless masturbationally self-indulgent crap on your page!..find someone of your own kind dont subject me to blocking you - which I will if I see my thumbnail on your contacts page.




Poriborton, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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"Ya devi sarbabhuteshshu, sakti rupena sanksthita Namasteshwai Namasteshwai Namasteshwai namo namaha."

Kaushik Dutta
Amazing -13
CPM born on 1964 & came to power after 13 yrs in WB.
TMC born on 1998..........coming to power after 13 yrs (2011)
Counting Date: 13th May
Chief Minister= 13 letters
CPM leaving Bengal- 13th May

made the difference
in the End
the soul of
not god
only public
can bend
Mamta mother of all
motherhood the new
uptrend a poetic
thought of sweet victory
into the heart of a dead
force message sends
my people my land
i will defend
"Mahishashura Mardini"
a power god send
blessings transcend
for the first time
in West Bengal
a very happy

Long Live Poriborton
the end of CPM
a doomed dead end

Jesus Save Me From MTNL Broadband

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Your complaint has been booked .
Your docket number is 1453 thank you for using MTNL Broadband

Mr Tewary Gen Manager
MTNL Broadband
Mr Upadaya Dep Gen Manager
Bandra Reclamation
Mr Shyam Sundarji
Mr Jony
St Martins Road Bandra

My problems continue
unresolved my pain you
might not understand
MTNL Broadband
Nightmare on Demand
my son surrendered
his WIFI modem
his land line he could
not take it any longer
because you all
could not resolve
his problem
and ....I am now
the only one using
your services
so many complaints
my blogging hands
cut off by MTNL Broadband
so finally I plead
to Jesus to save me
before I too crash land
my pain first hand
at MTNL Broadband
beck and command
following the footprints
on quicksand bursting
my poets pituitary gland
a poem I end click
wont expand

I die everyday on facebook

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thank you randy i want to meet you once before i die its another thing i die every day on facebook..

i have a peculiar strange
relationship with facebook
i die everyday when
i log in my mouth
swollen jaws
rusty fish hook
luckily i am
on my own
poems to her
in the cauldron
of my mind
on a simmering stove
i need not cook
her friendship
for love i mistook
we fall in love
with the cover
before we read
the full book
my soul trembles
my inner being
surreptitiously shook
deleted doomed
from my poetry
her mind
soul she
a muse
the shining
of her charm
her divine look
from the soul
of her innocence
some good experiences
some good gracious
thoughts i partook
she in her corner
me in my nook
trying to change
for the better
my poetry
my pathos
my passion
my spiritual
my outlook

If The Hijra Wore A Hijab She Would Become Complete

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would know
the difference
in love and war
everyone cheats
the hijra in the hijab
the hijra complete
lovely curved arched
dainty feet as she
walked gracefully
with dignity
down the street
this poets poetry
missed a heart beat
a poem his soul wrote
his hands wont delete
mumbai summer
hot scorching heat
oh to be in mumbai
bitter and sweet
juicy pulpy tadgolas
as you squeeze
pop in your mouth
swallow and eat
what is left
the flesh will secrete
when you the hijra
in a hijab on crossroads
clandestinely meet

The Untouchable Hijra Veil

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she was untouchable
to every male
but i was an exception
being poet in search
of the holy hijra grail
she was a hijra mind you
but i treated her like
a goddess on my wings
of fancy 'she set sail
through the winding lanes
of my poetry
she followed
my trail
her pouted
pillow lips
sweltering hips
valley and dale
her heaving bosom
her crying cleavage
soft fleshy and frail
dusky siren
scared and pale
the hijras pain
the hijras tale
in the dark
on a creaking cot
her moans
her wails
she used her teeth
she used her nails
away at the
flesh of my
she left me
a single message
dont call me
dont send me mail
a love story
a figment
of my mind
on the roadside
a breach
in the wall
of love
i had tried
to scale

a tear
on the soul
of this poem
i failed
on the cross
of my poetry
i too was nailed

I wanna break free ... wannna break free ... FREEEEEEEE

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facebook is like a jail
you sit around waste time
have a profile picture
write on walls get poked
by girls guys
you dont really know

deactivate take a break and see
you still wont ever be free
facebook a virus that grows
.luckily you dont fall
in love as i do..
my pathos passion poetry
.. she has found shade
beneath someone else s tree..
so now i kill time writing
hijra poetry androgynous
anguish anomaly
hopes lost at sea
capsized moments
a raft grounded ashore
helplessly to be or
not to be a poet
in love or slave
to my fucked
bheja fry
brun maska
pani kam
chai jeeeeeee

inspired by a friend,,
with due apologies

The Hijra Niqab

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She thanked me for taking her pictures and her smile said so much .. and after almost an year I am giving vent to her feelings on a blank post..

ke apne hame
ek nayi zindagi di
ap ka lakh lakh
shukriya janab
hijde bhi akhir
aurat ki tarah
ek samandar hain
gherai aur sailab
mukaddar ke mare
girdgarati kismet
waqt kharab
halat ki behrehmi
aur begana dil betab


Heena, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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ek khoobsurat
ek khubsurat
ek khubsurat
ek khubsurat
lal lal gal
hua jam
chalakta hua
ek nam
ek sham
ek paigham

A Frozen Moment In Poetry

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she saw me
i saw her
set the soul
of my camera free
from a frozen moment
in poetry captive
but held imploringly
she might just flee
like a bullbul in
my perfumed garden
on the jambul tree
fleeting moments
wingless honey
nectar hungry bee
flowering on the soul
of my humility

a million times
she held me
like rain drops
melting me
a trembling door
of desire
my shaking knees
wet in the rains
outside shivering
a trembling lock
i had lost
the key

If Ticket Collectors Were Hijdas Corruption Would End .

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if hijdas
become politicians
they would be
the common
mans best friend
till the very end
free housing
free education
they would lend
cops would be honest
also hijdas our property
they would defend
no hafta no such trend

but being a fucked poet
i imagine dreams that
wont ever be reality
because poets
dreams into
reality dont blend
but yes a fucked system
in society the hijdas
could easily mend
and poets would be
hijda politicans
best boy friends
no 2g scams
no cwg all
scams corruption
out of the window
they would send
to a neighboring country
mother of all
who all absconding
back to India
would resend
might even hire our hijras
for their sovereignty
to defend be happy
be contend

A Pearl of Memories

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a string of pearls
reverberate endlessly
memories moments
now here now there
all gone dead as
quickly sadly
as they were born
like fair daffodils
before the early
morning dawn
a pain that
a film strip
of timelessness
a past tense and bygone
a cosmic line bisecting
imagination reality
that my fate on
my poetic consciousness
with a razor sharp
blade had drawn
two sides of
of my poetry
of pain
deleted doom
one sensitive
the other

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