Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

I am proud of the face God gave me I will not hide my profile behind a thumbnail.. and I hate people who add me here or at Flickr without the profile picture and without their bio.. I am not willing to be taken for granted before you add me tell me something about yourself..

I block such people I am blocking over 900 people at Flickr.com

Beggar Poets ..Enter Where Photojournalists Fear To Tread

they shoot
with their
high end cameras
they shoot with
eyes made of lead
but we beggars
shoot with our heart
with shivas eye
in the forehead
whatever ahead
barefeet on burning
embers as we tread
humility is the essence
of our photography
blood flowing
from the open
juicy red
its not the camera
inner passion
you have wed
so says the
wife when
we pillow talk
on the bed

Happy Maharashtra Day Unhappy Dry Day Happy Sunday

the greatest
on any feast day
or during election voting
counting votes time
by the way
is a eponymous
venomous dry day
when they lock up the
bars restaurants wine shops
throw the keys away
but dont worry every street corner
near yacht janta deepa it is easily
available they say as a parcel take away
even if the contents are nakli you are a bewda
you will fuckin drink it anyway i have gone
through the vicious cycle of alcoholism
it ran in my bloodstream every day,,
but hafta corruption scam is in our blood
how will it ever go away so bewda joints addas
call the dry day their all saints day
they pay get away...counterfeit booze zindabad
on the highway nothing more to add or say
games that our ministers play...holding
our balls at ranson..from the system
you just cant get away..

from a reformed teetotaler to the bewda a Happy Maharashtra Day..keep the change anyway..

Fiddler on the Roof ...

Our Jesus Is Baptized By Gutter Water Thanks To The Apathetic Bandra Municipality

Our Jesus Is Baptized By Gutter Water Thanks To The Apathetic Bandra Municipality

The East Indian House Bandra Bazar Road

The Bandra Of Old .. Will Soon Be Sold...More Precious Than Gold