Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bandra Where Hope Lives With Peace

The Eid Ul Adha Namaz At Bandra Station 2012

The Eid Ul Adha Namaz At Bandra Station 2012

This Is The Most Crowded Place In Bandra But On Eid.. There Is Peace Calm And Mutual Existence

I got a call from my guru Shreekant Malushte he was going to shoot Azad Maidan, he wanted me to come along but I shoot the namaz at Bandra firstly because it is close to my house , and above all the Muslims here dont object to photography, and are photographer friendly people , they dont beat the media if things go wrong for the Muslims spread in other parts of the world.

So I would not go to Azad Maidan.. and I have shot Eid Namaz once the volunteers get pushy, and even on a day like Eid forget the message of Peace And Brotherhood. Things might have changed now I dont know .. So I am all for Bandra more accessible and I get to meet a few of my old photographer friends.

I shot Durga Puja Durga visarjan back to back on a injured leg so my leg is in very bad shape and I shoot all religious events barefeet..

I shot the major part of the namaz from the Bandra skywalk,, and even the cops here give us respect , I give them respect by adding them to my frame and writing good things about them and even after what happened to their cadre at Azad Maidan they are more tolerant and dont hound us in reprisal, they all know I am a Muslim .. but thy all know I shoot all religion and promote peace but specially Hindu Muslim amity at all costs.. we are all Mumbaikars and Indians first and last.

So I shoot Bandra ..but would love to shoot namaz in derelict backgrounds or even the Jama Masjid Delhi or Taj Mahal Agra .. but I am enslaved to the soul of Mumbai so Mumbai it is.

The Eid Ul Adha Namaz At Bandra Station 2012

The Silent Wall of Faith And Devotion..

Satish Malavade The Humble Down To Earth Press Photographer

Photo Journalists And Bloggers May Have Different Visions But Have The Same Love For Humanity

Satish Malavade My Brother

The Beggar Poet Shoots The Eid Namaz

Kaun Hindu Kaun Musalman Ham Hain Do Bhai Sirf Insan

Bakra Eid Namaz At Bandra Station 2012

This morning barefeet I came to the Bandra Skywalk and shot the Eid Ul Adha namaz ..and I have shot this for almost 8 years too, it is held under the auspices of the Sunni Station Road Mosque.

This time there were not many photographers but my two favorite ones Pratik Koli and Satish Malavade .

After the namaz I walked through the back lanes of the Indiraji Nagar slums and shot a kurban in a hut.. and some in and around Bandra .

Our bakra is bought at Ebu butcher Noorani Mosque lane, we have it cut there and the meat bought home idea to bring the bakra at home shoot the slaughter with the grand kids was shot down by wife ...

Wishing all of you Happy Bakra Eid Mubarak, this is my new set at Flickr ..

Subir Mukerjee And Me

Eid Mubarak.. Another Happy Day For The Beggars of Mumbai

North Bombay Durga At Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach

Samrat Mukerjee With His North BombayDurga At Juhu Beach

Subirda ...My Dear Friend ..

Subir Mukerjee And Me At Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach

I was planning to leave Juhu beach I had shot enough , and my injured leg was hurting me , and I had just two memory cards left , as I was moving out I met Subir Mukerjee I share a great relationship with him having done all Govindas disco dresses for Rock Dancer directed by V Menon.

I met Samrat Mukerjee too and I had done his costumes too, so I decided to stay back and shoot the North Bombay Durga Visarjan, Debu Mukerjee was calling the shots getting everything organized on the beach.

And these are memories of a beautiful night my tribute to a Divine Mother , tribute to the Bengalis of Mumbai... and part of my 44000 Hindu Blogs on Hope and Hindutva .. a message of Peace Hope Harmony and Humanity ..United colors of my beloved Mumbai.

Ham Rah Gaye Akele...

Durga Visarjan Juhu 2012

My Durga Visarjan Story Wont End I Have Another 8 GB Card Where I Shot North Bombay Durga of the Mukerjees

Durga Visarjan Juhu 2012

Durga Visarjan Juhu 2012