Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#WakeUpAkhilesh The Cycle Needs To Be Repaired ..

raped murdered
hung from a tree
eyes accusingly
stare ..dead they
are still scarred
silent ..a pain
with you they
share ...a father
i am sure you
do care ..
victim of
by cosmic fate
ensnared ..
women in
uttar pradesh
are not raped
because of
what they wear
boys will be boys
make mistakes
even angels fear
to dare ..

Aye Dushmane Shabbir a,s Tere Peer Pe Lanat

Ae Dushmane Shabbir tere peer par laanat O enemy of Husain, may God curse your leader Tashreek per, tashkeek per, takfeer par laanat...