Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aye Gandu Popcorn Deta Kya Ke Doon Gand Ke Neeche

Pappa Mamma Got Drunk Made Love God Threw The Children From Above

In Their Dictionary There Is No Word Called Tomorrow

I Will Pierce My Cheeks One of These Days

The Beggar Poet ...

The Only Good Mumbai Road Is On The Beach...Unless You Can Avoid Dog And Human Shit

Film Stars Dogs Trying To Run Away From Indian Paparazzi ..

Death I Do Feel Thy Sting..

i hate flowers
i must say
they will mock me
when in my grave
i am laid
failed mortality
i could not trade
finally no light
nor shade
neither here
nor in Hades

dedicated to Mike ..mfophotos

Marziya Shakir 4 year old shoots the football marathon 2012

Football Marathon 2012 shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

Football Marathon 2012 shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

I Tried To Tweak My Soul From Color To Black And White

i gave up
hard as i tried
because blood
gives testimony
of our ancestral
heritage of pain
i cried . with
every slash
of the blade
i died
came back
to life re surging
the essence
of hussain
i could not hide
his silhouette
his spirituality
in its stride
by my humble
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
an echo of revolt
against yazidi
far and wide ..
a hindu shia
they call me
my humility
my motherland
my karbala
my pride

The Beggar Poet

The Beggar Poet

Marziya Shakirs Fish Tank

I bought this second hand tank from a good friend , and I nurtured it for Marziya Shakir who is on vacation.

It has plants all real, I give the plants CO2 tablets .. since a month but will now be using CO2 liquid from Nautilus Aqua Bandra .

Most of the plants fishes are from Nautilus and fishes and Amazons from Sweet Aquarium Bandra SV road..

The Albino frog is from Loony Dunes Juhu ..

The Ghost Fish Silver Sharks are from Chand bhai who has his pet shop near Khar Masjid SV Road.

The new overhead filter I got through Olyx almost brand new for Rs 500 Bayou.

In all I have 3 filters ..I spent Rs 500 on fertilizer pack from Nautilus.

I have mollies tetras barbs tinfoil barb denisonis .. guppies and suckers too..the mortality is almost nil..

I change 25% water every week .. I use tap water or well water .. I use a dechlorinator in the tap water ..