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Live Like Ali Die Like Hussain

Allaahummal'an Qatalatal Ameeril Momeneen

Allaahummal'an Qatalatal Ameeril Momeneen, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. chants of ya ali moulah
hyder maulah rend the air
the shias of mumbai
on the enemies
killers of ali and hussain
a war declare
allahummanalan qatalatal
ameeril momeeneen
an ancestral pain they share
collectively binding shias
to make them aware
our heritage of pain
our resurgence
through the dark pages
of history
that we bare
nade ali words
without borders
our spiritual prayer
our shia souls
that rabid yazidiyat
could not ensnare
hussain humanity's
rightful heir
live like ali
die like hussain
into the eyes of despair
a thought that
gives them nightmares
hussainiyat our souls welfare
our chldren's children
to a path of righteousness
as we prepare

Allaahummal'an Qatalatal Ameeril Momeneen

Thank You Biz Stone

Thank You Biz Stone, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 94,326 items / 576,727 views


We'd like to let you know about our new Terms of Service. As Twitter
has evolved, we've gained a better understanding of how folks use the
service. As a result, we've updated the Terms and we're notifying
account holders.

We've posted a brief overview on our company blog and you can read the
Terms of Service online. If you haven't been by in a while, we invite
you to visit Twitter to see what else is new.


These updates complement the spirit of Twitter. If the nature of our
service changes, we'll revisit the Terms as necessary. Comments are
welcome, please find the "feedback" link on the Terms of Service page.

Biz Stone, Co-founder
Twitter, Inc.

Reliving the Pain of Imam Ali 21 Ramzan

Taboot of Imam Ali

Taboot of Imam Ali, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. All pictures of this set on Flickr only..

Ma Tujhe Salam

Ma Tujhe Salam, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The little Shia kids gain from the tutorial of their faith and its spirituality thanks to mothers like this lady, juloos , processions are the learning school of Shia Life..towards the path of Hussainiyat.

Our mothers sisters aunts grand parents are the corner stone of our Faith and its core strength..very soon this little kid will be cutting his back open , his head ready for kama matam.. yes these moments of Shia pain he will always remember , and in his eyes you can see the bright spark of Hussainiyat the Shia Way of Peace ..

The greatest teacher of Life is our Mother ..and through her I pay tribute to all Shia mothers the bulwark of our children's growth in all aspects of his or her personality.

Among the Shia mother , my mother is dead and gone I respect Mrs Yusuf Nasser whose feet I touch, she is mother of my friends Habib and Baqar Nasser ..I see my own mother in her eyes , she treats me like her own and I ca…

21 Ramzan Mumbai 2009

21 Ramzan Mumbai 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 94,295 items / 576,603 views

This morning at about 3.30 am I left for town to shoot the Juloos of 21 Ramzan at Zainabia which ends at Imamiya Masjid ..
21 Ramzan is the day of the Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali cousin of the Holy Prophet of Islam and his son in law.. who married his only daughter Princess Fatimah mother of Hassan and Hussain.
Hazrat Ali is the Fourth Caliph of Islam and the first Imam of the Shias..he is the quintessential soul of Shiasm.

I have never shot this before , and this is my new series at Flickr..I shot this barefeet and in spiritual austerity, no jewelery on my person , no turban just me and my camera the Shias of Mumbai all dressed in mourning..attired in black.

After a Majlis at Zainabia by sibling Athar Saab , the taboot made a round of the hall and than made its way on to the streets followed by hordes of weeping crying chest beating humanity..outside Zanabia the flagellation began, kama m…

Facebook Lights My Fire

Facebook Lights My Fire, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

The world's biggest social networking site has launched a slimmed-down version for people with slow or poor internet connections.

Facebook has said the Lite site will be faster and simpler because it offers fewer services than the main site.

Initially it is meant to support users in developing countries and where bandwidth constraints make the current version too slow to use.

At the moment it is only available in India and the US.

The company said around 70% of its more than 250 million users were from outside America. Countries in Southeast Asia and Europe are seeing a massive increase in growth where fast internet connections are more common.

News that Facebook was testing the Lite site was first leaked in August.


The options on Facebook Lite are limited to letting users write on their wall, post photos and videos, view events and browse other p…