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I Respect All Religion But Durga Debris On The Beach Is A Greater Desecration

Those who immerse Goddess Durga go away .. after the festivities but all the Pandals that bring Durga for Immersion should hire  people  and see that Durga is duly respected with her remains collected and removed accordingly ,, Our Municipality believes only in Lakshmi as Money and not as Durga .

During Ganesh Visarjan everybody from college kids to school kids come to clean Juhu Beach but sadly I have not seen the same respect for Lord Ganeshas mother ,, Jai Ambe Mata Gauri or Goddess Durga..

As a Muslim as a concerned Indian I feel at loss as a poet it hurts me and over the years I have never shot Goddess Durga in this state , it would be insulting my own Mother and her Motherhood.

Please do something ..Durga Visarjan should mean respect and not leaving the Mother in this state of Neglect .

I would never hurt another mans religion or I would not be shooting pictures at all.. this is with great pain I took this shot to bring a message home to all of you and authorities concerned ..

Story Of Bajrang Juhu Tourist Photographer

First there were just a few photographers on Juhu Beach ..Mumbais premier Tourist spot for locals living in the suburbs and those from Indias hinterland , Tourist buses bring them in hordes ,.people star eyed hoping to see Sharukh Khan or Salman Khan or even Alia Bhatt jogging on this Filmy beach.

Now there are 300 photographers on Juhu Beach , most of them know me as I come here during the Hindu feasts Ganesh Durga Visarjan and Chhat Puja .

Yesterday while I was waiting clueless for the Ramkrishna Mission Durga to arrive I passed my time clicking people on the beach and than I met Bajrang who was admiring my Canon 7D .

Bajrang is a North Indian Bhaiyya from Gorakhpur about 23 years old , his relatives are vegetable sellers he stays with them , he learnt photography watching others and bought a camera on loan from his relatives .He has been shooting on the beach for last 15 years , he did not tell me how much he earns ..but feast days like the Immersion of  Lord Ganesha and Goddess D…