Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whose Fault Is It That They Are Begging On The Streets

for food
to eat
when you meet
dirty smelling
barefeet ,, have
they had a bath
shitting peeing
on the roads
but always
with broad
smiles they
greet hoping
you will offer
them some
biscuits or
some sweets
born to beg
from the time
they were
their cosmic
fate to be
born in a family
of drunks losers
they could not cheat

children of a lesser god
a vicious circle incomplete
facing agony torture incestuous
rape souls in defeat their good
luck hurriedly in retreat ,,,

Welcome To Mumbai The Happy City Of Diggers

here  in our city
every agency
be it MTNL
Reliance Power
Tata Power
Private Cable
4G Gas Guys
love to Dig
Dig Dig
Make Holes
Like Craters
On Mars
Gigantic Big
Unlike Unnao
Where The
Guys Dug
For Ancient
We Dig
For Pleasure
Such Magic
For The
Real Tragic
In Digging
no one
can lick
If they dont
Dig they will
fall sick ,,,
the Municipal
Pricks ,,
who search
the holes
for Golden

Home Is Where You Make It

no appliances
no roof above
the head
bed bedspread
when the cops
came hurriedly
they fled welcome
to mumbai citys
living dead .
leftover food
they are fed
stray dogs
stray cats
crows are
much happier
than them
instead ..
people have
feelings for
animals but
not for poor
a thought my
mind read

Having A Camera Is Fine ,, Are You Shooting Pictures Or Memories

every shot i take
a dying moment
i freeze moments
that he gave on
 lease moments
 that will soon be
gone forever with
 the oncoming
breeze if you are
merely shooting
snap shot like
pictures you
dont need to
shoot memories
of those who are
dying already dead
departed gone from
their living breath
a moment you seized

god is great god is pleased
the whiff of a dying soul in
the air you released ..

I Shoot What Others Have No Time To Shoot

When Is Your Friend Alex Going Come To Mumbai To Have His Ears Cleaned

he inquisitively
curiously questioned me
about alex my american friend
who wants both his ears cleaned
for rs 20 surely ,,at bandra talao
that will be refurbished finally
that was once inaugurated by
ms Priya Dutt our ex MP with
a boyishly smiling Ex MLA Baba
Siddiqui..and again re inaugurated
by our brand new Advocate Ashish
Shelar MLA of BJP ...than I wondered
where will the ear cleaners go , the pigeon
feeder the night malishwalas who give
champee ..those gambling dudes waiting
for long bhada away from their taxis ,,
the drug addicts who sleep here shit and pee
the bandra talao wonders to be or not to be
will it really be refurbished lets wait and see
maybe another long wait .. such is progress
that fights with development politically ,,

Swach Bandra ..a long way from Tipperary

As A Street Photographer We Make The World Of Poor Beggars Visible

the impoverished dog
searching for a companion
found the little beggar boy
who picked him up placed
him on his frail shoulders
like a toy.. dogs will be dogs
boys will be boys the
turner road traffic signal
the honking cars the noise
at the circumferential
periphery of a rich mans
world ,, the poor kids laugh
with joy together rejoice

poems via pictures this beggar
poets only voice ,,,on the soul
of beggary tears wet and moist