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The Hijra With The Pouted Lips

The Hijra With The Pouted Lips, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,716 items / 620,561 views

poignant pathos
a heart beat skips
pendulous movements
of her hips
the hijra with the
pouted lips
her inner pain
in a micro chip
her elusive hopes
as they rise and dip
feminine fragility
held to a hair clip
layer after layer
her clothes
they will strip
a libidinous lechery
they will unzip
a record in motion
they will flip
holding her
in a snake like grip
passionate lashings
of a whip
the hijra
her life of sexual hardship
embedded in the soul
of a filmstrip
man to man
a dichotomous courtship
an androgynous amorphous
strange kinship
round and round
a one way trip
the hijra playing to
the gallery
without a script

The Final March

The Final March, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,713 items / 616,120 views

in days of old
the spirit of freedom
was a torch
held high
service sacrifice
for the country
was the only cry
every man
for the nation
willing to die
things have changed
as time went by
now selling off the nation
is the politicians reply
mega bucks in kick backs
telgi scam every kind of con
by the next guy
towers reaching
god in the sky
the poor man
living in a pigsty
divide and rule
as they their trade
of hate bigotry ply
religion in the hands
of brokers who
hateful means apply
brother against brother
no outcry
while the nation bleeds
the defeated soul
lets out a sigh

Tears on The Soul of Meena Bazar

Tears on The Soul of Meena Bazar, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,716 items / 618,549 views

Muslims love killing Muslims
by far
destabilizing the Peace
of the world a state of war
blood shed on a ripped door
a human tragedy guts and gore
bodies strewn on a wounded
floor misplaced martyrdom
via a bomb
placed in a car
tears on the soul of meena bazar
on the collective conscience
of Islam yet another scar
a bleeding crescent
of times that are
misplaced jehad
a lost cause
of a fallen star
a mothers womb
an unborn child
his memoir

Street Photography and God

Street Photography and God, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,713 items / 616,718 views

This was shot last evening from a moving rickshah that was taking me to Juhu to shoot the Chhat Puja 2009..I saw this as fast as fast can be,, and call it rapid reflex, I had her in my camera power ,entrapped forever.. a fleeting moment frozen as street photography.

I shoot as is were is basis, I will get a picture , a picture too has its own destiny..if I was destined to shoot it..

About Chhat Puja , I dont know if I was really in a mood of mind to shoot it , I was under terrible stress , I am relocating my shop , and nothing was falling in place, everything was against me , and my slow recovery due to viral fever, but I left it to the Almighty whose travel brochures I shoot free of charge..I promote his universal spirituality , I promote the diverse culture of my country..without seeking gain or profit or a room with a view in Heaven..and God does take care of me in more way…

The Chakka's Last Sigh

The Chakka's Last Sigh, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,681 items / 616,038 views

they say
boys will always be boyz
but an exceptional to the rule
a nubile body a feminine voice
serendipitous sexuality
androgynous poise
hail the hijra
castrated calamity
tears on turquoise
hijra by fate hijra by choice
man as hijra reborn rejoice
woman like mans playful toy
a silent soliloquy among
grass root noise
missing vagina
testicular tragedy
hopes gone moist

Mr Sanjay Nirupam and Me At Chhat Puja 2009

Mr Sanjay Nirupam and Me At Chhat Puja 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,348 items / 615,278 views

I start a new set at my Flickr photo stream, Chhat Puja 2009 ..I shot it this evening, barefeet dressed like a tiger cub no pun intended...the latest flavor and statement post election in Maharashtra.

I shot from end of the beach to another,Mr Sanjay Nirupams podium was very grand and awesome, the entire crowd was watching the song recital from the beach, I met him took a few frames and left..

I have been shooting the Chhat Puja Festival from the time Mr Sanjay Nirupam placed it on the festival map of Mumbai in a very big way.

I have tried never to miss this festival , and today I was in real bad shape I have not recovered from my viral fever but I made it to the beach...overriding all odds.

About Chhat Puja from Wikipedia

Chhath (Hindi: छठ, also called Dala Chhath) is an ancient Hindu festival dedicated to Surya, the chief solar deity, unique to Bihar, Jharkhand a…

Was God Incapable of Creating a Hijra !

Was God Incapable of Creating a Hijra !, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,347 items / 614,823 views

creating man was easy , creating woman was a bit complicated and god would have a gone a step ahead but time was short , far too short and creating the hijra god left to man , man engineered the hijra through his restless angst..the hijra is the most exotic creature holding two entities within one...

man created the hijra from his androgynous soul with an amorphous form, delicate, yet strong, the hijra is a born dancer the best in the world...they have mastered the technique pirouetting their lithe bodies on fire wind or air..

since the time i began shooting hjras i captured their fairy tale persona on wings..the most beautiful moments of a mujrewali hijra , is when she begins her make up, they would put the greatest stylist to shame,the transformation is poetry, than she enters the privacy of the kotha , kissing the floor , while the musicians begin their piece , …

Thank You Ya Khuda - Break Dance of Democracy Ends

Thank You Ya Khuda - Break Dance of Democracy Ends, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,345 items / 614,282 views

Mr Baba Siddiqui erstwhile sitting MLA Mumbai Congress I/ NCP combine , won from the Vandre Constituency with a very slender margin defeating Advocate Ashish Shelar , since the results were announced there was some inter party skirmishes but the immediate arrival of the Mumbai Police saw calm and a greater calm prevailed at Bandra Bazar Road..basically it is vested interest bent on disturbing the canvas of peace of Bandra the Queen of Suburbs.

I did not shoot any pictures and thanks to the presence of the cops who were near my shop, there was a total ban on bursting of the Congress Party NCP are back at the helm..let them bring constructive hope and solve the grievances of all concerned.

I met Advocate Ashish Shelar BJP who thanked me for shooting his rally..and hoped better luck in the next hustings and had the best regards for the winning c…

Big Boss Are You Listening

Big Boss Are You Listening, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,344 items / 614,262 views

Its High Time they bought Laxmi Narayan Tripathi to the Big Bosses House bad memories erase ..She is Adab, Tehzeeb Deportment Charm and God given Grace..Beauty Brains and a Beautiful Face ..Hijda Goddess Queen of her Race ...She gives the other gender ample space , on national TV - respect culture she would showcase..
Beyond caste color or creed this human phenomenon people from all over the world will eagerly embrace..give her a chance the rest of the bunch she will outrace..and outpace..

If Wishes Were Horses Politicians Would Ride

If Wishes Were Horses Politicians Would Ride, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,343 items / 613,680 views

22 October 2009
your vote
will decide
who wins
who loses
who falls
by the side
amchi mumbai
our beloved city
already sucked dried
another round
of unfinished
your insides
false promises
false hopes
in the past
they have lied
when the city
was taken for
by terrorists
they slept
kicking our guts
our Indian pride
the city burn
from the ringside
martyred policemen
innocent dead
unnecessarily died
we put a terrorist on trial
a reality show world wide
justice a lady blind eyed
politics corruption
often go side by side
new schemes
to squeeze the poor
the builders lobby
waiting eagerly
for the returns
on the crores
they supplied
politics is purely about
money power
jo jeeta woh sikandar
more bodyguards
for themselves
for the miserable poor
well god will provide
as for mumbai
totally shanghaied

The Winding Trail..

The Winding Trail.., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,342 items / 611,516 views

her world
the winding
from one house
to another
from one shop
to the other
her destiny
her tale
macho society
the poor Muslim
woman has failed
with tired legs
they want her
to scale
the death of
her hopes
lies the hard hearted
Muslim Male
for self respect
house arrested
in a jail

I shoot the sorrow of the Muslim female and this is not about the hijab, I have nothing against the hijab, my family wears it,.it is her unchanged life . of pain and despair..

Waiting For Good Days To Come

Waiting For Good Days To Come, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,342 items / 611,433 views

strings of silence
we strum
a silhouette
a poem
of good days
hide and seek
as our
soul goes numb
bollywoods most wanted
from filmdom
an eternity
of sartorial
ad naseum
the call of uhuru
of individual
the mind
the flesh
a matrix
of confusion
for flowers
that wont blossom
a drowning straw
of good days
to come

dedicated to nabila khanam

The Cat's Tragic Diwali Tale

The Cat's Tragic Diwali Tale, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,299 items / 610,695 views

lighting the path
all over bazar road
nobody heard his wail
crackers tied
to his tail
the human
festive season
to regale
his soul
with extreme
they did nail
smoke fire to inhale
happy diwali
to you and yours
after a few
hits views
this pedestrian story
will soon become stale
this is his calm
his patience
in detail
as he sits
the next diwali
the cat
with a lizards
cut tail
from a thumbnail

I saw this cat in the morning near my shop, as the lady who feeds cats pointed out his misery to me, I called for my camera and shot a few frames.

The Hijra's Second Chance

The Hijra's Second Chance, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,298 items / 610,577 views

on shards of glass
on embers of coal
they dance
wanting society
to accept them
as humans
they deserve
a second chance
man loving man
ardh nari nareshwar
a spiritual romance
a few coins
thrown at their face
not even
a kindly glance
miscarriage of birth
karma in a trance
a beggars bowl
no advance
a deadwood future
the state wont finance

dedicated to Kalki Subramaniam.. my facebook friend..activist and a lot more..

Hijra The Missing Link

Hijra The Missing Link, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,298 items / 610,577 views

two parallel lines
on the brink
hijra the
missing link
no voter rights
neither man nor woman
a system
to hoodwink
a finger
without ink
into the depths
of depravity
they sink
begging alms
their androgynous souls
a poison
day in day out
they drink
the filth
the stench
the stink
like the aravanis
of Tamil Nadu
blessed by God
and the State
mai baap
at sachivalya
too must rethink
better opportunities
jobs in sync
the hijras are human
ghungroos on their feet
on the soul of androgyny
as they clink
basic rights that shrink
broken headlights
that blink
born a man
he chose the color

a link sent by Stephe Androgyne online

Daily News & Analysis, India

Eunuch seeks right to vote in Maharashtra Assembly polls


Sunday, September 13, 2009 11:53 IST

Mumbai: An eunuch has moved the Maharashtra State Human Rig…

Sweet Memories of Childhood

Sweet Memories of Childhood, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,295 items / 609,961 views

Sweet Memories
of childhood
a time very good
touch wood
a path
to truth
as saintly
as spiritual
as sainthood
the best
passage of our life
under the grace
protective shadow
of godhood

Diya Jale

Diya Jale, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,288 items / 609,630 views

somewhere far away
someone has something
to say through
the silence of her soul
lighting the darkness
on the way like
a little
diya made of clay
roshni de aur khud jale
stream lighting
hope without word play
of lost moments gone astray
in the wilderness of a lonely mind
searching for happiness everyday

Happy Diwali Greetings From Marziya Shakir

Happy Diwali Happy New Year To All Of You

Happy Diwali Happy New Year To All Of You, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,274 items / 609,005 views

To all my friends , readers well wishers , fellow bloggers , photographers , poets
at Flickr, Facebook, Twitter , Wordpress , Blogspot, Orkut, Live Journal, Vox,Tumbler, Fotothing, Webshots, Scribd, Posterous.



#twitterrules, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,273 items / 608,871 views

among dumb broads
couch potatoes
gum chewing mules
kids bunking
a tweet
the soul
of a lonely planet
micro blogging
a peaceful
instrumental tool
on toadstools
to various nodules
going round and round
in a minds whirlpool
the foolish man wiser
the wise man fool
yet holding
on to his family

Marziya and The Little Man of Bandra

Marziya and The Little Man of Bandra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. marziya
watches the
flip side of life
as it unfolds
first appu
the limbless man
now hyder khan
short and bold
flexible mold
out on the streets
living in the cold
shop pamphlets
of discount sale
on hill road
or used by the politicians
as a human clown
to entertain the
young and old
break dance
of democracy
a path

to glenn losack

Colors of Mutual Hope and Harmony

Colors of Mutual Hope and Harmony, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,271 items / 607,363 views

different hues
different shades
different colors
side by side
living in peace
why cant we
black white
indigenous brown
with each other
like a hateful
within our blood
that god gave
as single
to you and me

to randall der joel
my Canadian brother in Peace

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,225 items / 607,208 views

1. A stunt in which one spins the cylinder of a revolver loaded with only one bullet, aims the muzzle at one's head, and pulls the trigger.
2. An act of reckless bravado.

Russian Roulette
from my head
in the spiders net
google searching
for Marziya
on the internet
at Flickr
a story board a set
a two day old baby
her journey
you wont forget
the course of my life
forever in her debt
no tear of regret

Raped In Her Sleep

Raped In Her Sleep, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. does anyone care
her life her misery
her despair her agony
drunk asleep
a tragic comedy
one comes
pushes himself
into her warmth
goes away happily
than comes the druggie
pushes into her forcefully
while her child
watches haplessly
this is the dark side
of mans ignominy
casting his evil spell
to be or not to be
seminal words
re echoing a sordid
a film reel
that goes on and on

Mere Pas Ma Hai..

Mere Pas Ma Hai.., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,187 items / 606,876 views

mother dead drunk and asleep
giving birth to children
easy and cheap
lost promises
she need not keep
while her child
in the public garden
takes a tarzans leap
mere pas ma hai
says the child
on a garbage heap
molten tears
on the pavement seep

Emigration Check Not Required

Emigration Check Not Required, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,177 items / 606,856 views

Bollywood Struggler
helpless homeless and tired
emigration check not required
his services soon will be hired
from every job each time he his fired
main hindustani an immunity acquired
amitji sharukh bhai se hai inspired
his time will come he is sure of that
for his grit and determination admired
to his celluloid dreams totally wired
if not a film star than a light man
or a dress man or a a spot boy
as fate will conspire ..
a shelf life that will never expire

Jesus Watches The Pain Of Man

Jesus Watches The Pain Of Man, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,150 items / 606,722 views

in his courtyard
standing in
long serpentine
line they wait
to cast their vote
that will change
a politicians fate
with great promises
in his speeches
he used his
line and bait
hook and sinker
no weight
with his vote
he will get
more wealth
on his plate
while the voter
in a fools paradise
in an unending
miserable state
for a ride by
a ballot box
his future
in like
over ripe
in a crate

I Cast My Vote For a Better Tomorrow

I Cast My Vote For a Better Tomorrow, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,146 items / 606,722 views

i cast my vote
for a better tomorrow
kapda roti aur makan
beyond pedestrian sorrow
his vote the politician
need not borrow
when he dies
his useless body
will be carried
on a wheel barrow
an aborted flight of misery
of a wingless

Andhen Kisko Vote Kare

Andhen Kisko Vote Kare, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. adnhen kisko
vote kare
sabka malik ek
kiska hath dharen
salon se
raste par
yuhin hin
se kya laden
ped kya dega phal
kha gaye jaden

to ray framroze
my childhood friend

God Did Not Vote This Time

God Did Not Vote This Time, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,037 items / 606,524 views

god busy
bringing relief
to people all over
did not vote
this time
in protest
who for the welfare
of his people
dont care a dime
his people suffer
rising electric bills
rising taxes
rising cost of
living dead
in his lifetime
long live crime
says a nexus
of leaders and criminals
every time
as the bells chime
his people
becoming old tired
in their prime
children begging
on the streets
no school time
on the backs
of a single vote
to vidhan sabha
of success
the candidate
the poor man
for his life
in the meantime

Break Dance of Democracy

Break Dance of Democracy, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,036 items / 606,524 views

I bring my elections documentary to its climax with a new set at Flickr titled Break Dance of Democracy ...I left home this morning at 8 am to cast my vote at St Stanislaus School..making sure that I had deposited my camera to the watch man at St Peters Church..I carried my Bandra Samachar Press Card..

I am 55 years old and do not possess a Voters card, I had applied for it but have not received it as yet, though my wife and son Saif Shakir are the only ones who got it in my family..

I carried my pan card and cast my vote .. the time I reached the polling booth the turnout was very poor , just a few dozen people mostly Christians and Bohras two communities that are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Well I think people will come post noon , all shops at Bazar Road are closed , my shop is closed too, I will resume work after 2pm.

I shot party members sitting all over Bandr…

Go And Make Your Vote Count

Go And Make Your Vote Count, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.
go out and make your
vote count
13 october
election day
8 am to 5 pm
fixed determination
no discount
from the horse
of your laziness
time to dismount
with your
take the
into account
no one can buy
your vote
whatever amount
the politicians
dread another
an attack
on a sucked
to surmount

At the age of 55 years I have yet to get my voters card like a chappati on the tawa burnt dark brown those who issue the voter card gone out of cast their vote in their hometown...democracy weeps face down.. as it waits for the final count down, party .heads in line for Maharashtra's crown

Vote You Must

Vote You Must, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,035 items / 606,379 views

in liberty
truth you
wake up
to the call of
however hard
you have to adjust
13 October
vote you must
brush your teeth
say your prayers
god will quench
your thirst
be in the line
with your voter card
into the face of politics
your vote thrust
be first
with the poor
Bombay Times
Page 3
Upper Crust
the system sucks
it cant get worst
with iron in your soul
turning to rust
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
choose responsibly
the right man
who will fight
for your right
be accurately
if you dont vote
you disgust
to society
your act

Vote Vote Vote (13 Oct 2009)

Vote Vote Vote (13 Oct 2009), originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,034 items / 606,325 views

vote vote vote
the public
a sacrificial goat
to keep
democracy afloat ...
in the moat
your dream boat
elect one
who will
rip your throat
vote vote vote
read this as a
musical note

to Vishwajeet Pradhan


100000, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 100,001 items / 605,220 views

Old man
Muslim retired
sitting on a chair
reading an urdu
his vote
his welfare
change in his life
the political honchos
a kurta
a tehmat
that he wears
facing the twilight
he is aware
for a long journey
he must prepare
face to face
with his maker
beyond pain and despair

my 100000 photo blog
in 28 months at Flickr
dedicated to
nauman umair
sheer humility
sans fanfare

The Muslim Man Waits for the Verdict

The Muslim Man Waits for the Verdict, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,990 items / 604,860 views

none of the Muslim
standing for their
respective parties
or the lone
has the community
hand picked
cutting into
their future
the Muslim man
each election
for his vote
has been tricked
the ministers
have forgotten
used him
like a door mat
truth thus depicts
once in power
from his own house
thrown in a prison
for being a Muslim
branded as a convict
used as a tool
to instigate conflict
bruises on his body
his soul
they afflict
change in his life
but never comes
like a football
from one goal post
to another goal post
he is kicked
by his own
in every mohalla
every district
this time
the Muslim
once again
waits for a verdict
forces of evil
dividing the country
with his vote
he hopes to restrict
who will come to power
even god wont predict

Gar Kute Political Savvy Ban Jayenge

Gar Kute Political Savvy Ban Jayenge, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,994 items / 604,938 views

gar kutey
political savvy
ban jayenge
har gali main
nara lagayenge
stray dog population
ke massiah ban jayenge
inko vote do
yeh raste ke kutton ko
pedigree ke
certificate dilayenge
acche acche
khab dikhayenge
hadi accha malik aur makan
bhok bhokke
nara lagayenge
maneka ji ka
adar samman
gas chamber
dog slaughter house
ko completely
band karwayenge
kuton ki nagri ko
insan ki nagri se
accha banayenge
jab kutte neta
ban jayenge
foreign trip lagayenge
bade bade mall
building complex
kutton ke liye banayenge
kutte insan ki tarah
kutton ko nahi satayenge

Outside The Mosque She Sits

Outside The Mosque She Sits, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,820 items / 604,571 views

outside the
the house of god
made of mortar
and bricks
she sits
her spirit
is strong
the flesh
of her flesh
is weak
she admits
mouths to feed
she begs
earns a few bits
away early
to her fate
she did submit
under the wheels
of juggernaut
she was badly hit
begging the only
option of this
Muslim misfit
at the mercy
of the rich man
left overs
a few coins
she hopes
that from this
earthly situation
her death will acquit
from a spirituality
that promotes
a jihad by bandits
the jihad to change
her life the community
completely omits
eunuch silence
on the sands of karbala
when his throat was slit
the soul of a nation
in two parts it split
two sides of a same coin
to wit...both sides
to call it quits
hussain is humanity
a parched drop of a tear
on the ethos of pain

*the flesh of her flesh refers to her children.

Muslim Kids Searching For Their Future

Muslim Kids Searching For Their Future, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,819 items / 604,436 views

Sometimes a picture
speaks louder than words
clipped wings
the aborted flight
of birds
cattle class
traveling the
wagon of life
like sacrificial herds
every time they move up
like crabs in a bottle
by a sick system
pulled downwards
like their script
written off backwards
faith in the maker
moving onwards
a flock appeased
by every political
vote for this party
vote for that party
syrupy catchwords
lyricless sad notes
of these little
Muslim songbirds
kids searching
for their future
in fruitless

dedicated to sanjay dutt sanju baba

Lage Raho Munna bhai

Kaum Ke Liye Tumne Kiya Kya Hai ...

Kaum Ke Liye Tumne Kiya Kya Hai ..., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,703 items / 604,151 views

baba yeh toh
is dard ki
dawa kya hai
bedard alam
tumhare hath se
hua kya hai
bagair aag ke
tuti hui jhopdi se
dhua kiya hai
bagair khuda ke
insaan ki dua kiya hai

That Is Uncle Ashish Shelar She Says...

That Is Uncle Ashish Shelar She Says..., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,662 items / 603,934 views

that is uncle ashish shelar she says
pointing out to omkars daddys face
with omkar and lucky the labrador
in our building she plays
but it is mrs ashish shelar
her favorite aunty always
giving marziya
sweets toys chocolates
on her birthday
which is everyday
by the way
vote for marziya
hum tumhare sat hain
she chants all day

The Stunted But Powerful Muslim Vote

The Stunted But Powerful Muslim Vote, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,658 items / 603,930 views

the stunted but powerful
Muslim vote
may note grow taller
makes his presence felt
please note
he wants change
a peaceful life
without encounters
without racial profiling
he does not want to be
your quintessential scape goat
he is a Muslim
a vital organ of India
sailing with you
as an Indian
in the same boat
yes together
you and he
can keep it afloat
you in your kurta dhoti
he in his pathani suit
sartorial serendipity
serenity saving grace
as keynote
sare jahan
se accha
hai hindustan
to quote

The Samajwadi Party Public Meeting Bandra

The Samajwadi Party Public Meeting Bandra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,658 items / 603,921 views

After I had shot the BJP Shivsena Rally , the BSP rally I was informed that Sanjay Dutt was to attend the Samajwadi Pary near Jamatkhana so I immediately rushed there shot these pictures but there was no sign of the star , I came home showered and returned to shoot Sanjay Dutt in absolutele political form in a new power punching avtar, he too spotted me in the crowds and asked me what I was doing here shooting pictures , I had done his costumes for Nitin Manmohans Chal Mere Bhai.. , he did not spare Baba Siddiki in his speeches.. and the Samjwadi Party considers the Congress I and the Democratic Front its greatest enemy and ..they bought in a Mullah who left no stone unturned to brand the Congress anti Muslim party and cited all the incidents that had affected the Muslims directly or indirectly when the Congress was in power..Some of the stuff was virulent and i…

Vote For Ashish Shelar - Hum Tumhare Sat Hain

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Vote for Ashish Shelar hum tumhare sat hain, these were the words that resounded from all sides as Advocate Ashish Shelar BJP/ShiveSena began his rally at Bandra Reclamation..from here it went through the Muslim pockets of JJ Colony and than Nargis Dutt Nagar and finally moved house to house at the Transit Camp..Marziya accompanied me , and kept shouting Vote for Marziya hum tumhare sat hain the last lines she had quickly memorized from the crowds..

I did not follow the rally into the Transit camp..but came back to drop Marziya...

Ashish Shelar is very fond of Marziya ..who is a friend of his son Omkar and plays with Omkar's pet Labrador Lucky

13 October 2009

In Retrospection of An Era

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When I was a little child staying at Wodehouse Road during the early 60s , I remember we waited outside our houses on the footpath as late Pandit Jawarhlal Nehru's cavalcade was going to pass towards the military area of Afghan Church.. he waved out to all of us.. and that was the first and last time I saw him...

And than last evening I took this picture next to the Little Young Master who single handedly will change the nations destiny and his own..

If Mr Shatrughan Sinha speaks highly of him , it is deserving praise , of a persons capacity to serve the nation cutting beyond party speaks highly of both, one a stalwart in films and politics and RG ...the scion of the Nehru family..touching human hearts at grass root level...a true son of the soil of India.

This was shot near the Congress I office near Lucky Hotel Bandra,.

Bachpan Ke Din Bhi Kya Din Thay

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when we were young
our dreams far flung
on the branches
of hope our destiny hung
like tarzan
from one branch
of happiness
to another branch
we swung
songs we sung
as we became older
we fell face down
on life's cow dung
of memories
tied to our tongue
old moments
frozen unsung

to monsoon lover

Punished By A School Bag

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huge rocks
of books it holds
the school bag
bending the
child's back
a child
a crucifix
of education
a story
I have
always told
a school
they beat
the child
they love
to mold
it was
done to their fathers
their fathers father
teach and scold
a bagless education
under the banyan tree
at the lotus feet of the guru
when the child enrolled
embedded wisdom
old is god

to vinod mirani my dear friend..

13 October Is Your Tryst With Destiny-Please Vote

13 October Is Your Tryst With Destiny-Please Vote, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,504 items / 603,246 views

The Rally ended near Rang Sharda, Salman Khan had left and Baba Siddiki moved onwards , he was tired but tried not to show it, and this was a huge rally that had traversed most of the by lanes and boroughs of Bandra .

Baba Siddiki has great support of the masses and all the people I spoke to , were convinced that Baba Siddiki would win hands down..They have great expectations and hope their lives will change with changing times.

Areas like Lal Mitti, Bazar Road ,Patel compound and most of the Muslim pockets are going through trying times , and their support for Baba Siddiki is imminent.. he is their Savior..and so continues my documentary in local politics and the life of the people ,...who wins we dont know .. and this blog is not a exit poll but giving every candidates destiny a chance.. only time will tell and the best man will surely win.. the public is…