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74,649 Blogs / 377,594 views

74,649 Blogs / 377,594 views, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 74,649 blogs / 377,594 views
blogs should be blogs
not part of a news
I tried it at Now Public
wasted time
wasted energy
wasted efforts
a thought to confuse
a blog as a blog
needs no excuse
write poems
on international women s day
no culture editor
to blow up a fuse
thank god
no racist review
no editorial constrains
just words within words
pictures on the loose
a pedestrian thought
street side wisdom produce
no inner meaning
to break ones head
or to further deduce
no naughty one liners
her heart to seduce
photo blogging
a holistic healing
an art a science
says this recluse
what you embed
is what you reproduce
depending upon
your context of use
between media and blog
will there ever be a truce !

The Hand of God

The Hand of God, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. the only safe hand
that guides him on the
path to truth
the hand of God
spare the politician
spoil the rod
turbulent times
a road not broad
cobbled pathway
he has to trod
as he reaches out
to his Lord
Islam a religion
of Peace and Brotherhood
only the coward needs a Sword

The Pain and Passion of a Shia Blogger

The Pain and Passion of a Shia Blogger, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. truth ingrained in the husk
of reality as pictures
I expose
the pain and passion
of a shia blogger
called Firoze
pedestrian poetry
up close
on this photo stream
as it flows
nothing in life is ugly
nothing in life is as gross
tears hidden as sorrow
in pictorial prose
hijras wanting
to be respected as hijras
a life a gender they chose
rafaees naga sadhus
beggars in life's throes
shiasm my birthright
makes others angry and bellicose
hate comments on my posterior
here at Flickr
to add to my worldly woes
Comment Moderation
the only tool
the Flickr developer
does not know
cutting my head
walking on fire
flagellating my back
shia rituals a cultural inheritance
1400 year protest against terrorism
through Hope and Hindutva
side by side as I show
united colors of peace
that is India
through the viewfinder of a flickr pro