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Keith Kanga on my Birthday

An Ode To Keith Kangas Granny

An Ode To Keith Kangas Granny, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,370 items / 1,176,779 views

Photo courtesy Madhoo facebook

My childhood
chopped pieces
of mincemeat
sweet bitter
of jony castle
wodehouse road
images with time and tide
continuously compete
granny keith kanga fu fu
the hot bitch always
in simmering heat
my job was to see
that fu fu did not
get fucked by
other horny stray dogs
in dark back streets
as in the grasp of
moonlit nights
i searched for
her barefeet
fu fu dreams
lost illusions
within a heart beat
this was the house
that gave birth
to atomic forest
the heart of rock
nifty and neat
or arthur bunder road
slip disc
where rockers meet
led zeppelin
incredible feat
granny lovable
messy disheveled
reading the bible
as our eyes meet
Jehovah witness
all other religiosity
caste custom or creed
she would brow beat
her paradise where
rivers of milk honey
flowed flavored
eternally sweet
a watch tower

Friends Die Friendship Lives On Forever

Friends Die Friendship Lives On Forever, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,368 items / 1,176,771 views

I got the link of this picture of Keith Kanga my childhood friend through a Facebook message from another friend Rama Sethu Ranga Nathan November 2 at 10:54am

Dear Mr.Firoze Shakir,
Salam Mala Kum.

Greetings from Chennai.

Madukar Chandradas Was Also a Singer from Atomic Forest an
old friend of mine.In this collection you may see some of your friends and the Granny From Johnny's castle

I will be in Mumbai from 11 th Dec to 17 th Dec.for an AA Conference in St.Pious Church in Goregaun.

Would like to meet you and go on a street Shoot with you.
Kindly send your contact phone no's.

My respects to you.
God Bless.

Rama Sethu

So with humble apologies to Madhoo I post this picture of Keith Kanga founder of Atomic Forest that was in the beginning was known as 100 Ton Chicken.

Keith studied at Cathedral & John Connon school for a short while and his principal those …