Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Message From Omar Musa Of The Spammers Club

Dear Friend,

I sent you this email about two weeks ago and i got no response, so I am constrained to contact you again via the internet which has been severely abused by fraudsters over the years.It's my pleasure to Brief you with this proposal for a financial and business assistance.I know my message will come to you as a surprise.Don't worry I was totally convinced to write you in reference to the transfer of $8.5 Million Dollar to your account for onward investment (Hotel industries and Estate building management,Factory and Textile Productions And Extruction of Raw Materials To finished Product For Usage) or any profitable Oriented business in your country.

I Need you to stand as my foreign partner for investment in your country and also next of kin to these fund am about to transfer to you if accepted by you to work with me and receive the fund Amounting to $8.5m.Please reply immediately if you are interested,so that I can give you more information. Be Rest Assure that these fund transfer to your custody is risk free and profit oriented to both of us.

To enable me start the process and remittance of the fund into your bank account successfully within 10 banking days, I need the following information from you by e-mail:
1.Full name:
4. Private cell phone:
5. Occupation:
6. Age.

Contact me by return mail for any question and further discussion on EMAIL:
Your prompt co-operation will be highly welcomed.
Omar Musa.

Muslim Beggars In The Slums

asking for
left over
food old
from the
poor in
the slums
from far of
to bandra
they come
their name
is written
on the gifted
will be done
till kingdom

The Profile Of A Muslim Beggar

I stopped shooting pictures , I am sedated with the sadness of our times , so many words on Tarun Tejpal , Arushi murder case on Aam Admi Delhi politics and the poor in our midst die unheard..I visit the Shastri Nagar slums of Bandra every day,..the unchanging Muslim world pushed into ghettos , and happy where they are ,..I am assuming they are happy , the owners tenants , the vendors , the butchers and the beggars ..

The poor I am told give generously to the poor ... the Muslim beggars get alms left over food in the slums ,,and the slums are three storey tin sheds with a wooden staircase ..children running haywire , the dinghy dirty filthy bylanes ..neglected by an innermost hate by the cvic authorities for Muslim ghettoes , the sweepers take an extra buck.. and life goes on.. till an epidemic breaks out or a fire breaks out,,,if a fire breaks out the local goons enter to capture plots and get it legalized o the name of their friends relatives .

This is the eponymous Muslim vote bank that keeps the hope of some candidates alive from one election till the next elections..

And it dampens my soul , the misery the pain the pathos..

Muslim Beggars ..A Day Dawns

once perhaps
there were
good days
now all gone
all torn..
life at the
mercy of
the beggars
bowl forlorn
the soul withers
tattered battered
the spirit to live
..the hand
to beg reborn
life goes on
the skull cap
asserts the humility
of this musalman