Monday, July 12, 2010

Mumbai Bandh

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rising prices
the soul of the poor man
the middle class man
under assault
the rich man
does not care a shit
its not his fault
waking up
the soul
off good governance
mumbai bandh
the call by BJP-Shiv Sena
the city comes
to a screeching halt
a peaceful revolt
on the barren streets
kids play gully cricket
football in the rains
a holiday default
urchins dance
do somersault

The Camera Succumbs To Her Charm

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of her innocent spirit
her beauty and her warmth
the camera succumbs to her charm
serenity swift and calm
her favorite her mom
a child a healing balm

Marziya Shakir Camera Friendly Child

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I shot these a few minutes back as Marziya was wearing her new dress going to a religious feast.

After she had dressed up a bag around her shoulders she asked me to take her pictures.

After I shot a few she wanted me to show each on the camera monitor and this is the relationship or kinship of a two and a half year old child with my camera , the camera has seen her grow capturing all her moods from the second day of her life on this planet.

She may not know the meaning of shutter speed fstops but yes she can shoot pictures without camera shake and she knows what she shoots.

The most important lesson in photography is how fast you make the camera a part of your limb and a part of your anatomy, so the Nikon D80 is the camera that is part of Marziya mental make up.

And this blowing her cheeks is her signature on the soul of my photography.

Marziya Shakir has taught me photography.. metaphorically speaking.