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A Message From Barrister Steve Bright ..

A Message From Barrister Steve Bright .., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
i got a message
in the middle
of the night
from kind
good hearted
barrister steve
bright ..of
stocky built
medium height
originally from
Burkina Faso
but settled
in Budapest
highly erudite
a master conniver
a Machiavellian
but thoroughly
polite ..socialite
he wants me
to become
to quench
my lustful
if the deal goes
through he
promised me
i could bed
his secretary
a busty
hot explosive
like a stick
of dynamite
a child of
mixed parentage
black and white
but the fear of
article 377
sex between
two consenting
adults gives
me the fright
if caught
in the act a
as a sodomite

From Barr. Steve Bright Date /16/11/2013

I am Barr. Steve Bright, a solicitor at law in Budapest Hungary. I am the personal attorn…