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Breaking the 3 Fast Iftar Time 24 July 2012

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I took Marziya and Nerjis down bought chana and ragda and bolied chilly paste potatoes known as Aloo Chat or Kachalu from Imran Caterers near the Bazar Road Cross.

Most of the Iftar items are made at home but the best is boiled chana dal with chopped tomatoes and onions with dash of lime.. I love this the most.

There was Dahi badas and Sev Puri all made at home boiled eggs and bhajiyas.
Vegetable sandwiches in brown bread wrapped in the newspaper packets..

Breaking the 2nd Fast For Me Nerjis Asif Shakir 23 July 2012

आनंद मरा नहीं करते..

Ijaate shouratein ulfatein chahatien sab kuch is duniya me rehta nahinaaj mein hun jahan kal koi aur tha...... yeh bhi ek duar hai.....wohbhi ek daur tha....." - Rajesh khanna

Ijaate shouratein ulfatein chahatien sab kuch is duniya me rehta nahin aaj mein hun jahan kal koi aur tha...... yeh bhi ek duar hai.....woh bhi ek daur tha....." - Rajesh khanna by firoze shakir photographerno1

article courtesy NDTV 

The actor who romanced death on screen as often as he did heroines, left behind a special recorded message for his family, friends and fans. 40 years ago, in Anand, his character taped a message for Babumoshai or Amitabh Bachchan. In real life, the superstar's message was played at his chautha held over the weekend.

Here's the full transcript of his recorded message:

Mere pyaare dosto, bhaiyo aur beheno nostalgia mein rehene ki aadat nahi hai mujhe. Hamesha bhavishya ke baare mein hi sochna padta hai jo din guzar gaya hai, beet gaya hai ,uska kya sochna lekin jab jaane pehchane chehre anjaan se ek mehfil mein milte hai toh yaadein wapas tazaa ho jati hai.

( My dear friends, I'm not the one to get nostalgic. I've always looked ahead towards the future. Whatever has passed let it stay in the past, thinking about bygones doesn't help. But, when one suddenly comes across familiar faces in unfamiliar settings, the memories comes rushing back.)

Mera janam theatre se hua, mein aaj jo kuch bhi hu yeh stage yeh theatre ki badaulat hu. Mein jab filmo mein aya toh mera koi Godfather nahin tha, koi risthedar nahi the, koi sar par hath rakhnewala nahin tha. Main aya through the United Producers Filmfare Talent contest. Humko bulaya gaya that Times of India mein waha par bade-bade prodcuers the, chahe woh Chopra saab the, Bimal Roy the, Shakti Samnta the, bahut saare the. Unhone kaha ke humne aapko dailogue bheja hai, woh yaad kiya aapne? Mein saamne bhaitha tha aur woh ek badi si table mein line mein bhaite the. Mujhe aise lag raha tha ki court martial ho raha ha, jaise abhi yeh bandook nikalenge aur mujhe maar daalenge. Meine kaha ki dailogue toh yaad hai lekin yeh jo dailgoue hai, yeh aapne nahi bataya ki iska characterisation kya hai ki yeh hero jo hai woh aapni maa ko batata hai ki main ek nachnewali se shaadi karna chahta hiu aur usko teri ghar ki bahu banana chahta hu. Meine kaha, aapne na character bataya maa ka, na hero ka ki bhai amir hai, garib hai, maa sakt, kadak hai, naram hai, middle class hai, aadmi pada likha anpad hai? Toh Chopra saab ne jhat se kaha ki aap theatre se ho? Haan ji. Main kaha, dilgoue toh aapne bheej diya ki kis tarah maa ko convince karna hai, dialogue bolna hai aapne characterisation nahin bataya, yeh toh koi stage ka actor hi bol sakta hai. To bole theek hai achcha hai tum koi aapna hi dailogue sunao. Ab kato toh khoon nahin, pasina chut raha tha. Meine kaha kya daigloue bolu, mere saamne sab bade bade log, inki sab picture 10-10 baar dekhe hai, produce-direct ki hui. Jo dailogue, jiski wajah se mein filmo mein aaya, mujhe GP Sippy ne chance diya 40 saal pehle, Haan mein Kalakar hu, Haan mein Kalakar hun, kya karoge meri kahani sunkar.

(My journey began with theater, I owe my success to the stage. This theater where it all began when I joined the film industry, I had no God Father, no relatives or family that I could turn too. I came into the movies through the United Producers Filmfare Talent contest. We were called to the Times of India in the presencen of celeberated filmmakers like Chopra saab, Bimal Roy , Shakti Samanta and many others. They asked me we had sent you a dialogue, did you memorise it? I was sitting in front of the table where they were seated and felt I was undergoing a courtmartial. I thought they would take a gun and fire at me. I said, "I know the dialogue but you haven't told me what's the characterisation of the person who is to narrate this dialogue. Is he the hero who is announcing to his mother that he plans to marry a dancer and maker her the daughter-in-law of the house? You haven't told me whether this hero is rich , poor, a villianou character or a pleasant fellow, is he from the middle class?" So, Mr Chopra said, "You are from the stage so make your own characterisation how will you convince the mother." I said this is not a dialogue for a stage actor to mouth, so he said then you chose your own dialogue. I was nervously sweating and anxious wondering which dialogue should I impress them with. I had seen their movies several times and this is the dialogue I said which took me towards stardom. The dialogue was Yes I am an artist , yes I am artist, why would you want to hear my story, the dialogue which began my story in cinema.)

Doston aap ka ek hissedar mein bhi hu aur jaise maine pehli bhi kaha ki aap apna kimti waqt nikalkar, aap ka yeh pyaar tha ki aap majood hue aur itni bhaari ssankhya mein..meine yehi kahunga ki bahut-bahut sukhriya, thank you aur mera bahut-bahut salaam.

(Friends, I'm a part of you, and as I said, you have all taken time out for me. This is the love, your presence in numbers that I'm greatful for, thank you, thank you my salaam to you all.)


Mr Rajesh Khanna Superstar

The Hijab Has More Freedom Of Expression In India Than Anywhere Else In The World

Sir Ham Aapko Bhul Na Payenge ..Mr Rajesh Khanna and Me

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khuda ke rangmanch par
ap phir se rang barsayenge
pariyon ka dil bahelyange
box office par cha jayenge
kakaji ham ap ko bul na payenge
moez bhai phir se apke kapde
banayenge babumoshay
zindagi badi hona chahiye
lambi nahi gungunayenge
yadon ke zariye ap
ham sab ki yad ban jayenge

Joseph And Me Are Sailing In The Same Boat ..Shot By Marziya Shakir

Govinda Aunty No I -

Bala The Trusted Shadow of Mr Rajesh Khanna

In England serving his Master for over 35 years he could be called Man Friday or Butler , but here at Ashirwad where he worked devotedly in dedicated auto mode he was known as Bala.
Simply Bala only Bala.

He was the one who called me when Mr Rajesh Khanna needed me for his fittings or new clothes or discuss the look of a film that he was planning to do..and I would leave my other chores to go and see Kakaji.

Bala would meet me at the gate of Ashiwad that has no bell Sir did not like bells so you knocked the door lucky if someone heard you and pulled you inside.

I would remove my footwear meet boss either at the small outhouse in the early days a room with trophies memories , and boss would call the shots.. once I had his famous Makhni Dal and nice neat small chappaties with pickle.

Work was Worship for Kakaji so together we created the Mafia Don look for Don Ke Bad Kaun an incomplete film by Ashok Tyagi Osho and produced by Vijay Sirohi.

I went for the initial muhurat and shootings and shot a few pictures that are now part of a memorable journey.

And this picture with Bala was shoot at the shoot starring Aryaman Ramsay And Aryan Vaid , Raj Premee ..Viswajeet Pradhan..

My son Saif Shakir too had accompanied me as Kakaji needed sartorial satisfaction with his look and he was in his element..

I visited the sets twice .. and he would sit talk to me for hours his other future ventures assignments.

At home he would tell me that he would see that his erstwhile son in law Mr Akshay Kumar too got his wardrobe done by me , but I never thought on those lines I was doing his work to gain experience as fashion is a vast ocean.. you keep on learning ..

And than when he called me to Lilavati Hospitall 1103 it was to keep up his pledge of introducing me to Mr Akshay Kumar , we knew each other from old times old films and we had a common patron Dadhooji Mr Raj Sippy.. Mr Akshay Kumar and Dimpleji were both surprised when I started crying she reprimanded me , but I was crying at the humility of a Superstar even before his death he did not forget his Promise to me .. he called me to his side held my hand and this is the greatness and reminded me of the Anand death scene ..

Babumoshai... Zindagi aur maut ooparwale ke haath me hai jahanpana, jisey na aap badal sakte hain na main”

And this is my tribute to Bala who stood like the Rock of Gibrlater this is Wafa this is Iman this is the Indian Way of Life .. and I called Bala and told him to tell both Dimpleji and Mr Akshay Kumar the reason I did not come to the funeral or the Chautha I am a small man a dwarf.. and I did not want to trespass on the space of the stalwarts of Bollywood I did not want to give a Media byte ... I am happy the role I played with Mr Rajesh Khanna when he was alive I am happy that he touched both my grand daughters Marziya Shakir 4 year old street photographer and Nerjis Asif Shakir one year old who is learning photography on the Canon 60 D.

The Havell tuxedo last dress I made , and his eponymous look has become his sartorial obituary in peace and serenity.

RIP Kakaji


Football Marathon Girls of Bandra

Football Marathon Girls of Bandra

Marziya Shakir Youngest Street Footballer and Photographer

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Ramzan Mubarak 2012

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