Friday, July 25, 2014

Akhri Juma ..Friday Namaz At Bandra Station 2014

I picked up my Canon 7 D today after a very long gap, I hardly use it and I had some work in the Bandra Slaughter house slums I cut though the winding lanes of this huge sprawling slum that stretches towards the Shastri Nagar slums which are close to the Bandra Station and the Bandra Station Sunni mosque ,as the mosque gets totally packed with the namazis , the rest of the Jamat  pray on the road outside the station,, today was last Friday of Ramzan Or Akhri Juma I have never shot this before . this was the first time.

I shot down below and than shot the remaining segment from the Bandra Skywalk. I was the only one shooting this auspicious important day the last Friday before the feast of Eid ..

It was a very hot humid day and not at all congenial , all these pictures are part of my Ramzan series at Flickr shot from 2007 till 2014.

This year I shot less no foodie lanes ...the poor Muslims have hardly any money to buy good food and by the standard of their living literally hand to mouth I am sure the Maharashtra Sadan food must be hundred times better as they say beggars cant be choosers .. and another anomaly of our lives brainwashed by media for furtherance of their interests everything is politicized creating aggression and hurting not just two communities but the very chapter of the mutual coexistence of our country.. it is not just about right or wrong  these are my personal apolitical views and Muslims all over the world are going through a very bleak phase one side ISIL is demoralizing the very tenets of Islam hurting all sects Shias , Christians and others and the other side the imperialistic hegemony of Israel and the killing of innocent both by them and Hamas. The world pimps peace brokers and the world eunuch body watches from the wings ..with their own evil agenda .. en-cashing the fruits of war.

I am not a political person but it is sad I dedicate this series to the fighting spirit of Gaza.. Free Palestine ..

I Shoot Muslim Beggars .. A Friend Asked Do Beggars Have Religion

probably  a thought
that never came to
my dumb poets mind
beggars believe in
god the creator
who created beggars
part of a cosmic grind
god believed beggars
would like his apostles
make others believe in
him through charity instill
compassion hope love
that is missing in mankind
this I think the missing link
of his thought divine Allah
ke name pe do a beggar
pleading to a Muslim with
this byline .Ishwar Bhale Kare
was the beggar requesting
the Brahmin with his lines

Beggars have no religion ..impoverished
begging from man treating him a god they grovel whine

to a friend a bird lover online ,,

The Happiest Man In India .. Is The Man Who Has Nothing To Lose

no house
 no wife
no children
no boss
no mistress
he is a static
pause only
dress no party
does he belong to
no not BJP not Shiv
Sena not the NCP
nor the  Congress
he has a moving address
he lost his dreams so
he has nothing to impress
no diabetes no bloodpressure
he wont die of stress ,,
who is the ruling party who
is our new PM...he knows
nothing of our political mess
he eats dry chapatis begs for
food from roadside outlets
he defecates urinates at
street corners like your
darling pets ,,he does not
have to clear his pooh..he
shits out all his regrets
he does not pay taxes no
failed loans or debts ,,
on cricket matches he
has no money to bet
when it rains heavily
his clothes his tattered
soul gets wet like a
zombie he wont click
Like on  your fucked
 facebook posts
no re tweets of alia
jokes bollywoods
only intelligent  actress
fuck he has no lap top
no i pad no desktop
he has no fucked
internet ,.,

to the stray dogs his
companions he feeds
what he gets ..

the homeless rebel of mumbai
a loner away from all you dickheads
last but not the least from the sweat
of his unwrinkled brow he does not
earn his bread ..

acche din kab ayenge ...he wants these
words lit up on his tombstone
revered as a saint when he is dead ..


no walking on the edge .. or falling of the ledge ,,between  sorrow and tomorrow he lies there like a  wedge ,, no wisdom no knowledge