Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Jesuits of St Peter Church Bandra

With Love From Spain

With Love From Spain

Optical Illusion and Faith

The Only Church In Bandra Where Peace Lives

Jesus Beyond Caste Color Or Creed

monopolize him
for their spiritual need
using conversions as a tool
with a thought they lead
but jesus poetically
speaking is beyond
caste color or creed
from despair remorse
the soul of humanity
he has freed
but than in a commercial
world of sin money making
the name of jesus
fills the coffers
source of greed
rogue preachers '
in his name
evil breed
jesus brand
of the poor man
for whom he pleads
in the soul of man
love brotherhood
he plants as seeds

Jesus and Sebastian

God Lives In Childrens Eyes

Jesus and Sebastian

Jesus and Sebastian

The Sentinel

The Touch That Heals

The Feet Of The Fisherman

the storms
on the rock of hope
wave after wave
lashing crashing
but the fisherman
holds on to the rope
that holds the
Noah's ark
before it slopes
through the darkness
as it gropes
beyond the seal
of the pope
he must cope
change the destiny
of mans horror scope

Master of the Rings and the Feet of Jesus

Master of the Rings and the Feet of Jesus

Sebastian and the Muslim Beggar

Sebastian Immortalizing The Soul of Peace

Fashion and Style..

Sebastian My Friend From Spain

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Sebastian spent a few hours at my work place he is in Mumbai for an assignment , he is a very close friend of my dear crazy friend Darryl Loyola, later Sebastian and I went to St Peter Church to meet Darryl paid a visit to F Jauan a Sanish Jesuit priest settled in Mumbai and has just returned from hospital after a serious illness.

I shot a lot of pictures of the Church and Sebastian who resembles Saint Ignatius Loyola.

We had tea with Fr Jauan and I left for my workplace.

The Frenchman and The Hijab

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like an evil
he lurks
his insecurity
on the hijab
at work
his hate
his hijabphobic
his wicked
smirk calling it
a garment of
his eccentricity
on racism
his quirks
killing the
soul of humanity
with a jerk
that suck
for peace
bad luck

Chief Minister To Badalte Hain Hamari Kismet Kab Badlegi

Thank You Bignall

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bignall has sent you a message on Flickr.

Subject: excellent photos
Date: 26th November, 2010

hello firoze bhai you remind me of my iranian friend dad, because he just looks like you. i absolutly love your pictures because they are so raw and real and capture the real situation which few photographers dont take. love your work...

is the essence
of street photography
giving respect to
the writing on the wall
you are as big as
you are small
natures call
man too
like a reptilian
crawls rises
falls mesmerizing all
a room with a view
in your mind installed
capturing the ethos
of fleeting eternity
deathly pall
all in all
waiting for
another windfall
before fate
evil befall
bleeding stains
of mortality
on a whitewall