Saturday, July 17, 2010

She Has Turned Her Back In Pain

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she is fed up with the lot of muslim women
regressive fatwas by monolith mullahs
she has turned her back in pain
she is a traditionalist in a modern world
keeping the values of her faith
on the path of truth and humanity
she remains she is wearing
a garb of modesty the hijab
but she is not in chains
yet the western world
on her garment of peace
guns they train a crazy world
going more and more
insane at least standing up
with self respect dignity
she does not whine or complain
being a muslim woman
in a muslim male
mullah backed
dominated society
she rises again and again
poetically as a photographer
through a visual
i try to explain
the muslim woman
the Silhouette of the Hijab
the resilience the strength
of our womanhood contain

Poor Muslim Woman Almost Extinct

mark of death
on her forehead
a mark distinct
on the streets
base instinct
poor muslim woman
almost extinct

Muslim Woman ..Wordless Poetry

she sat here
her mother did
before her mother
sat here
her grand mother did
their pain
with a covering
their faces hid
they tried very hard
from one generation
to the next
their fate
in the noble
city of nawabs
they could not rid
a few coins
to fill the
empty stomach
of their kids
adab tehzeeb
shaan e lucknow
a poetic thought
on a reference grid

17July 2010
I have added text today
wordless poetry my soul forbid
their future leave aside
even god wont edit

The Silhouette of the Hijab

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a quintessentially
quiet garment
peaceful garb
of a muslim womans
they love
to condemn
it is us v/s them
chaos and mayhem
the beauty of the hijab
a womans
a precious gem
the silhouette
of the hijab
unending poem
from the soul
of muslim
it stems
of fantasy
la mode
de la femme

Happy Birthday Dude

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Marziyas dad Asif Shakir my eldest son celebrates his birthday today,he is a very photo shy and a very private person.He stays to himself , his teaching activities and his work.

This was a picture I had shot last year when Marziya was going to Lucknow with her mother and leaving him behind as he had work commitment and could not accompany them.

As Asif was a gift of life to me so Marziya is a gift to her parents and the rest of her family.

Happy Birthday Dude

Marziya sits on your lap
of fortune
but her mind is busy
watching avidly
Tom and Jerry
Allah Be Praised
he was happy with you
he gave you Marziya
a magical boon
Marziya for all seasons
joy and happiness
in monsoon
her theatrics
her poems
her laughter
her mind jumps
over the moon
at two and a half years
she keeps us all in a swoon
today she celebrates
your birthday
cake candle balloon
hers will come very soon
a child born for us
as a golden spoon

The Silhouette of the Hijab

the hijab
has come of age
its beauty its resilience
inbuilt freedom within
a sartorial cage
a necessity
against evil eyes
a war they wage
ban the hijab
burn the hijab
a war cry
on every racist page

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

is her dress
so dangerous
attached with
of mas destruction
that it scares you bro
its time you learnt to grow
the hijab is a muslim
womans traditional dress
i say it so a dress with dignity
grace and flow it follows
her wherever she goes
your empty head
does not even know
unencessarily tantrum throw
her souls beauty to the world
she wont show so
you call it a garment
of oppression
a harmless piece
of cloth
you want to overthrow
an apology to the hijab
you owe now dont deny
dont say no

Would We Have Been Better Off Without Newspapers

cobbled up news
is what you get
from fucked
fuck dont forget
but once
in a while
do read
poetic tidbits
of a blogger
on the internet
bare ass all wet
no pen pushing
only a mouse
ready all set
a broken heart
as a room to let

Playing it By Ear

some say
the probing
the digging
the frigging
is akin to oral sex
as it goes in deep
an act very complex
as he squirts
the liquid next
would you have read
this the way
i street shot it
the way i poetized it
if i had not added text

Searching For Black Gold

wax like
the man
in his ears
probing deep
a heavenly moment
glorious i am told
a moment to behold
the ear cleaner man
searching for black gold
street images unfold
with a camera a poets
vision as i strolled
moments that wont age
on the human consciousness
or ever grow old

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

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the first salvo
they want
the hijab to go
the western world
the hijabs no1 foe
that it is a garment
of modesty
a fact they know
but pretend
it is a garment
of oppression
it viciously
blow by blow
the beauty
of the hijab
lies in the eyes
of the beholder
the hijab
a muslim womans
spiritual halo
covering her
from head to toe
the muslim
woman in india
the lord
protecting the hijab
in all its glow
a garment
with a poetic flow
on the soul of sanity
it beautifully grows

in defense of the hijab
a barefeet blogger firoze
silhouette of the hijab
penned as a metaphoric
moment no man
has a right to oppose
a path the muslim woman
willingly chose
enhancing the sartorial
serendipity the magic
a protective shield
above her clothes
it is your personal choice
whether you want to wear
or don't wear it
i suppose