Saturday, October 2, 2010

You Can Spot a Shari Student From A Mile

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eye glued
to the viewfinder
a perpetual smile
with his passion
his acrobatic
hanging from trees
from house windows
parapets lamp posts
wiry and virile
the shari lifestyle
cool dudes
angels nubile
text and textile
photographers '
he loves to rile
his assignment
a tribute to
fucked f stops
without pictorial guile
shooting a brick
from ayodhya
from all angles
till faithfully
it becomes
an tile
such is
by dean girish
the cow
jumped over
the moon
the bull
the stile
i made girishs
wedding clothes
in 4 hours
when another
tailor photographer
would have taken a while
girish a giant very docile
on the soul of photography
a new thought he loves
to pile keeping
the mind from going crazy
or fucked senile
a shari students
pictures are mind
over matter
photography freestyle
girish my guru dude
a part of my profile

To My Guru Dude Girish Mystery

Lalbagh Chya Raja Brings Hindus Muslims Together at Do Tanki

Can You Ever Imagine a World Without Photographers... Ha Ha

No Lens Changing No Fuck F Stops No Jhanjat On The Soul Of Photography

This Is Hope In Unhidden in a Crowd

The Muslims Pay Tribute To Lalbagh Chya Raja at Do Tanki

The Camera Mobile Phone Photographer- Photographer Logon Ka Bap

From Flickr To Facebook He Moves .. On The Soul of Humanity He Grooves

Why Blame Hindus or Muslims For Our Bad Upbringing..

When Hindus And Muslims Come Together Like Blood Brothers

Some Poets Were Born Dead In Their Mothers Womb

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his first poem
was dedicated
on the soul
of his fathers tomb
two parallel lines
caught in between
deaths deathly fumes
instead of his corpse
in the graveyard
it was his
unpublished poems
written on waters
of cyberspace
from the soil
of depravity
they exhumed
in one swift stroke
swept away
by the sweepers

read the epitaph
on his unmarked grave
tryst with doom
a hole attached
toilet one room

to rajiv soni
who understands me
my poetic angdai and angst

Lalbagh Chya Raja Garibon Ka Rakhwala

My Last Lot Of Visarjan Pictures at Flickr

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I have placed 165 fles on the Flickr uploader , I upload pictures as a batch and they end up in the respective set with the respective tag.

I am now using MTNL as my broadband server so I dont have the uploading problems and server crashing when I used You Telecom.

I gave up You Telecom for good and good things and bad things all come to an end one day.

My bad luck runs after me like dog on the street after my multi colored posterior , and luckily all the feasts and the shootings are at low tide of late.

I have shot some nice pictures on Jainism and I have met a Jain Muni scholar who has invited me to his spiritual abode but I have not been able to connect with him.

Marziya is shooting street pictures since the time she returned from Lucknow.

And dont blame me if our pictures look alike but she hits the trigger button herself I hold the lens for balance as the Nikon D80 is a heavy camera for a two and a half year old child.

I dont have a video camera to shoot her shooting the street .

Mumbai is become very hot sweaty and humid.

Happiness has left ,me in a lurch so I try not to talk to much through my pictures , the poems are healing tools for my injured soul.

Blogging is the only thing that comes easy to me and I type with one finger and I think it may drop of one day..and luckily I am not in Afghanistan or a rogue American Marine might have kept it as a nice souvenir around his neck, and a tattoo of my Flickr blog stats on his right thigh which has a skull and two cross bones etched in dark green.. 148,434 items / 1,136,479 views..phew.

Sometimes even God gives up on American a few that dont represent the rest like the few Jehadis that dont represent the rest of the good face of Islam.

And this is a blog a blog within a blog.

Lalbahgh Chya Raja Jai Ho

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you wanted me
in your darbar
to break
my second last
ramzan fast
with victuals
your pandal
i know
every year
i followed
you fasting
during the
my soul aglow
at byculla
for last two years
i would break my fast
with your blessings '
sitting on the road
down below
humility the essence
of humanity
is the wealth
of our parentage
our upbringing
we truly show
my faith
lies in the eyes
of the beholder
he thinks
i am a Hindu
he thinks
i am a Muslim
its humanity
i follow
my mother
my souls
only door
but so many
lalbagh cya raja jai ho
remover of obstacles
humanly woes
your bad time
with his chakra
he overthrows
you ask for less
he gives you
more and more
your offerings
'your prayers
the beauty
of his spiritual store

to my guru
shreekanth malushte
he taught me how
to hold the camera
the shooting came much later

Yes I A Muslim Follower of Humanity

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My dear friend Firoze: I most humbly apologize if I have offended you in any way. You are quite right to point out to me that I don’t know the Islam that you know. I also know that there are many more good Muslims than bad Muslims. It was n......ot my intention to attack Muslims or Islam. The United States has a large population of Muslims and I support their civil rights as well as their right to worship. You may recall that I supported the right of Muslims to build the Islamic Center near “Ground Zero.” I support the right for everyone to worship or believe as they please. My purpose was to spark a dialogue about some of the abuses in extremist Islam and the oppression of religion in general. These are presented as my views and I don’t expect to convince everyone of their validity. Sometimes, what I have to say may ruffle some feathers, but I think it is important to have a discussion. As the old saying goes, if you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. Om Mane Padme Hume.
Benn Bell

what i am is a
question that
should only
bother me
i feel
i shoot
i walk barefeet
with jesus christ
14 stations
of the cross
lal bagh chya raja
during visarjan
faith as it heals
the essence
of humanity
each faith reveals
i am a shia muslim
much abused
on you tube
for doing
on the soul of yazid
the bastard son
of mauwiyah
the father
of terrorism
a thought
petro dollars or tablik
cant conceal
as muslims
we are all born
my country's
my cultural
my surroundings
my parentage
have influenced
my beliefs
being human
is more
than just
turning a
new leaf
i am
to the rocks
of my soul
my coral reef
through Hussain
my tears my blood
as I cut my head
with a sword
I grieve
i dont
or peach
hate or unbelief
om mani padme hoon
on the tapestry
of my thoughts
a remarkable

dedicated to benn bell we have been friends for over 6 years on the internet ..i hold him far too dearly to let him go

Framed By Fate

Once Upon a Time In Bollywood ..

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Nitin Manmohan Anil Kapoor and Me inauguration of Prachins fashion boutique .. the boutique was named after Prachi Nitin Manmohan.. Nitin Manmohans daughter... long long time back.

Some Memories Lost Illusions

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in a frozen drop
of a tear
a blood
clotted stain
causing pain
time and again
me with a truckload
of words attacking
the sides of her brain
driving each other
insane causing
more guilt and pain
no i wont add
her to my misery
i say this to myself '
again and again
my testicular
her menstrual
finger fucked
by a karmic chain
urinating my sorrow
as it sizzles down
the drain

She Was An Inuit She Thought I Was One Too

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so over my head
she flew
as she grew
but than
i was a dead
dark brown
its true
so she parted
on some other
i will catch
up with you
of Hiawatha
a new home
a deserted igloo
as she
held on
to her virtue
they shoot
dont they
the soldier blue
leaving me
as left overs
of a midday meal
this time
half italian
part jew

Beda Par Kar Deta Hai Jab Chappar Phad Ke Deta Hai Ek Badshah Jo Garibon Ke Beech Rehta Hai

Jab Se Dekha Maine Tujhko Photography Agaie

If Facebook and Flickr Merge

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I wont have
to post this twice
to an incorrigible
barefeet blogger
it would mean
a blessing
in disguise
no flickr to facebook
no more complains
to jonathan keebler
no hopes to resize
no bookmarklet
no pictures to
upload re post
jesus christ
if facebook god
father son holy ghost
marc zuckerburg
reads this
a thought
that certainly
would be nice
a single
for my blogs
a single
no US $25
like at Flickr
to be a pro
is my friendly
blog stats
on my facebook
no second
penny foolish
pound wise

Dedicated To Facebook God
Marc Zuckerburg

So Now You Know What You Say In One Picture I Shot 1025 Frames To Say It

Than I Wondered Did I Really Need A Telly Lens

Hi Shan Konachi Lalbagh Chya Raja Chi Lalbagh Chya Poranchi

The Lord Has a Soft Corner For This Barefeet Muslim Blogger

The Lord Has a Soft Corner For This Barefeet Muslim Blogger

Sapnon Ka Saudagar ..Dil Ka Sauda ..

The King Of Kings At Do Tanki

Hindu Muslim Amity - This Existed Much Before The Verdict

Because I Dont Shoot Pictures I Captured Photo Blogs

Lalbagh Chya Raja Enters The Domain Of Peace

Sajid Khan Collects The Offerings of The Hindu Devotees To Present To Lal Bagh Chya Raja

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And does Media have time to show you all this ,, they are only good at shocking insensitive headlines Hindyus 2 Muslims 1 as though the court verdict was a local football match..

An issue for which thousands from both communities died unnecessarily man ploughed the soil of humanity with his chariot and the other fiddled his thumb like a eunuch when the structure of our secularism came crumbling down.. and nothing can change that.

I only hope sanity prevails and in all humility this is the blog that has maintained Hindu Muslim Amity as part of Humanity and a pledge to the Unborn child of India ,..Hindu Muslim does not matter.
And I think Mohan Nellore my brother blogger from Yahoo understands my pain he a Hindu me a Muslim when newspapers attack the conscience of decency and make an important issue a travesty of a newsprint.

Yes I wont ever subscribe to Times Of India as long as I live.

The Lord Is Touched By Humanity

The Best Photographer Award Of The Year Goes To Him- He Shot Me Dead

He is One and a Half Year old .. India Has Got To Talent

Kabhi Ankhon Ke Jhadoke Main Dikhta Hai Kabhi Palkon Main Chip Jata Hain

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jab lalbagh chya raja
hamare dilki gali main ata hai
asman to asman
waqt bhi tham jata hai
amchi mumbai
ka badshah kehlata hai
patjad ko
phir jeena sikhlata hai
aman ki chandni
pehlata hai
bhatke bhulon
ko ek nayi marg disha
dikhata hai
hindu toh sach much
ise mante hain
lekin kabhi kabhi
ek musalman
bhi eska ashiq
banjata hai
nange pair
peeche peeche
anshu bahate
tasviron ko
tasavar main
inki bhet
ap sab tak
pahoonchata hai
rastachap premee
angrezi main
'bare feet blogger
kehlata hai

optional title
Verdict of Faith

Gar Hindu Aur Musalman Main Fark Hai Toh Yeh Hamera Neta Ka Work Hai

Ek Musalman Aur Hindu Main Koie Fark Nahi