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Lord Ganesha and Tantrism

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Tantra is (it would be more precise to tell "are"), form a set of texts which have been elaborated during past centuries; important ones are nearly one thousand years old. The word Tantra comes from the sanskrit root "trayati" which means to release, to disengage. Accordingly, the Tantra ultimate target is to free human beings from their limitations.

Tantrisme includes a set of methods, even we can say accurate methods, which aim at getting a transmutation of the energies at work in the human being.

Let us explain.

The Yogi experiment (this exactly means that we don't speak about any belief, therefore it is not a religious postulate) that the human being is composed of several "levels", from the coarsest (the physical body) to the most subtle.

These levels, or layers, are named kosha in sanskrit. We don't intend to discuss here about the intrinsic existence or non-existence of the soul. At the very least, this concept leads to some confusion when it is compared with the super-conscious states experienced by the great Yogis (we don't speak about the students of a Yoga course - even a high level one...).

"Ordinary" man is conducted by his passions : he does not have any control on his body, on his breathing, on his reactions, on his mental activity, etc. He is only conscious of his body and, in the best cases, of the crude aspects of his breathing. He even does not know anything about the prana - the energy of life - which underlays the breathing. And he is the toy of his "mental - psychic - body"...

Let us try to understand why.

The traditional Yoga teaches that the whole Universe is energy. This root power is guided by the three Guna . The word Guna can be translated, for want of something better, by "mode of existence", "position characterizing everything".

For a human being, excessive tamas leads to breakdown, melancoly, excessive râjas brings restlessness, anger, greediness, etc.

Tamasic and rajasic energies circulate in the body and grant to him the present turn of mind. The subtle channels which carry those energies are called nadi .

Those short explanations being understood (assuming that the aglossary has been consulted for the Sanskrit words -if necessary), one may understand that the Yogi purpose and practice aims to balance the Tamas and Râjas energies, and to develop and improve the Sattwa energy. To achieve this objective, there is a lot of techniques. The Yoga (codified by Patañjali) consists of eight stages, which are not necessarily in succession, but it is merely unwise to overpass the preliminary stages :

Yama, or social behaviour : ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth), asteya (honesty), brahmâcharya (sexual control) , aparigraha (absence of possessivity)
Niyama, or moral rules in the personal life : shaucha (cleanliness), santosha (contentment), tapas (austerity) , svâdhyâya (self-observance), îshvarapranidhâna (surrender to God)
Asana, postures
Prânâyâma , breath control, Prana and other energies named above mastering (the Prana is the life energy, conveyed by the breath)
Pratyâhâra : senses withdrawal
Dhâranâ, concentration on a visible or mental meditation support
Dhyâna : the deep meditation state
Samâdhi : the immersion in the Super-Consciousness.

More or less, the Yoga path follows this way. However, everybody has to find (with the help of a capable teacher), the framework of the techniques which fits to him best : Hatha Yoga, obviously, and also Râja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Antar Mauna, Mantra Yoga, Jñana Yoga, etc... Every teaching underlines such-and-such aspect, but, in any case, it has to satisfy the compulsory and preliminary purification of the disciple energies, before they can be adequately transmuted.

On his side, tantrism offers a more direct track, expected to bring quicker results (only a few decades span of painstaking and regular work). To be simple, one may say that the goal is to awaken the Sattvic energy of the Kundalini, asleep in the Mûladhâra chakra and to conduct this energy, via the sushumna nadi, crossing every chakra, up to the Sahasrara chakra.

We don't intend here to explain more about the chakra symbolism; in fact, it looks to be a very complex matter. Furthermore, it is linked to practices which are irrelevant in this Web site.

We will only keep in mind that tantric practices emphasize the importance of the Shakti .

Hatha Yoga is fundamentaly a tantric way; consequently, it may be practiced in this full the prospect. However, when Hatha Yoga migrated from India to Western countries, it grew weaker. Anyway, remember that this word Hatha means effort, strengh, and yhat there is a trap in the meaning of that word effort : all the Yoga teachers tell their student not to force themselves... The Hatha Yoga popularization led most people to know only the physical branch, the asana (postures). From there, appeared anti-stress yoga for overworked yuppies, exhausted housewifes, depressed unmarried men and women. It's not so bad, it's even really nice, but it's the very basic Yoga.

On the other side, tantrism practice may lead, in Western countries, to unfortunate delusions. Invoking and awakening the Shakti Power requires a very strict life training, assiduous practice of advanced forms of Yoga (asana, prânâyâma), and meditation sessions coupled with continuous specific mantra repetition (japa). All this context must be under the control of a competent Yoga teacher (guru) and reserved only to adequately trained Yoga students.

In addition, a "sexual" positioning of the tantric Yoga has been developed in Western countries. One may suppose that this tendency is due to a particular demand

It is true, since many centuries, that specific forms of tantrism focused on sexuality, more precisely on the mastering of this very powerful force.

However, tantrism adapted to European people has sometimes distorted the fundations of this very complex and secret science. We may say secret, since this science requires from the practiser a high level of qualification, because of real dangers, psychological as well as physical.

Indeed, sexual intercourse, as practised in tantrism, is the acme of a long partners training. Furthermore, this act is not permitted to culminate in the ejaculation. The orgasm energy must be voluntarily directed, through the sushumna, from the lowest chakra (Mûladhara) to the Sahasrara chakra... Adding the fact that the shakti (here, that word points out the sexual partner) orgasm is not expected, most amateurs should be discouraged...

Unfortunately, in our countries, the "sexual" tantrism aspects are too often discussed, or even teached with a dubious complacency by pseudo guru to yoga students greedy to get "powers" and sensations. When they don't validate a form of sex exchange, these questionable practices generally end up at disillusions. At best, the "tantric "students have to content themselves with unusual energy signs (colors, visions, heat, trembling, etc.). These experiences may reinforce their ego (self-satisfaction), leading them to a way opposite to the Yoga way...

In any event, we may underline that sexual aspects in tantrism must only be eventually tackled in the long run, after full achievement of a deep work on energies, opening out onto the control on purified chakra working.

A few good books :
Arthur Avalon. La Puissance du Serpent. Mystiques et Religions. Dervy-Livres, Paris, 1981
Julius Evola. Le Yoga tantrique; sa métaphysique, ses pratiques. Arthème Fayard, Paris; collection documents spirituels, 1971
Tara Michaël. Introduction aux voies du Yoga. Editions du Rocher, Monaco; 1980
Tara Michaël. Hatha Yoga Pradîpikâ. Fayard, Paris, 1974
Tara Michaël. Corps subtil et corps causal. Les six cakra et le kundalini Yoga. Le Courrier du Livre, Paris; 1979
Sri Swami Sivananda. Yoga de la Kundalini. Préface d'André Van Lysebeth. EPI Editeurs, Rue des Saints Pères, Paris; 1973

Ganesh and Tantrism

Ganesh is the Lord of the Mûlâdhâra chakra, which is the first chakra, the chakra of the base. The Mûlâdhâra chakra corresponds to the Earth (Prithivî) element; it is represented by a yellow-colored square figure, in which is written the root-mantra (bîja-mantra ) LAM; this square is bordered, on the four sides, by four petals. Inside the square figure, below the bîja-mantra, one generally finds the Shiva Lingam , black-colored, in a turned down summit triangle. The snake, representing the Kundalini asleep power, is wound around this Shiva Lingam. Every bîja-mantra is associated with a carrier-animal (vâhana ). The vâhana of LAM is the elephant.

Therefore, in tantric practices, Ganesh is invoked as the Power able to awake the Kundalini Shakti.

Indeed, the target of tantric practices (once the context has been correctly appreciated, and the mentionned-above precautions have been assimilated), is to wake the energy asleep in the mûladhâra chakra and to make it rising, crossing every chakra, up to the Sahasrara Chakra. Let us stress this point : this practice is difficult and somewhat risky if the student expects to run over the stages too quickly. It is easy to understand why : in every chakra there are blokages (energy nodes, grantha) which indicate the lack of yogic preparation of this chakra energies.

For exemple : if excessive rajasic energies are vigorously set in motion by intensive prânâyâma, that can get jammed in the Svâdishthâna chakra and generate intemperates sexual needs (nice result !), or in the Manipûra chakra irritate the person who does not understand what happens and why she feels herself so bad.

In the practices involving Ganesh, we have to remember that the god power is used to transform our negative forces in positive ones. We know that Hindu gods are definitely universal forces which take on various functions.

About this topic, read again the "background" chapter.

Gods act through the mantra which invoke them. Indeed, mantra are very powerful phonemes. We talk about bîja mantra which are the true vibrations of the deity.

It is absolutely necessary, for several reasons, that working with the Kundalini implies the use of a bîja mantra under the effective supervision of a skilled teacher, and in certain circumstances. This is why it's really not very interesting to learn bîja-mantra in books.

On the other hand, Vedic mantra, used in exoteric rituals, are not dangerous ones; and they always bring very benefic results.

Ganesh mantra

There are many kinds of tantric mantra. Some are personal mantra used for japa practice, other satisfy particular purposes.

Mantra bring strong psychic, therapeutic, and spiritual results. LAM is the bîja-mantra of the Earth element. Therefore, it is in connexion with the Mûladhara chakra. GAM is also linked with the Earth element; it is the reason why one can say that it is a Ganesh bîja-mantra. GLAUM is another bîja-mantra in connexion with Ganesh. By contrast, OM is a universal mantra, which must be pronounced before all the other mantra. However, we have observed that Ganesh, for his devotees, is OM Himself.

For instance : OM GAM Ganeshaya Namaha.
Please note : the final a f the word namaha is not pronounced.

Mantra purposes are many :

OM Shrî Ganeshâya namaha : the most classical Ganesh mantra; this is a good mantra for youg people (among others), to assist success at school
OM GAM Ganapataye namaha (Ganapati Up.) : used in order to remove all obstacles before starting anything
OM namo bhagavate Gajânanâya namaha : devotional mantra used to feel the all-pervaiding presence of Lord Ganesh and to obtain His darshana
OM Vakratundâya HUM : powerful mantra quoted in the Ganesha Purâna, used to rectify twisted events
OM Kshipra Prasâdâya namaha : to obtain quickly Ganesh's help and to purify the aura
OM HRîM SHRîM KLîM GLAUM GAM Ganapataye Varavarada sarvajaname vashamanâya svaha : this is a mantra of self giving to Lord Ganesh
OM HRîM SHRîM KLîM GAUM GAH Shrîmahâganâdhipataye namaha
OM HRîM SHRîM KLîM namo bhagavate Gajânanâya
Shrîmahâganapati pranava mûlamantra GAM OM
HRîM SHRîM KLîM GAUM varadamûrtaye namaha
OM HRîM SHRîM KLîM namo Ganeshvarâya brahmarûpâya charâve sarvasiddhipradeyâya brahmanaspataye namaha
Shrî Gajânana jaya Gajânana
HRîM GAM HRîM Ganapataye namaha
Bîjâya Bhâlachandrâya Ganeshaparamâtmane pranatakleshanâsâya Herambâya namo namaha
âpadâmapahartâram dâtâram sukhasampadâm ksipraprasâdanam devam bhûyo bhûyo namâmyaham
Namo Ganapate tubhyam Herambâyaikadantine svânandavâsine tubhyam brahmanaspataye namaha
Suklâmbaradharam devam sasisûryanibhânanam prasannavadanam dhyâyet sarvavighnopasântaye
Namastamai Ganeshâya brahmavidyâpradâyine yasyâ gastayate nâma vighnasâgarasosane
Yadbhrûpranihitam lakshmîm labhante bhaktakotayah svatantramekam netâram vighnarâjam namâmyaham
Thus, one may verify that most mantra are specialized ones. They are adressed to specific Ganesh forms which represent all the specific powers of this god.

To consult the chapter on the Ganesh names. The very broad range of these names represents a good abstract of the Ganesh powers.

Ganesh Gâyatrî mantra

Gâyatrî mantra are Vedic mantra. They are used during pûjâ.

Mahâkarnâya vidmahe vakratundâya dhîmahi tanno danti prachodayât
Ekadantâya Vidmahe Vakratundâya dhîmahi tanno danti prachodayât (Ganapati Up.)
OM tatpurushâya vidmahe Vakratundâya dhîmahi tanno danti prachodayât (Narayana Up.)
OM tat karâtâya vidmahe hasti mukhâya dhîmahi tanno danti prachodayât (Maibrâyani Samhita 2:6-9)
OM ekadantâya vidmahe vakratundâya dhîmahi tanno danti prachodayât
Ganapati Upanishad

om bhadram karnebih shrnuyâma devâh
bhadram pashyema akshabhir yajatrah
sthurair angaih tushtuvâmsah tanûbhir
vyashema devahitam yadâyuh
om shântih shântih shântih

Mantra 1

om lam namaste ganapataye

Mantra 2

tvam eva pratyaksham tattvam asi; tvam eva kevalam kartâsi; tvam eva kevalam dhartâsi; tvam evam kevalam hartâsi; tvam evam sarvam khalu idam brahmâsi; tvam sâkshât âtmâsi

Mantra 3

nityam rtam vachmi; satyam vachmi

Mantra 4

ava tvam mâm; ava vaktâram; ava shrotâram; ava dâtâram; ava dhâtâram; avânûchânam; ava shishyam; ava purastâttât; ava dakshinâttât; ava pashchâttât; ava uttarâttât; ava cha ûrdhvâttât; avâdharâttât; sarvato mâm pâhi pâhi samantât

Mantra 5

tvam vâñgmayah tvam chinmayah; tvam ânandamayah tvam brahmamayah; tvam sat-chit-ânanda advitîyo asi; tvam pratyaksham brahma asi; tvam jñânamayo vijñânamayo asi

Mantra 6

sarvam jagat idam tvatto jâyate; sarvam jagat idam tvattasstishthati; sarvama jagat idam tvayi layam eshyati; sarvat jagat idam tvayi pratyeti;
tvam bhûmih âpo analo anilo nabhah; tvam chatvâri vâk parimitâ padâni;
tvam guna trayâtîtah; tvam deha trayâtîtah; tvam kâla trayâtîtah; tvam mulâdhare sthito asi nityam; tvam shakti trayâtmakah;
tvam yogino dhyâyanti nityam; tvam brahmâ, tvam vishnuh, tvam rudrah, tvam indra, tvam agnih, tvam vâyuh, tvam sûryah, tvam chandramâh, tvam brahma, bhûr bhuvah suvar om.

Mantra 7. Ganapati Mantra : Ganapati Manu

ganâdîn pûrvam uchchârya, varnâdim tad anantaram; anusvarâh paratarah ardha indu lasitam tatha; târena yuktam, etat eva manu svarûpam.

Mantra 8

gakârah pûrva rûpam; akâro madhyama rûpam; anusvârah cha antya rûpam; bindur uttara rûpam; nâdah sandhânam; samhitâ sandih; sâ eshâ gâneshî vidyâ

Mantra 9

ganakah rishih; nrchat gâyatrî chhandah; shrî mahâ ganapatir devatâ; om ganapataye namah

Mantra 10. Ganapati Gayatri

eka dantaya vidmahe; vakratundaya dhîmahi; tanno dantih prachodayât

Mantra 11. Meditation on Ganapati (Dhyâna)

eka dantam chatur hastam pâshâm angkusha dhârinam; abhayam varadam hastair bibhrânam mûshaka dhvajam

Mantra 12

raktam lambodaram shûrpam sukarnam rakta vâsanam; rakta gandhânuliptânggam rakta pushpaih supûjitam

Mantra 13

bhaktânu kampinam devam jagat kâranam achyutam; âvir bhûtam cha srshtyâdau prakriteh purushât param

Mantra 14

evam dhyâyati yo nityam, sa yogî yoginâm varah

Mantra 15

namo vrâtapataye, namo ganapataye, namah pramatha pataye, namaste astu lambodarâya ekandatâya, vighna vinâshine shiva sutâya varada mûrtaye namo namah

The endd of the Upanishad is :

om saha nau avatu sahau nau bhunaktu saha vîryam karavâvahai tejasvinau avadhîtam astu mâ vidvishâvahai
om shântih shântih shântih

Nota : From the book "Ganapati" by R.L. Kashyap, Ed Saksi, 2005.

I am a Natural Born Poet

photo courtesy

My father wrote the first few lines in seminal ink
On my mothers homepage page me a poem a hyperlink
Natural born poet fathered by a poet don’t you think
Umbilical cord connected to god the greater poet
Words wordlessness poems pictures all in sync
Manacled chains on my feet of humilty as they clink
I am not an educated tutored poet on the brink
Hate their only agenda needs a rethink
Dark colored this poets posterior that pretends
Its also pink
Perhaps our shit differ yours
More furry fluffier like American mink
Mine well its loose motions on a blink
Verbal Diahorrea with no stink
Humpty Dumpty radio link
Some of you hate filled guys
Can take the email address of my shrink
Every human armour has a chink
Think Presumptuous Piss Ass Pompous Poet Think

Thus Spake Yoonus Peerbocus Death and Birth

But death is as painful
As the pang of birth.”

Yoonus Peerbocus

Re choes into the wilderness of mans heart
death and birth
man who dreams of a home in heaven
while he kills to create a hell on earth
Life just a stray drop of semen
For all its worth
Wisdom tyres on a fat belly
Measured as girth
love and hate
to a spiritual rebirth

Good Bad and the Ugly man

Photo courtesy
© Glenn M. Losack

Made by God mocked by man
On the soul of a human consciousness
lay this man
Begging from another man
Some disgusted sick
They said walked away
The pathetic condition
Dignity down trodden
Prayed this man
Like a dog in a mans soul
Falling prey to a fate of man
Man mocking the blunt
Heartless creativity of a God
Who to kill time made
the beggar man
In one single blow killed
The will of man
A God blindfolded
Playing hide and seek
A God in the image of man
Man a sperm of a thought
Changing the course of gods destiny
Man the coward
Man the superman
Man the god man
Good Bad and the Ugly man
shot by an American photographer
Glenn Losack
a heart and a soul of an Indian man

Cry of a Headless Chicken

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it
Martin Luther King Jr

It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important
Martin Luther King Jr

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools
Martin Luther King Jr

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Martin Luther King Jr
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr.,

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.
Martin Luther King Jr

American racist fascist poet
On the stalk a mugger on the move
Brown skinned Brother Beware
His knuckles bare his fists
His weapons of hate hardware
On the unholy bible
Of the Klu Klux Klan he will swear
The fabric of human integration he will tear
His rancid vapid hate
for the nigger for the Hispanic
For the raghead
for the Indian gollywog
Will never outwear
Backed by the powers in high places
He gets away a sucked system to dare
To show the last remnants
of human honor threadbare
words of his poem to mock
colored souls with his brethren
down under to share
a circle of cynernetic cultural chaos
at the mercy of a square
he trapped the wrong Indian beaver
this time in his multi colored snare
to his dogmatic dishwashed despair
I have nothing believe me
A fractured genius a few words in my sling
to declare to a fact I make you aware
Why did you provoke me Amrikki Jehadi
Hate Trader to poke your white washed
Ass into my personal affair
A rope trick man tricking the grizzly bear
Thank you for all your tender loving care
Cybernetic wires Internet
A poet waking on air ..
A poem hunter stalker
Sodomized by words in a leopards lair
Welcome to a Multicolored Vanity Fair
Jesus Christ Holy Father Son and the Holy Ghost
Your followers who crucified you once
As they crucified Red Indians Dead Indians
Dead Walking Poets
each time they offered you a prayer
a soliloquy from my heart
to you as a solitaire

When will all this stop?

photo courtesy CNN-IBN

40 killed in Hyderabad blasts
Bomb rips apart popular park and eatery.
HYDERABAD: At least 42 people, including five women and seven students, have been killed and 50 injured in two explosions at a crowded park and a popular eatery in Hyderabad on Saturday evening, three months after the Mecca Masjid blasts.

The week-end outing at the popular Gokul Chat shop at Kothi locality turned into a tragedy when a deafening explosion ripped through it killing 32 people and wounding 21, police said on Sunday.

Five minutes earlier, 10 people, most of them from outside the state, were killed and 29 injured in another blast in an open air auditorium in Lumbini Park near the state secretariat in the heart of the city when a laser show was underway, they said.

The blast at the auditorium, where 500 people were present, was so powerful that some bodies were flung in the air. Among the dead at the Lumbini Park were two students from Ahmedabad.

Four Railways employee are among those killed in the blasts.

The condition of some of the injured was stated to be serious, police said.

Hours after the twin blasts, the city police recovered a live bomb from Dilsukhnagar area and defused it in time, averting another tragedy.

The bomb was planted underneath a foot-over-bridge with a timer set for 9.30 pm, police sources said.

The near-simultaneous blasts at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat Bhandar were triggered by cell-phone timers, city Police Commissioner Balwinder Singh said.

Times of India Sunday Aug 26 Mumbai

When will all this stop?

Religious Fanaticism
Spewing hate sold from
Radicalism shops !
Humanity victims
Killing fields
Dead more dying
As a mother a tear drops
Somewhere the Taliban 14 year old boy
Has stopped playing games
No more skip and hop
No more playing with tops
Learns how informers heads to chop
Peace empty words in a sharks belly
A life carrying on beyond the world
Of bleeding full stops
Yazidiyat jehadi terrorism
As politically pushed up props


White man hates to hear anybody, especially a black man, talk about the crime that the white man perpetrated on the black man. But let me remind you that when the white man came into this country, he certainly wasn’t demonstrating non-violence.
malcolm X, Autobiography of malcolm x
US black nationalist leader (1925 - 1965)

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole."
Malcolm x

"Early in life I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise."

You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.

Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks, 1965
“I don't even call it violence when it's in self defense; I call it intelligence”
Malcolm X quote

"I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two-way street."
Malcolm X quotes

"We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes

Manufacturers of poetic words
Traders of virulent poetic slur
Their Trade Marts in here
only hearts
of old hags stir
Yes sir retail vendors of poetic
Racism hate for ethnicity of
Caste creed and color
These masters of idiomatic hate
Self confessed entrepreuners
Selling their wares at a forum
on a side walk of poem hunter
getting paid 10 points
the currency of exchange
none but to this coterie I do refer
Oui Monsieur with more hate
As they err
Unblocking their hate filled arteries
Will not deter..they neo Nazis
Skin Heads Hooligans Yobos
White supremacists
Vigilantes yes but being called
Poets is what they prefer
Their followers
the silent bunch
That watch and see
Accessories to concur
If not with hate poems
Hate comments on a
poets multi colored ass
They transfer
Their psychotic
Psychedelic monstrous minds
For ever revolving in a racial blur
With their attention attracting
Antics a peaceful community
With more added hate they stir
Racism exists in poetry
I reiterate among few head hunter
Poets at poem hunter

one sided love for a blog goddess

said the fawn colored deer

to the Indian leopard

who would not hear

why do you hate me ,

its not clear

so far so near ..

love like a

rainbow behind clouds disappear

yes give it to me one more time

my fermented emotions mock and jeer

close your eyes impregnate my silence

with your spear

enjoin unlike souls and adhere

for you all that is mine is yours

i volunteer .. she , head bent dropped a tear

sorrow the shape in a sphere

love that bled , raped cannibalised

doe eyed imprisoned in her fear

one sided love for a blog goddess

my madness without any frontier.

Posted on 08/11/2006 3:28 AM

who cares a fuck

who cares a fuck
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
man asleep on the road

life does suck

other men pass him by

who cares a fuck..

we all have our committments

we all are stuck...

man good bad or ugly

just a sitting duck

god showers

on his head more misfortunes

some good fucked luck..

man a lotus

born to a muck.

Posted on 08/11/2006 2:56 AM Buzz

paradoxical paroxysms of sleep

man a commodity buy and sell

very cheap no after sales service

breaks down buy another one the price not so steep

all models standing, shitting, sleeping

fornicating, defacating , all available at lifes toy store

very very cheap, bargain offer buy one and two you can keep.

man asleep well he has a window opening into a dream world to peep

two legged creature and a four legged leap ..the dust of his destiny he will sweep

what is not his , he will covet and keep..

if you reprimand him crocodile tears he will weep..

paradoxical paroxysms of sleep ...

as you sow so shall you reap...

man a mountain a molehill

on a garbage a heap.

Posted on 08/11/2006 2:36 AM

Reflected Soul

Reflected Soul
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

reflected soul

in a bloggers paradise

an uncherished ass hole

wisdom grilled

on a dry charcoal

indigenous love

crucified upside down


totem pole

a part apart

from her whole





her terrible door

bewailing silence

a soundless goal

shoal of fished out words

on her heart unroll

petcocked poetry

divine interpretation

of an indian mole.

Posted on 08/10/2006 11:02 PM

Born at Buzznet Died at Sulekha .com

Dear Mr Krubashankarji

Associate Director

Sulekha Blogs

I just spoke to you on phone, it has been an experience blogging at Sulekhas, a sad and unkind one, and the treatment meted out to a part of my creativity a slap , being blocked without being given a valid reason.. though your calling me condoned that part of my humiliation.

I cannot change my creative form, its like asking a moon to shower sunlight, I am not distributing pamphlets of Hate, I am not saying my is bigger than yours , but yes I a million light years away from the oblivion that exists in the mind of an Indian blogger, its like clits tits and elephant dicks , I was not into porn.

I request you to delete my entire corpus of 600 posts all of them, yes Photographer no 1 born at Buzznet was murdered at Sulekhas..I wont say Jai Hind

A Hey Ram should suffice.

Wish you well, and please do inform those at Sulekha I did not run away.. but left on my freewill my creativity was not for sale or for prostitution at Sulekha blogs.

I think I am happier a lone voice that does not crack at Buzznet or Bloggerspot.

Firoze Shakir


11th august 2006.

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indians hate indians is nothing new
if the indian is a muslim his
circumsized dong the rest of him stew
an indian way of saying we love you
multi racialism exists among indians too
we untouchables on whom the
brahmanic blog bosses their hate spew
muffled cry that fucks you ...

Posted on 08/10/2006 10:10 PM

The Traffic Signal Beggar Boy

The traffic signal beggar boy

Turner road his kingdom live

beg laugh and enjoy

my rickshah he halts

his sumptuous smile

bare bodied decoy...

a pictorial ploy

his parents drunks

play cards ..and he

all wily tricks employs..

an adult he is

no time for toys.

Right of Admission Reserved at Sulekha Blogs

In the bizarre world of blogs

Right of admission reserved

For Indians and dogs

poetically farting frogs

on heart burning web logs

they say

Krubashankarji Bhai sahah

Your pictures are fantastic

We are impressed with your

passion for blogs

But your language spokes

That Indian holier than thou

Morality shocks

The agony of pretending

to be a genius ..

cultural policing

racial profiling

human defiling

menstrual machinations

toilet raging smogs

muffled cry at sulekhas

body post Brahmanic

snatching gollywogs.

I posted over 600 blogs from Buzznet to Sulekhas an Indian blog site , I am blocked , because my language is a bit razor sharp and cuts both ways.,.. they just want me to tone down my fuck words, a fucked head .. that inbreeds fuck words.

The little old Indian sanctimonious pussy pissed guys objected to my daring and baring..

Posted on 08/10/2006 8:16

Seminal Stains

Seminal Stains
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
How can you translate

Words in my brain

That weep of a pain

manacled chains

raw emotions

That bleed don’t wane

my thoughts insane

Trampling a grammar

Unpeeling and plain

words like tears that

Moisten like rain

On a web page of her

Unporous heart drain


As seminal stains..

Through her pectoral

Valley s into the mound

Of her pubically

Glistening plains

a word within a word

a life time contains

the alpha the omega

archaeological remains

her silence woven

as musical strains

wordless lyrics

flowing as blood

from her heart

into my guttered veins..

Unlearning Poetry Dude

Two Bawas
A very unusual pair
both sporting techno type hair
one fashionista
bollywoods most wanted
designer wear
the other a Rafaee Master
beyond compare
at Char Yar Gaddi Nashin
Noubat Ali Babas spiritual lair
the body piercing instruments
could easily give you a scare
but this is the Rafaee Art
that they on Chatti do share
eye balls from eyes they tear
cutting tongues
while you glass eyed stare
one way road to spirituality
absolutely no thoroughfare
invoking the name
Ali Moulah Ali Moulah
Man Kunto Ali Moulah
incantation as prayer
Qawwali as fanfare
Bawagiri they declare
their Murids everywhere
this happens only in India
where misers become millionaire
ministers on diplomatic
passports human trafficking
political parties new nightmare
if you grease the proper hands
before examinations
you will get your questionnaire
cigarette smoking is injurious to health
whether a beedi wills or foursquare
gutka well that too adds to despair
vintage anil dharker memories
of dashing debonair
unlearning poetry
flowing words slamming
of a broken earthen ware
12 year old Taliban wannabe
decapitating head
a new Islamic doctrinaire
Mullahs will condone this
new trend as another
asymmetrical warfare

April 22nd, 2007

The Omnisexual Terrorist

He is cleverer than the Cops

And in his nattiness and

computer savvy ness he tops

at Mark and Spencer’s and

Saville Row he shops


Treacherous, behind a

Bandana and a mask

Journalist heads

on Al Jazeera he chops

he is the Omni sexual Terrorist

The World cannot stop

And he has bearded men

Jehadis , Mujhaihdeens

As Suicidal fodder

if his plan flops

Inspector Clousceau

Pink Panther

He watches non stop

All his weapons

Katyushas, Khaibar2,

RDX the

Super power

On his laps drop


For arms he swaps

The Omni sexual Terrorist

A Rotten system

A Political

Caucas .

Hung on


Shoulders as props

misplaced martyrdom

Deflowered tears in vain

overflowing as human pain

a sick heart thought less as a brain

a white hanky a blood stain

why did i not die

in the bomb blast on the train

at matunga more pain

Brahma and a karmic chain

dharma... unspouted

a kalyug that wont wane

some more pain

love bound entrain

rebound return ticket


not so plain

a profit

a message

a loss

no gain..

Rdx an atomic rain

misplaced martyrdom

a futile jihad

crippled in a prismatic grain

allah ho akbar

a cry of peace


re echoing

from the dead

hari om


oh sweet jesus


a single blood group

inhumanely slain.

a muslim hand and a hindu head

a christian leg

now have nothing to complain

as a single entity



cosmic nirvana attain.

one country

one god

one man

a spirit



I had a Dream

I had a Dream
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
I was asleep

I had a dream

I saw her lying curled

unflagged unfurled

as a message


in my inbox

at g mail

I turned pale

her words silent

musical notes and scale

a me as blind as a bat

read it as Braille

inner thoughts

I did unveil

she loves me not

she has a male

Adonis in her pelvic jail

me all frail

a raft like boat

hands for sail

crossing the Pacific

on her trail

I woke up

from a dreamy travail

a sorry end

to my fairy tale.