Friday, February 1, 2013

The Ear Cleaner Of Dadar OverBridge

My Walk From Dadar Bridge East Till Mahim West Shooting The Old Painted Walls

I walked from here shooting the streets till the vegetable market and than walked till Mahim shooting the painted walls ...more than a 3 km walk .. I had not carried an extra memory card so at Johnson And Johnson I had to abort my shooting once the memory card was full .. I than took a cab home to Bandra absolutely tired dehydrated depleted of all energy.

the cow is mans best friend

the garib nagar slums of bandra

the garib nagar slums of bandra

the garib nagar slums of bandra

the dog is much happier not reading the daily news

the country
has gone
to the dogs
is mans
the common man
in a dilemma
totally confused
in the news
only rapes
eve teasing
nothing else
to choose
wily offers
you cant

papi pet ka sawal hai zindagi ka bura hal hai

The Shakir Sisters of Bandra

The Laptop Shakirs of Bandra

Hot Cross Bun Hot Cross Bun

Today I Walked From Dadar Station East Till Mahim Shooting The Streets And The Wall Paintings

mahim beggar boy

teri duniya me dil lagtaa nahi, vapas bula le mai sajde me gira hun, mujhko ai malik utha le

beauty is skin deep

Rail View House Mahim

trying to build a house in mumbai with matchsticks


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kamale ishq Ali (as) , markze hayat Ali (as)

hae babe elm Ali (as) , husne kaenaat Ali (as)

mila Khuda se Nabi ko Ali (as) madad ban kr

khuda ka raz Ali (as) hae, Nabi ki shan Ali (as)

wo jis ka naam he kafi hae maghfirat k leye

wo mera deen Ali (as) hae, meri Hayat Ali (as)

mughe lehad k andherun ka khof kun kar ho

mera Imam Ali (as) hae, meri nijat Ali (as)

ju leek kiram aur dhak.. life sucks

my pictures are street poems shot in silence

the indian poor women were born with a cosmic burden on their heads

I Pimp My Poets Ass As Blogs On Twitter

Perspective Is Pathos Minus Poetry

I Turned Stone Deaf When My Wife Said Why Do You Shoot The Same Thing Over And Over Again

i told her
in muted
i shoot
cosmic pain
chain as it goes
round the mulberry
bush like a burning
train i shoot heart
beats for cybernetic
brains i shoot husk
i shoot grain
over and out
over again

I Thought I Will Share The Poetry Of a Beggars Pain In Solemn Silence

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The Fallen Tree

it gave shade
from a seed
a shelter laid
now chopped
by miscreants
for firewood
to sell and trade
tears roll cascade
as it shivered
as it swayed
dont cut me sir
it begged it prayed
but the law of the
urban jungle
by junglees made
not obeyed
no one will
ever come
to this weeping
trees aid
all busy
in their own
work and crusade
dont cut trees
a cosmetic
a thought
once again
by man
as they
come in
the middle
of the night
another raid
on the soul
of a tree
the choppers
edge the bleeding
blade .. as a tree
gets raped