Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Durga Puja

Sarat Sakal, Himer Hawa,
Anmone Tai Hariye Jawa,
Kashful R Dhaker Tale
Siuli Nache Dale Dale,
Maa Eseche Bachor Ghure,
Pujor Hawa Jagat Jure,
Happy Durga Puja

Selling Haji Malang Walking Sticks

Mee Bhikari

When Dad Goes To Pee I Take His Place You See

on the death
of a falling rupee
who will save it
raise the custom
duty more
foreign goods
no more freebies
be indian
buy indian
save india
save humanity

The Beggars Leg.. Helps Him Beg

Beggars of Haji Malang

Sometimes Beggars Kill You With Their Eyes

piercing your soul
swiftly holding
it in a deathly
vice as you try to
free yourself
from this painful
device ..your flesh
trembles your
soul cries
beggars are
gods conscience
in disguise
to be precise
molten memories
frozen ice
hell is only
a wall the other
side of paradise
where Satan
buys your soul
as merchandise

The Last Stand Of The Beggar ..

Khuda ke bandon suno ghaur se Khuda ki qasam jise Ali nahin milte use Khuda nahin milta

Ali imam-e-manasto manam ghulaam-e-Ali
hazaar jaan-e-giraami fidaa-e-naam-e-Ali

( Ali is the master of all, I am the slave of Ali
thousands life are to be sacrificed for Ali )

Haidariam qalandaram mastam
banda-e-Murtaza Ali hastam
paishwa-e-tamaam rindaaram
ke sage koo-e-sher-e-yazdaanam

kabhi deewar hilti hai kabhi dar kaamp jaata hai
Ali ka naam sun kar ab bhi Khaibar kaamp jaata hai

( sometimes the wall shakes, sometimes the door trembles
listening the name of Ali, the fort of Khaibar* trembles even now )

shaah-e-mardaan Ali
Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( king of the brave
Ali master Ali )

patthar pe alam deen ka gaada jisne
lalkaar kar Marhab ko pichaada jisne

( who implated the flag of faith in the rocks
who challenged Marhab** and defeted him )

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( Ali
Ali master Ali )

jap le ja le mere manwaa
yehi naam saccha hai pyaare
yahi naam tere sab dukh taare
isi naam ki barkat ne diye raaz-e-haqeeqat khol

( my heart chant this
this is the name that is true
this is the name that removes sufferings
auspiciousness of this name opened the secrets of being )

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( Ali
Ali master Ali )

shaah-e-mardaan Ali
la fata illa Ali
sher-e-yazdaan Ali

( king of the brave
there is no one except Ali
Ali is the lion of God )

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( Ali
Ali master Ali )

tan per Ali Ali ho zubaan per Ali Ali
mar jaoon to kafan per bhi likhna Ali Ali

( my body chants Ali, so does my tongue
if I die, then write Ali on my shroud )

Haq Haq
Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( truth, truth
Ali master Ali )

bagair hubb-e-Ali muddaa nahin milta
ibadaton ka bhi hargiz sila nahin milta
Khuda ke bandon suno ghaur se Khuda ki qasam
jise Ali nahin milte use Khuda nahin milta

( without the love of Ali, desired is not fulfilled
not even the returns for the prayers
O slaves of God listen carefully, by God !!
one who does not realize Ali does not realizes God )

Haq Haq
Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( truth, truth
Ali master Ali )

basad talash na ab kuch wus'at-e-nazar se milaa
nishaan-e-manzil-e-maqsood raahbar se milaa
Ali mile to mile khaana-e-Khuda sa hamein
Khuda ko dhuudha to wo bhi Ali ke ghar se milaa

( don't search for anything now, match the eternal search
match the footprints of the desired destination with guide
to get Ali is like getting a house of God
searching for God too, we found Him in Ali's house )

Haq Haq
Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( truth, truth
Ali master Ali )

deed Haider ki ibadat hai ye farmaan-e-nabi
hai Ali rooh-e-nabi jism-e-nabi jaan-e-nabi
gul-e-tatheer Ali
haq ki shamsheer Ali
peeron ke peer Ali

( sight of Ali is itself is prayer, so said the Prophet
Ali is the soul, body and life of the Prophet )

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( truth, truth
Ali master Ali )

dast-e-ilaah kyun na ho sher-e-Khuda Ali
maqsood har ataa hai shah-e-la-fataa Ali
jis tarah ek zaat-e-Muhammad hai bemisaal
paida hua na hoga koii duusra Ali
Bedam yahi to paanch hain maqsood-e-qaaynaat
Khairunnisa, Hasan, Hussain, Mustafa, Ali

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

( truth, truth
Ali master Ali )

Govinda Aala Re Aala Zara Matki Sambhal Brijbala

'Bolo Durga mai-ki jai'

Tribal Beggars Of Haji Malang

The most neglected community in any state I have shot are the backward tribal people , and the tribal folks of Maharashtra are the worst lot at pilgrimage site groveling to be human , like insects crawling for fodder ..they do menial jobs carrying heavy loads up and down the Malangad mountains , and these are the children of the soil.. their children beg , do menial jobs , and they are thin scrawny puny but they smile is this smile I shot when I shot the kids , being overdressed with a turban rings but barefeet , made them think I was a beggar too..all be it with a camera..

I hardly go to hillstations .. many years back I went to Khandala Lonavala Mulshi Dam Malsejh and Mahableshwar.. not anymore no time no inclination and I wont shoot landscapes ,sunsets sunrise ..

My genre is pain , shooting beggars , I dont sell pictures I wish I did my bad times would have gone but the only thing that keeps me grounded is bad times they have stuck to my poets soul like leech bleeding every drop of my passion poetry and pathos.

If I covered myself with a shawl and sat next to the people I shoot I would become a beggar too..having begged , eaten leftovers with my Naga Sadu at the Kumbh and Maha Kumbh I rediscovered the beggar angst in the poetry of my soul..

I begged with the Rafaees at Mahim and other places so I know what it means being a beggar and shooting beggars .

Ever since I became a blogger I have never used pen or paper ,my writing is limited to noting measurements I am a self made over rated tailor my father was a high end tailor mothers side was poets .. my fathers side was vinegar merchants ..

The camera gave me a sense of direction and of late I lost it I hardly use the camera but create new pictures every day.. with the click of a mouse .. I create new thought new poetry.. in my souls old battered clothes .. I call myself a beggar poet and it sticks to me ..

My grand children are smarter than me ,, and I am learning a new language of their mind ..thanks to them..they are achievers .. they mastered the art of shooting pictures I am still learning to shoot pictures ..

I am stuck in Mumbai.. chained forever .. I am all over the net but I am still in Mumbai..I am on Tumblr Flickr Twitter Google+ I just added Google+ again after 8 months of sabbatical.. Facebook I have put to sleep, it tries to wake me up but I ignore the alarm let it ring..

I shall now hit the sack again.. I sleep for about 5 hours .. after giving up a high end job that had made me a ornamental fish in a 2 feet aquarium , I now sleep whenever I want to sleep.. I am Free .. Am I Free .. Ha Ha ..

You Shoot What You Have To Shoot .. I Shoot Beggars

Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Matri rupena samsthita

Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Matri rupena samsthita
Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Shakti rupena samsthita
Ya Devi sarva bhutesu Shanti rupena samsthita
Namestasyai Namestasyai Namestasyai Namoh Namah
Translation:The goddess who is omnipresent as the personification of universal mother
The goddess who is omnipresent as the embodiment of power
The goddess who is omnipresent as the symbol of peace
I bow to her, I bow to her, I bow to her

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We Are Lucky To Have Legs ...One Walks The Other Begs

God Created Beggars To Make Fun Of Humanity

The World Would Be Empty Without Beggars ..

This world is not my home I'm just a passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore
fred miller

dedicated to my dear friend fred
we are connected by internet wires
through the head ..a pune lad
who migrated to the big apple
way ahead ..a blog a glass of wine
a loaf of bread imaginary
concoction of a beggar poet
who shoots beggars urchins
homeless the living dead
mumbai purgatory hell heaven
the survivors homestead .
hussain is humanity
with a blade embedded
on his bleeding head

Beggars Of Goddess Yellamma

The Mastan Beggar Lady From Mahim

The Muslim Brotherhood Of Beggars ..

The Brotherhood Of Beggars ..

I document humanity ,, I shoot what others dont like to shoot

i shoot beggars
gods over ripe
fruit , fallen from an
overladen tree
of sorrow ..
they cross
my route
waters of
they pollute
shabby disheveled
ill repute
but strangely to
gods glory
they contribute
some shout cry
out some were
born blind mute
crippled deformed
covered with soot
they are the essence
of my humility my
genre poetic pursuit
my pictures my pathos
my passion my pain
a beggar poets only tribute
barefoot ...tree without roots

The Beggars Of India ...Of The People By The People For The People

Kabhi Kabhi Mai Yeh Sochta Hoon- Bhikari Nahi Hota Toh Main Kya Hota

Meri Ma Bhikari Hai..Meri Ma Kunwari Hai

ik gulab dekha jo kahi pe nahi khilta -maine chand dekha hai

aisa khwab dekha hai jo kisi se nahi milta

Khuda bhi aasmaan se jab zameen par dekhta hogaa in garibon ko kisne banaaya sochta hoga

They Say By Shooting Beggars I Give The Country A Bad Name

when i hear the sanctimonious
sons of bitches ..snooty bitchy
women such a question frame
like warren hastings i am
shocked at my moderation
i feel ashamed ..i only shoot
beggars ..but not those
mother fuckers who rob
steal defraud the country
give it a bad name ..
but than it is part of a system
the name of the game
the criminal walks free
laughing all the way
to the bank.. its all same
a good defense lawyer
will woo the blind fold lady
tilt the scales ..travesty of
justice another man framed
scams corruption our
essence of survival
notoriety to fame
i shoot the blind
the crippled the deformed
the little boy lame
once a beggar
always a beggar
a rose is a rose
by any other name
for the economy
failure of law order
governance its
the foreign hand
we blame our own hand
in the cookie jar ..
disclaimed ..

tujhe kyaa sunaau ai dilarubaa tere saamane meraa haal hai

teri ik nigaah ki baat hai
meri zindagi kaa savaal hai

This Was My Shortest Trip To Haji Malang,,I Just Stayed For a Day

The Beggars Are Just Another Brick In The Wall..

She And Her Dog.. Beggars Of Haji Malang

Beggars of Haji Malang

The Toddy Seller Of Haji Malang ,,,

Climbing Down Malangad Mountains From Haji Malang Shrine