Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spiritual Discipline of The Soul - Namaz

Bandra Station Road Idd Ul Fitr Namaz 2010

Spiritual Symmetry

Beyond The Barriers of Sectarian Strife .. Muslim Unity As I Saw It As A Poet

I Shot Humanity From a Sky Walk

I Shot This Because He Was One Unhappy Soul on Idd Like Me

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Many years back when I began taking lessons of life through photography I shot a woman sitting away a distant from the Namaz praying men that picture was the best picture of my life ..

Here I was barefeet moving towards the Badi Masjid to take a few shots but I shot this person up close too adding to my own sadness on Idd Day , remembering my dead parents my ancestors and their contribution to my life and my childrens life..

If you see this path fuck the diagonal lines you will know what my pain is as poet who is more sensitive than human to be able to shoot crass and shit on the streets literally.

The street is a school teaching you new lessons even from the same subjects or places like I shoot day in and day out..

Now I will tell you what saddens me somewhere beyond Mumbai beyond your wildest imagination people praying connecting with God and than a suicide bomber blows them up because his Mullah has taught him to hate Shias bomb their prayer halls their Holy Shrines the same attributes of religiosity blood splattered and more.

I am a Muslim also a Shia but I shoot the Bandra Station Idd Namaz to show you the soul of India and specially Mumbai Bandra without malice or sectarian hate and that is why I changed tracks and walked back from this juncture to shoot peace and brotherhood as see it on the viewfinder of my Soul.

God exists everywhere and when it began to rain the Imam told the people to sit where they were get wet the rain will go away and it did , new clothes getting dirtied soiled did not matter to these Muslims..

This is Faith and belief it was sunny till the end of the Namaz.

Now You Know Why Bandra Is Called The Queen of The Suburbs

A confluence where all religions meet in peace hope and harmony ...

This is the Real Idd Mubarak

Salman Khan Dabbang Idd Mubarak To You And Your Family from Firoze Shakir

The MTNL Linesmen.. My Internet Depends On Them

Idd Mubarak To All Of You

A Horny Crow Fucking A Goat In Her Periods

The First Man Who Got Conned By Mankind

The Cat Sees My Fucked Future In Silence

This Is Artwork Got Sold To The Municipality .. Better Luck Next Time

This Is Artwork Created By Man Titled Garbage Porn

This Is Gods Gift To Mankind

This Is Fruit Porn..Sex Rubies and Lies

He Is Fed Up Of Meter Jam.. It Is Becoming a Joke

Fucked The Day He Was Born

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in his mothers womb
a karmic pawn
when he entered
this planet
what he was to
was all gone
nothing but
a doomed dawn
a festered lawn
he took to the bottle
his lifes book
hand written
pages smudged
ear marked torn
his wife children
left him
his life
a paved street
his children
have taken 'his best
friends surname
his destiny
a garbage porn
we are what we are
the soliloquy
of a sperm cell

The Race Of Life Is Bull Shit

All This Was Shot From A BEST Bus Going to Shoot Lalbagh Chya Raja

I Am A Piece of Clay On The Potters Wheel

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because i am a poet
pictures as poems i feel
its quite true
souls in spectral
silence i steal
moments as memories
round and round
a karmic wheel
on the mound of hope
surreal hidden
within the kernel
of a blog
to touch and heal
a kaleidoscope
of mother india
for kadam and khaleel
john and jaleel
trampling lifes
woes beneath
bare heels
an onion
of my angst
i cry when
i peel
as moving
a storyboard
a medicine wheel
outer garment
for your human souls
i earn my daily meal
shooting hijras
a blind beggar
at bhendi bazar
a legless man
called ismail

Gauri The Goddess Mother of Hope

Once In A Blue Moon To Keep Up With The Jones I Shoot Flowers Too

Wishing All You Guys a Very Happy Idd ..Go See Dabbang for Sallu Bhais Sake

Two Street Photographers

Mother and Daughter Do The Rounds

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hands stretched
begging in silence
without a sound
shop to shop
from everyone around
like a parched plant
'growing from the ground
hands and feet bound
a painful page on the soul
of Muslim Society
cannot be displayed or found
a few coins on the rebound
their fate has keeled over
aground on the shores
of despair their souls
meditatively drowned

Idd Mubarak To All Of You She Says

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a benign smile
a torturous path
a muslim beggar
woman on a normal day
because i gave money
to her daughter
she was quite amazed
than i took their pictures
a memory now it stays
she may one day
again pass my way
but i am sure i will
see her tomorrow
on idd namaz day
when head bowed
to Allah you will pray
she will wait eagerly
to wish you idd mubarak
khushali come your way
this too is the path
of salvation sufferings
on the way hardships
hand written by her fate
on her motherly face
this is part and parcel
of Islamic society
a pain that never
goes away
next idd the idd after
the next idd
time and again
on the streets

We Are Bloggers Considered Pariers By The Press

The Blogger In a Krazy Dress

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he has a card that says
press a turban on his head
barefeet in krazy dress
a street photographer
a poet no less
a two and a half pint size
photo shooting 'granddaughter
a Nikon D80 round her
neck to impress
sometimes giving
it all is another name
for success
at flickr facebook
twitter blogspot
word press
indi bloggers
you wildly guessed
have blog will travel
on the internet
a thought
besides this
for starters
nothing more
to confess

idd mubarak all of you Allahs munificence and largess

The Two And A Half Year Old Flickr Street Photographer

Chand Rat Mubarak

Character Is What You Are In The Dark

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stealthily silent stark
a two legged
animal escaped
noahs ark
hope humanity
as bulwark
on his forehead
the holy saints mark
embedded as vision
barefeet in the park
a bite and a bark
pictures poetized
in human language talk

Garibi Chi Aiechi Go

expensive goats
during bakra idd
lavish living
more mosques
more madrasss
a pain that flows
and these two were
the only ones not called
to muslim political leaders
iftar parties or early
morning sairi parties
their idd to will be
the usual affair
beg beg beg
allah ke name
pe do after
idd namaz
one corner of doom
to another corner
of despair
to and fro
sheer korma
they will forgo

garibi chi aiechi go

A Mad Man Wants To Burn The Koran

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a helpless
eunuch American
can do nothing
is what it comes
down to
a spiritual charlatan
he can take
on Islam
headlong too
clinton obama
he hits pelts
with his racist
racist shoes
he cares not for
American young
marines awaiting
death in body bags
be it christian
muslim hindu or jew
or a black man
all fodder for wars
that are not new
imperialistic hegemony
nuclear bullying
hate to spew
why i thought
of this poem
looking at a
beggar muslim woman
waiting for left overs
for the next fast
unaware of a
madman in Florida
a bolt out of the blue
in India if such
a madman
existed the
Indian government
would have locked him
up a message of peace
justice for all of you
tolerance the key
respect for all religion
blood muscles sinew
for mankind of all caste
color or hue

Ganeshas Going Home In The Rains

This time I did not go to the Lal Bagh workshops to catch up with the Ganeshas that leave for the various pandals and the rains and my state of mind prevented me from doing so.. much as I wished but while returning from the pandal of Lal Bagh Chya Raja and waiting for a bus to take me home I shot these few street pictures.

In the bus I met a guy bald headed who saw me and said he stayed at Ranade Road from the building where I had shot the Dahi Handii pictures .

He asked me why I was dressed the way I am I told him I was a Sufi and that was enough to quieten his curiosity. But strangely another Muslim guy sat besides me he too asked me the same question about my dress sense I told him I was a Malang and a Mastan.

That kept him also quiet.

I got off near Badi Masjid and cut through JJ Colony shooting some more street pictures and no Marziya to greet me or wash and scrub my dirty feet in the washroom.. she has gone to her maternal grand parents home for a long holiday and wil not be able to shoot the Ganpati pandals with me.

Keeping The Blog Alive

Mee Mumbaikar

Shooting The Lal Bagh Chya Raja Is A State Of Karmic Bliss

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a healing touch
a spiritual kiss
catching up
on past moments
you lost or missed
till he blesses you
from his court
you wont be
he gives you
what you asked
what you wished
a new home
a new job
in a multi national
a new car
a speck-less
without blemish
your pain your
from your door front
he will banish
remove all obstacles
your hardships
your anguish
against the current
of your misfortune
make you swim like a fish
love that translates
as peace hope humanity
in marathi hindi urdu or english
jai maharashtra
jai hind
a thought of nationalism
to ponder and relish

Shot By Hemant Sawant of Ganesh Color Lab Lalbagh

Ganesh Festival Mubarak To All My Friends