Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Beef Butcher Who Became A Chaiwala

Dear Advocate Ashish Shelar Ji .. After The Bhumi Pujan They Have Again Dirtied The Place

Much of the mess is caused by the chicken trucks that have in the past smashed the garbage , today while shooting this the chicken truck laborers tried to intimidate me I think what is really needed is a security guard and a CC TV to nab the serial garbage throwers ..on the left side are handcarts and ragpickers drink openly thanks to the only hooch bar  opposite the dump.
Drugaddicts have made this their adda and in good faith Bandra Municipality is hell bent on destroying Bandra Bazar Road,, I know you are sincere in your efforts but I have sent a video to Mr Sonia Gandhiji to show her how the Congress corporator has done nothing for this area .. he does not seem to be interested at all,..But as your party is part of Progress and Development of Bandra Bazar Road where you live to does need your personal attention .. I have stopped tagging Ms Poonam Mahajan ji she is not interested in responding to my tweets ..and I think I made a big mistake voting for her in Lok Sabha elections ,,as a senior citizen and not a eunuch I thus voice my concern in the area where I live too..And obviously for her Worli is more important than Bandra Bazar Road and other Bandra areas slum pockets gone to seed ..
After one year I dont see much change in your government ,, It looks like you are all the other side of the same coin,,,

Forgive me but I back what I say with proof pictures and videos I have no ulterior motive I belong to no political party , but I am a Bandraite and I feel the pain..

I have been documenting you life your social activities your clean image , you sincerity honesty and your love for humanity .. I think you should Ashisji put a serious thought to it make Bandra Bazar Road a perfect peaceful place and a role model for other suburban areas ..

Sadly Mr Chimpu Kapoor does not live in our areas his tweets would have added strength to our belief ..

And you are the only celebrity in our area ,,we have no Salman Khan or Sharukh Khan ..and honestly who will ever come to live here ..outside your Friend Office at Bandra Reclamation is another horrible garbage site and shanties that have mushroomed on the lane that leads to your office ,,,I  see it with my camera but I am sure you see it too ,, And if our CM Mr Davendar Fadnavis visits your house will he not see it too,, please give a serious though we wont you for more than 5 years..

And one day when you do become our CM I am sure you will read the writings on my wall as a concerned resident of Bandra Bazar Road

Firoze Shakir