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Poem Hunter Forum All White Racist Beach

Poem Hunter Forum All White Racist Beach
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Poetics and poetic discussion only in name
At the poem hunter forum a racist
All White Beach
Sharks Piranhas Indian blood sucking leech
Where it’s the white mans poetry
White mans gospel that they preach
If you are a Dog or an Indian
The white mans citadel you can’t breach
All things poetry if you are born white
Within your reach
The Klu Klux Klan
The Hitler Brigade of Neo Nazis
Heil White Poetry
Is what they teach
Racism is the Motto
Of the Poem Hunter Forum
As strong as bleach
The American
The Englishman
The Scotsman
The Australian
All under a Racist
Flag of Poetry
Resounding hate for the
Black man
tyres on his body
As they mow him down with
Speeding hate and a screech
Yes they gag the Black Man
Though of course
They respect
Freedom of World Press
Freedom of Speech

The Essence of Poetic Hospitalty-Ivor Hogg

The Essence of Poetic Hospitalty-Ivor Hogg
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The essence of poetic courtesy
The essence of poetic hospitality
To each of my comment
With a kind Namaste
Into the soul of poetry’s heart
He does log
An Englishman
A thorough gentleman
Respecting Man
And his poetry
A poet among poets
Ivor Hogg
I kiss his hand
In kindness
the coarse
Colored humility
Of my Poetry Blog

The Hobos on the Poem Hunter Forum Train

The Hobos on the Poem Hunter Forum Train
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there are male hobos on the poem hunter forum train..
some with dicks shooting poetry
minus brain
there are female hobos on the poem hunter forum train
some with pussy looting poetry
causing pain
there are eunuch hobos on the poem hunter forum train
some without dicks computing poems
minus seminal stain


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An ink drop on paper became a living poem
I daresay my son his wife presented me the smiling
Beatific face of a little girl
On a platter of a silver tray
Making me a grandfather today
A new model for my camera
A new muse for my word play
Reminding me that though
I pretended to be young
My sacrilegious soul
Had become old turned grey

In the beginning was the word -Poetry Spam

In the beginning was the word -Poetry Spam
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In the beginning was the word
Flagging it flogging it
Report obscene
Was a group
Of poem hunter poets
Perverted converted
Extroverted introverted
Dressed as transvestites in a herd
Along with them
Poem hunter poet maidens
Wingless Lyric less
Prickless dickless
Dressed as transgenders
With the flighty soul of a bird
Poetic visions profanity
Meaningless leaningless
In a theatre of the absurd
Fighting like perennial
Whores in a fish market
Of a poetry forum
Migratory souls of vermin and serpents
In the bodies
of such androgynous anomalous poets
Pilfered poems
Plagiarized poems
Bloated poems
Deflated poems
Beneath the face
Of the earth

Transgender Truth Michelle Bruce

Transgender Truth Michelle Bruce
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Riverdale City Council member Michelle Bruce is the first openly transgendered elected official in Georgia and, perhaps, the Southeast, according to national gay organizations. (Photo by R.O. Youngblood)

Riverdale incumbent Michelle Bruce faces lawsuit alleging gender fraud
Wed, Nov 21st 2007,08: 25
Ga. trans politician accused of gender fraud
Lawsuit claims Michelle Bruce lied by identifying as female
By DYANA BAGBY | Nov 20,8: 06 PM
http: // blog_id=15353
One of the few openly transgender elected officials in the U.S. faces a lawsuit from opponents who allege she deceived the public by identifying as female.
Two losing candidates in the Nov.6 city council election in Riverdale, Ga., filed a lawsuit last week in Clayton County Superior Court against incumbent City Councilmember Michelle Bruce, accusing her of fraud for identifying as female.The lawsuit also alleges election fraud and seeks to stop a Dec.4 runoff election between Bruce and the second-place finisher for her post.

Georgia Fuller, who placed third in a field of four candidates for the Ward 2 seat Bruce holds, and Stanley Harris, who lost in the Ward 4 election, filed the lawsuit Nov.13. Bruce has represented Ward 2 since 2004.

“They’re trying to make [my gender] an issue, ” Bruce said Tuesday. “Saying stuff about me being a guy. That’s the only thing they can make an issue of — gender and race because they can’t make an issue of my work for the past four years for my constituents.'

An attorney for Fuller and Harris could not immediately be reached for comment.

Their lawsuit also names as respondents City Manager Iris Jessie, City Clerk Stephanie Thomas, Ward 4 incumbent Council member Kenny Ruffin and Ward 2 candidate Wayne Hall.

Bruce faces a Dec.4 runoff election against Hall. Bruce received 312 votes, or 41 percent, in the Nov.6 election, compared to Hall's 202 votes, or 27 percent. In Georgia, candidates must receive '50 percent plus one vote' to win without a runoff.

Bruce denies deceit

In the lawsuit, Fuller and Harris refer to Bruce as “Michael Bruce” and claim she misled voters. Bruce, who identifies openly as transgender, won her first race as a woman and was unopposed.

“Prior to the Nov.6,2007 general elections in Riverdale, Michael Bruce fraudulently misrepresented on his ‘Notice of Candidacy’ that his legal name was ‘Michelle Bruce’ and unlawfully misled voters to believe he was female, ” the suit states.

The lawsuit further alleges “On or about Nov.6,2007 and prior to casting his vote in the Riverdale general election, Michael Bruce fraudulently misrepresented to the poll workers that his legal name was ‘Michelle Bruce’ and that he was a female.”

Bruce said she is identified as female on her driver’s license, voter registration and Social Security card. She declined comment on what sex is on her birth certificate.

“That’s a personal issue, ” she said. “I’m the same Michelle I was four years ago. They’re just trying to distract from the issues.” Bruce also declined to say if she has legally changed her name from another name.

Deana Johnson, city attorney for Riverdale, said an answer to the lawsuit was filed Nov.20 and denies all allegations in the suit including fraud by Bruce. She said the city is awaiting a hearing date.

“She is Michelle Bruce and has been for the past four years, ” Johnson said. “She is identified as female on her drivers license. This is a frivolous suit. I really don’t understand what the allegation is.”

Matt Carrothers, spokesperson for the Secretary of State's Office, said there is no place to identify gender on the form people file to run for political office in state, county or municipal elections.

“Nowhere on the form does it ask for the sex of a person, ” he said.

He confirmed Michelle “Mickey” Bruce is listed as a female on the state’s voter registration records.

“The state of Georgia voter’s registration does ask for gender, although people are not required to answer that question, ” he said.

The Secretary of State’s Office does not verify gender given, he added.

'Prime target'

Kyle Bailey, political director for Georgia Equality, said the organization is working to make sure Bruce has her chance to win in the Dec.4 election. He dismissed the merits of the suit.

“They name her as ‘Michael’ in the suit — that is not her name, ” Bailey said.

“However, Michelle is a prime target and it is important our community understand that they have attacked the LGBT community and tried to make it more valid by attaching it to another issue, ” he said.

In the suit, Fuller and Harris also accuse City Clerk Thomas of tampering with voting machines.

Thomas declined comment on the lawsuit, but did say the city has no documents on file saying whether Bruce is female or male because the state does not require that information.

Denis Dison, spokesperson for the national Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which works to elect openly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender candidates, said the organization plans to go “all out” to preserve Bruce’s place as the top vote getter and to make sure she stays on the Dec.4 ballot.

“We want to do the will of the voters, ” Dison said. “Some people may be against LGBT people, but what they are trying to do is overturn the will of the voters. They are refusing to abide by the democratic process.”

Dison added that this kind of lawsuit — suing a transgender person alleging fraud based on their sex — is something he has never heard of in politics. However, there are only a “handful” of openly transgender elected officials in the nation, he added.

“This sounds like a classic tactic to reverse an election by people because it didn’t go their way, ” Dison said. “Lawyers we’ve spoken to say the suit has zero merit. Ironically, they accuse Michelle of trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters — but she served as openly transgender for four years.”

Lawsuit 'mean-spirited'?

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said the entire lawsuit seems “desperate, bitter and frivolous.”

“It’s mean-spirited. It reminds me when I was in high school on the debate team and people would pile on a bunch of junk hoping it would stick, ” she added. “It’s dumb. She’s been there four years and never hidden who she is.”

In September 2004, after serving several months on the City Council, Bruce told Southern Voice she was born intersexed and identified as transgender, and said she has lived her entire life as a woman.

“All my life I’ve had to listen to, ‘You’re gay, you’re a fag, you’re a man in a damned dress’ or some other snide remark, ” she said at that time.

“Now, I’m trying to make a difference the best positive way I can. I’m trying to do what’s right for everyone, doesn’t matter if they’re transgender, gay, lesbian, straight, black, white or whatever.”

In April 2005, Bruce attempted to get legislation passed to add sexual orientation and gender identity and expression to the non-discrimination policy in the Riverdale city personnel handbook. The measure was defeated by a 3-2 vote.

Bruce, who lives with her mother, said Tuesday that the lawsuit is painful, as is an anti-transgender website administered by anonymous opponents to mock her.

“This is a smear campaign. Transgender means a lot of things, it can mean a lot of things, ” she said. “I’m going to focus on the issues, like getting jobs for people, taking care of our elderly, helping our young people, giving the tools needed to fire and police to protect us.'

Bruce also said her case is an example of why gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people need to be open in their smaller communities and seek office.

“They don’t like anyone who is LGBT, not only here in Riverdale, ” she said. “With more LGBT people in office, instead of me being the issue, the community is the issue.”

http: // riverdale_incumbent_michelle_bruce_faces_lawsuit_alleging_gender_fraud

“I don’t want your kind in here in anymore “
Said the preacher to to 12 year old Michelle Bruce
She who later became the Toast of Riverdale City Council
A Transgender who has been character assassinated and abused
Even now a suit is against her for misleading voters about her gender
By Georgia Fuller 71 for election fraud stands accused
It gives her an unfair advantage the situation undefused
Politicians –criminalization of politics for power to get it by any ruse
“People do fear what they don’t understand, ” she said.
Not sounding amused
Also working for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force’s Transgender Civil Rights Project…she is making news
“I want this city to thrive and grow.”
Green clean and spruced

Inputs from report by Dyna Bagby
http: //

Love poetry Hate racism

Thank You Cheesebit

Thank You Cheesebit
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Thank you Cheesbit
Your poem highly entertaining
great hit
should hurt those
among our lot
whom the cap fits
but this indian poet
when he squats only poem shits
if you had my creative juices
you to would be shitting with me
in the dog pits
and among poem hunter
Top 500 Hits..


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A few poets at poem hunter
Jujube like lozenge
Have gone in for a sex change
The poem hunter proxy administration
Has offered them amnesty from
Criminal pedophiliac charges in exchange
As these are great poets bringing in the moolah
Offering other poetry sites a bigger challenge
My assumptions logistically
Clear cool water of my visual range
Should not sound strange
The poetry world is about
Chaotic controversies
Warfare fanfare
Advertising a spiced up
Variety of repertoire and a great range
Bringing in Adsense dollars
And foreign exchange
Priorities that poets rearrange
Poem hunter Poetry site no1
will be soon listed as
Premium scrip on New York Stock Exchange

*Imaginary situation figment of my fecund mind


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Those who say they only disagree
With me..I point of which I am aware
Well I never asked for their opinion
Nor did I ask them to share
Or give me their views on
What I write or what I wear
Those who use such mode
Of thought to attack and provoke me
Are Racists I declare
When I counter attack
They say I am being very unfair
But I have nothing but my
Black skin that I need not bare
A few words in a photo blog
False facades that I tear
Everything is fair in Love and War
It is a white mans saying
To break fences
No mending or repair
Poetry is a divided world
Black v/s White under their
Poetically pretentious smiles
Gritting their teeth they swear
As another attack they prepare
Why don’t these poet pen pushers
Mind their own goddamned affairs
A few
At a poem hunter barber shop
Getting their whiskers trimmed
sitting on a barber’s chair
A few going into memory lapse
Seeking the comforts of a lunatic asylum
And instant mental care
A few write such beautiful poems
Filching it from others
Will soon be millionaires