Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Muslim Child Asks His Mother What Will My Future Be

as long as you
dont rape women
at shakti mill compound
or molest policewomen
at azad maidan or throw
acid on a woman who
spurns you if you dont
rob the ATM murder
your future will be fine
you see ..i will try to
educate you make
you a good citizen she
told him lovingly ..a muslim
child confused in a maze
of conflicting emotions
to be or not to be
soul searching
 his lost humanity
enslaved since 68
years in penury
a speck of his
community ,,
his detractors
screaming their
lungs out for gaza
but for the poor
muslims languishing
in india they have no
time or energy

dont buy coca cola
dont use whats up
dont use this dont use
that their power
of a debauched
dichotomy ,,

while the muslim beggar
seeks compassion hope
a healing touch charity

Independence Day Is Over Now Back To Begging She Said

the little child learning to
beg on the steps of
Bandra Station nodded
her head mother is always
right as people passed
ahead some dropped a
few coins some simply
sidestepped such is life
sorrow of muslim beggars
 uneducated unread
begging to earn their bread
the child her sick father
at home had to be fed
a future dark doomed
full of horror and dread

Ministerji tired hoisting
flags in the dirty Bandra
slums is dreaming of
winning the next elections
cavorting with hope on
his quilted comfy bed
the poor he has cheated
stealing their votes and bled

dance of delusional democracy
the common man  almost dead

Yeh Kaisa Waqt Ka Takaza

ek taraf kat te gale
shia christian yazidi kurd
aur dusri taraf hamas israeli
aur gaza . duniya ek qaidkhana
band khidkiyan band darwaza
aye khuda tuh alampana tuh malik
tune hi banaya tune hi nawaza

Bandra The Aging Queen Of The Suburbs

I visit the Bandra slums and a guy narrated an incident to me , he stays in the Bandra Slaughter slums close to the Bandra Station a sprawling Muslim dominated slums ,they were getting water very erratically so I am told a few seniors appealed to a local politician , he was rude and highly offensive he told them what do you want me to do piddle in the pipes .. the slum dwellers walked away but they are adamant that this time they will teach him and his party a lesson that they will remember .

And if you come to Bandra Bazar Road you can count the potholes , the bad roads , the disintegrating Bandra Bazar market that does not even has a ladies loo for the Kolis who sell fish here .

Just hoisting the national Flag distributing cheap pedas is not going to get them votes ..yeh bar public Eda nahi banewali hai.

The Am Admi party parachuted Mr Phiroze Palkiwala , who had no standing in Bandra , just visiting a few slums uploading a few You Tube videos is not enough.. and where is Mr Phiroze Palkivala .. why was a Bandraite or a local given a chance or was there some political understanding to defeat the Congress by dividing the votes and letting the BJP candidate win by a thumping majority I think only God knows the Truth .. With all my respect for Mr Mayank Gandhi I think the Am Admi Party made a big fool of all of us .. I wont forget  or forgive.

I was broke but I was desperately trying to go shoot the Mahabharat between Mr Kejriwal and Modiji luckily I did not go.. it was nothing but Don Quixote fighting the Windmills with Sanchez fighting a losing battle in Amethi.

I am apolitical but I do vote and try to shoot the Mad Dance of Democracy.. where a few are given the opportunity to make Fools of an entire majority ,,

Welcome To Bandra Where Hospitality Is Served On A Platter

that you are a migrant
a beggar homeless
vagrant drug addict
whatever your color
caste creed ethnicity
does not matter
live with dignity dont
rob steal kill murder
rape or throw acid
our suburban Queens
dream dont shatter

some dreams die young
on the street scattered
future bedraggled tattered