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Laxmi Narayan Tripathi Hijra Goddess -My Hijra Guru


23 July 2011

I am updating this set two years after I shot it ,I have tried to document the hijra angst their struggle and their love for Sufism via their motto All Religion is One -Sarv Dharm Ek..Hindus Muslims hijra come under one category Human.. unfortunately in a homophobic society even health minsters gun for their ass with ignorance and inhumanly hurtful remarks..

Laxmi Narayan my muse my icon and my Hijra Guru no1 took me under her wings to protect me from various hijra groups that dont like nosy photographers like me who post all their pictures publicly on the Internet.

I have been shooting the hijras for about 7 years now, I write positively and because people on the internet are more vicious towards the hijras , seeing them as sex objects I choked my comment box both at Facebook and Flickr..

I thought this was important for all of you to know.


The Hijab

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The word "hijab" or "ḥijāb" (Arabic: حجاب hijaab, pronounced [ħiˈdʒæːb] ~ [ħiˈɡæːb]) refers to both the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women and modest Muslim styles of dress in general.

The Arabic word literally means curtain or cover (noun). Most Islamic legal systems define this type of modest dressing as covering everything except the face and hands in public.[1][2] According to Islamic scholarship, hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality;[3] the words for a headscarf or veil used in the Qur'an are khimār (خمار) and jilbaab (جلباب), not hijab. Still another definition is metaphysical, where al-hijab refers to "the veil which separates man or the world from God."[2]

Muslims differ as to whether the hijab should be required on women in public, as it is in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia; whether it should be banned in schools, as it is …

The Hijab

WOW are amazing

Thank you Randall

just stupid trying to be smart
delirious demented caught
between street life culture
some art i am the bullock
i am the cart i am the beauty
spot of humility i am a wart
each time i breakdown
i restart unwholesome part
deleted doomed thoughts
i thwart words soliloquized
solitary pain i impart
a journey before i depart
i re chart ..beneath
another veil of silence
lies my stony sweet heart
my cosmic fate trampled
beneath her feet
i could not outsmart
eerie awakening
strains of mozart

I document the humility austerity poetry of the hijab.. silhouette of the hijab.. and Randall is a friend to whom I dedicated this poem..

Barefeet Blogger Joins

Last night I joined and listed my Flickr photo stream there , I chanced on this site while browsing Indiblogger member Joshi Daniels profile he is a member of and I highly recommend to all of you..

my feet
write poetry
poetry of
filth pain
in the rain
burnt out by
cigarette stubs
glass shards
nails as my
blood rust brown
in the gutter drains
dam madar malang
follower of hussain
bam bam bholenath
jai shiv shankar
drum beats in my brain
Prometheus bound
unbound poetry
of weeping chains
dam madar beda par
holistically healing
the husk and the grain
what was not mine
how could i ever attain
she came she touched me
ran over me all over again
beneath the wheels of her
chariot a poet half dead
half alive half mad half sane