Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

a mother
who bought
her to this world
i thank her
this day
she gave
us a reason
to live
a gift
we cannot
marziya shakir
a moment
from eternity we say
wishing arizah shakir
a happy mothers day

Burlingtons of Bombay Taj Mahal Hotel

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some of the
best years
of my life
were spent
in this hotel
i worked
as a sales person
at Burlingtons
of Bombay
for a short spell
a colonial world
of white men
to dwell
under two
fateh singh
ratan singh
i learnt to sell
benjamin caleb
my manager
so many stories
to tell
lorraine rhubottom
anglo indian
ship time
munni gupta
highstrung as hell
jeannie nowrojee
fashion shows
on the ship
a thought
rings a bell
callaghan of bombay
walking the ramp
with a rose
in his lapel
jenifer kendall
gaby kapoor
styling clothes
giving us
in a nutshell
so many
the mind
cannot quell
of a novel
thoughts that
in life
this stint
i would have
not excelled

New Don Khush Hua

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The story so far ,..

The ricksha in the picture was the vehicle used to kill Informer bhai in a road accident on Hill road , but luckily the killers were drunk and a bit slow they killed a stray dog instead of the intended victim , whose supari they had got from the Rival Don..

Supari means contract killing..

When New Don the dwarf mafiosi of Mumbai came to know about this dastardly deed he immediately mowed the ricksha with his silver sedan at Carter Road..

The assassins of Informer bhai were lucky they escaped into the waters I am told ..

New Don wanted me to pose with him near the smashed up ricksha and told me to see that the picture was published in Mumbai Mirrror a lesson for all rival dons that the New Don means business.

But Mumbai Mirror being into Page 3 kind of stuff and their journos dont shoot such pedestrian stuff I thought I would post this at Flickr and Facebook Wordpress and Blogspot and Twitter too which has a greater reach than a regional newspaper like Mumbai Mirror.

New Don was satisfied ..

New Don Khush Hua

The Muslim Man of Peace

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from his house
to the mosque
from the mosque
back to his house
he is a sunni
muslim living
in peace
with those
around him
he has no
mutual coexistence
a thought to espouse
he has lived life
throwing stones
at even
who live
in a glass house
it is the human heart
that is gods real house
i introduce you to him
with a click of a mouse

Get Well Soon Mr Vazifdar

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Mr Vazifdar is the head priest of the Tata Agiary Fire Temple at Bandra Hill Road.., we have been friends since a long time and when the Municipality was going to demolish the facade and the fire temple wall , I left my daughter Samiya seriously ill in hospital to stand and support the Parsis the most peaceful community of Mumbai.

Samiya got well, but its been over an year since Mr Vazifdar was diagnosed with a badly infected liver , and he has borne the pain and the suffering with a smile on his face.

His chemo therapy continues and I would meet him once in a while this Parsi New Year he has gone to Chennai for a liver transplant.

I have not seen him since than and inquire about hm with another head priest Freddy Panthaki..

Mr Vazifdar loved Marziya and after school Marziya would leave my hand rush towards the Fire temple to greet this loving and kind man dressed in white..maybe Marziyas touch was also a holistically healing factor and I know when he put Marziya on his lap it must have hurt him too, but Marziya is special he would tell me.

So I wish him a speedy recovery..and a successful liver transplant..

Marziya sees him from afar
she charges to greet
her favorite uncle Mr Vazifdar
at the Tata Agiary Fire Temple
doors of a heart always ajar
it is a child's love
healing every pain and scar