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Someone at Poem Hunter is a Plagiarist?

Someone at Poem Hunter is a Plagiarist?
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Each one accuses the other of being a plagiarist
Each one shows the other a clenched fist
Names keep falling from the cupboard
Respected names of poem hunter list
What is the truth.. hidden in the mist
The tragic story of being forced out of the site
Or deleting ones account on this site
With comments of Rachel Barnett at the
Poem Hunter Forum has a new twist
It affects all of us as we may
Be next on the plagiarist’s hit list
The weaker ones amongst us
Might want to razor bleed their wrist
We are grown up mature poets
We must sort out our accusations
Come to an amicable solution
Mutually coexist
The page cannot be displayed
The only message that persists
So now we must find out the
Plagiarist a needle in the haystack
Poem stealer in our midst

Her words I get the gist
As evidence to a part of my poem
It will always exist

Rachel Barnett (11/19/2007 8: 34: 00 PM) Post reply | Read 5 replie…

The ear cleaner of Bandra Bazar Road

The ear cleaner of Bandra Bazar Road
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
He is a traditional
Professional ear cleaner
His job cleaning the
Insides of your exhaust
Filled ears
All the accumulated
Dirt grime soot
From the chimney of your
Eardrums he clears
With sharp needles
Shaped like mini spears
Your eyes in tears
The endurable pain
Lulled by a seminal paste of
Aphrodisiac that in
The vaginal like
Passage of your ears
He smears
But after sometime
This pleasurable poking
To your cosmic consciousness
Brings karmic cheers

For those who are forced to leave the site

For those who are forced to leave the site
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
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Firstly most important don’t lose heart
Your opponents any number of them
Bare fisted hitting below the belt
Guerilla tactics learn to fight
Don’t give your opponent any respite
Let him have soul shaking sleepless nights
Don’t be polite hit, hit hard be contrite
Two wrongs with the power of words
Smashing jaws as you write
Poetically correct let your enemy
Hit the dirt that eventually he has to bite
Whether he is chinky black or white
Take my example lady and your story re-write
at poemhunter single handedly show your might
poetic cowardice is when you take a hasty flight
I do not just kick box them here
But at all my 5 websites
The Hogs the Bowens the Saywells
Arsewlls the Faslunds the Mcdowells
Angel Venice All I am is just me
Ashley Shithead
busted bulbs broken down tube lights
Invogue goddesses and rogue knights
Be satisfied as at P…

Poemhunter Hazing Technique

Poemhunter Hazing Technique
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
The Oxford Dictionary says the original meaning of hazing is nautical, referring to sailors who were 'harassed with overwork.' Since then the word has been defined in North America as 'bullying
Hazing the ultimate in grisly initiation rites
Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun
Published: Saturday, November 05,2005

http: // id=86020d33-03ab-4f81-935d-ba383c536e1a

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If you are colored and new at poem hunter
A few white male poets
go after your ass don’t freak
The first few comments on your first poem
They will lift their legs unwittingly
Take a leak
You can from now on say good bye if you
Are cowardly and meek
Hooliganism, bullying by these
Homosexual inclined poets
Whom I call racial pederasts
Is how they hammer the weak
Poem hunter support is no help
Now pull down your pant
And give the other …

Don’t brandish your hair brush at the New York Police!

Don’t brandish your hair brush at the New York Police!
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
By MARCUS FRANKLIN, Associated Press Writer
Sun Nov 18,5: 49 PM ET

NYPD 'hairbrush' shooting spurs debate

NEW YORK - A candy bar, a wallet, even a pair of baggy pants can draw deadly police gunfire.

The killing of a hairbrush-brandishing teenager last week was the latest instance of police shootings in which officers reacted to what they erroneously feared was a weapon. It has revived debate over the use of force, perceptions of threats and police training.

'We have cases like that all over the country where it can be a wallet, a cell phone, a can of Coca-Cola and officers have fired the weapon, ' said Scott Greenwood, a Cincinnati attorney who has worked on police use-of-force cases across the country and who is a general counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union.

'It does not necessarily mean it was excessive use of force, ' he added. 'However, those…

Racism in Poetry at Poemhunter

Racism in Poetry at Poemhunter
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
photo google images

The English and the Australians
Are more racist than the Europeans or Americans
On the Poem hunter website I don’t need to tell
Luckily we give our poems free and have not come here to sell
Or we the colored poets would have no clientele
Or as a sales strategy they would beat us clobber us break our heads
As they do with their hate filled comments as well
Yes our poems inferior not up to the mark says Ian Bowel
A hog an unsheathed shithead part of this racist cartel
Here to dig dark skinned asses like an oil well
Yes in the art of poetic punishment to the colored men
They excel hunting a head of this poet rebel
Poem hunter where colored poetry lives in a prison cell
Connected to remorse of the internet cable
Says the white racist supremacist lady from Louisiana
Censorship of Indian poets not enough just expel
Arsewlls carsewlls saywells all raising hell
That close your eyes you can foretel…

To Ashley S Shithead

To Ashley S Shithead
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Why dont you mind your own business you shit head..
go shit in any corner of your house dont use my poems as your toilet seat...or as a XXX theatre to lick Jim Hoggs British Ass.

firoze shakir photographerno1

All Racists think Alike

All Racists think Alike
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
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All Racists think Alike

Date & Time: 11/19/2007 3: 53: 00 PM Remove this comment

Poem: 8572056 - Neither Man Nor Woman Racist Hogg

Member: jim hogg

Comment: Firoze,

This is defamatory, poisonous nonsense. My crime was daring to disagree with you when you launched a malicious attack on Ian Bowen and others. Is this kind of raving abuse to be the fate of anyone who is honest enough to express an opinion contrary to yours?

You do not possess a grain of evidence to support these malicious and outrageous statements.

If you knew anything at all about me you'd appreciate that your allegations are ridiculous and unjust.

jim hogg.

My reply

From: Ian Bowen (High Wycombe United Kingdom; Male; 63)
To: Firoze Shakir
Date Time: 10/15/2007 10: 15: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

Subject: Concerned

Dear Firoze, you would not have heard of me. I am a quiet man, wh…

The Ice Maiden Comments -Word Press

The Ice Maiden Comments -Word Press
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This pig headed lady
Left a comment on my
Blog Elizabethan Ode at Word Press
She wanted her sense of guilt to impress
That I deleted nevertheless
Now who is she you need not guess
She is a poem hunter jaded poetess
She says that I unnecessarily accuse her
And her women friends of being racist
This thought as a comment to me
She did address
But she has a mental block a memory block
Publicly she my voice as poet did try to suppress
Because I write about sexuality that troubles her
Sense of propriety she wants me to be censored
She protests
This Ice Maiden in a Viking dress poetic pretentious finesse
Now this a racist barb on my freedom of expression
As a poet to a poet she does transgress
It has hurt me and she is unapologetic an American
Quality I confess
Unless she wants me to quit Poem hunter
I say this with much distress
Poets living …


Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
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Ethnic cleansing is what it is all about
norms of human decency he did rout
with his powers and presidential clout
a dictator a war criminal a leprous lout
with his Americanism hooliganism killing
everything that comes in his path
without doubt
yes its Islam he wants wiped out
sounds of silence sealed lips of the devout
bombs on the souls of humanity
day in and day out
naptha burning flesh
that cry scream and shout
hate through a kettle spout
guantanamo bay
abu gharaib
where human
dignity was kicked about
Nazism in American uniform
Indignity meted out
But yet the spirit of Man
down trodden beaten manacled
Enslaved will not peter out
Truth you can’t stub out
American Imperialism
American political hegemony
Reminiscent of the Kraut
Israeli aided will one day
End up in a drought
American Political Terror and Terrorism
From face of the Earth will be knock…

Poem hunter page cannot be displayed

Poem hunter page cannot be displayed
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
Poem hunter administration games
That they play with members
All poetry lovers caught in a snare
Tired, frustrated tearing their hair
Those that are bald fulsomely swear
To enter members section timed out
A fault they fail to repair
Poem hunter support the laziest bunch
Members problems have no time to spare
All of them chatting with their clandestine lovers
on face book and orkut
Glued to their chair
Poem hunter website is overgrowing
Infrastructure that they did not prepare
Has all of a sudden taken them unaware
Adding to a poor poets despair
The poet who gets nothing here or there
A thought I think is very unfair
While without writing poetry
Website bosses have become millionaire
Among top 500 earners God answering their prayer
The poet a poor war veteran on a wheel chair
Another poor poet limping without footwear

firoze shakir photographerno1