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Aj Ki Taza Khabar
Kisi Ko Milegi Zindagi
Kisi Ki Banegi Kabar

Lord Ganesha At Hindmata Dadar .

Every time when I come to Hindmata Dadar for work I am pulled  to this sculpture art form..I dont know why ..I try to shoot it but there are many obstructions a wall a gate and mind you he is completely hidden from the public away from the main road in a side lane .

I can enter the compound take him fully but because of my attire I avoid any confrontation I shoot from outside very few people here know my Sufi background and this is a predominantly Hindu locality where people dressed like me are looked at with suspicion and I dont blame them

But the shopkeepers a few blocks from here know me well I have been dealing with them since several years .

Lord Ganesha is a designers beloved God , he metamorphoses as artistic form and a God of auspicious creativity ..he adds to the flexibility and transforms himself to the fingers of the artist or the sculptor and holistic clay loves him most of all.. he is the ultimate conjurer and likes to be conjured by the deft fingers of creativity .

I ha…

St Michael Church Of Mahim

St. Michael's Church is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Mumbai. The church is situated in Mahim, located at the intersection of L.J. Road and Mahim Causeway. Due to its location, it is also informally known as Mahim Church.[1] The church is famous for its Novenas on Wednesdays, which is visited by thousands.[2]

The church - one of the oldest existing Portuguese buildings in Mumbai, originally built in 1534, was rebuilt a number of times; the present structure dating to 1973. The church also served a refuge to popular icon of the Virgin Mary from Our Lady of the Mount chapel, Bandra from 1739 to 1761. In 1853, the Church witnessed a showdown between vicars Apostolic and the Portuguese padroado order for the control of the Church. In recent history, on 27 June, 2008, thousands of devotees visited the Church to see a reported "bleeding" Jesus Christ's portrait, which was termed as a "miracle" by devotees. Though on further investigation, the red spots …

The Mahim Landmark..The Only Church of Miracles

These are an entire lot of street shots ,, I shot them on Canon  7 D a camera with a vertical grip newly serviced that I hardly use , as I mostly shoot on the Canon 60D .

And I always shoot St Michael Church when I pass by in a bus or cab I was in the bus so the framing is tough from the window of the bus ..but it works for me as a blogger I tell my own tale .I am surprised the places I shoot I have never walked there , always taken in vehicular motion..

And I shot this on 4 Feb and there is another lot on the same memory card I shot today while going to Dadar.

There is not much street options unless there is a protest or a feast of perhaps elections ..but I kill time I need to shoot pictures or use my archive or tweak pictures via Aviary and poeticize a moment already dead and gone.

And strange it may seem I know which image to add text make it conversational or which image to poeticize.

And this is my new lot ..

St Michael Chuch Mahim is the most iconic church in Mumbai famo…